Why we aren’t happy with the Lions Club Centennial Clock Tower, JP Nagar

District Lions Service Foundation (DLSF-317 A) has built a ‘Lions Centennial Clock Tower to commemorate successful completion of 100 years of service to mankind. The Lions Centennial Clock Tower is built at RBI Layout play ground, Phase 7, JP Nagar. The centennial clock tower comprises of a large clock with an hourly chime, bust of legendary Lions founder Lion Melvin Jones and large Lions logo which stood as a common identity for Lions over the last 100 years. It was inaugurated on 30th June 2017, by M Krishnappa, MLA , Bangalore South Constituency in the presence of Shashi Rekha Jayaram, Corporator, Ward No.195 along with DLSF Chairman, Lions District Governor, and other Lion dignitaries.

Pic: Bellur Laxminarayana

Lions Club which is known for its service to society, should not have wasted money on this project.  Memorials on public property need to serve public utility. A memorial for Major Unnikrishnan was put in ISRO Layout by its residents and that memorial made sense as it is a mark of respect and gratitude for someone who gave his life for us. We residents spent money on a drinking water RO system in the senior citizen park of RBI Layout. If Lions Club had put a drinking water facility on the main ground it would have been very helpful.

RBI Layout ground is public space no doubt, but our elders spent their hard earned money to develop this land. No layout nearby has as much vacant space as we do. Nobody has the right to misuse the land. Ground is meant for sports, and all other activities not related to sports should be avoided as much as possible. I have no disrespect to the people of Lions Club and its leaders, but we feel very sad for our ground, funds and the energy of people that is misled and misused. I hope at least in the future nobody will treat RBI Layout ground as an orphan to put and do anything there.

I request that Lions Club, who is well known for their social service, not get diverted in these sort of activities. If they need a memorial the should make it in their own premises. Or they can have a different type of memorial on public property which serves the public utility. However, I am not for the removal of this clock tower now as it will again be a big waste of resources. We need CCTV, we need Swachh Bengaluru etc., we need to prioritise our energy.


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About Bellur Laxminarayana 1 Article
Bellur Laxminarayana is an ex-service man, former trade union leader, former Kannada Chaluvali activist, former general secretary of the RBI Welfare Association and committee member of the JP Nagar Federation. He is currently concentrating of Kashmir Cause, supporting One India Strong India and the revival of Chunchaghatta Lake. Bellur is also a committee member for the senior citizen association of JP Nagar 7th phase.


  1. This is a very meaningful suggestion. At the end of the day, for all the money spent, we just have a clock. This is not money well spent, nor is it a good use of public land, which is extremely expensive.

  2. I am a member of Lions Clubs International(LCI) for several years and served in various office bearers post.
    I do not want to hurt the feelings of Sri Bellur. But I want to make it clear that LCI thru its Clubs all over India involving in all the areas Sri Bellur is mentioning.
    Clock is symbolic and synonimus with discipline. “Tick the clock says Tick Tick Tick; what u have to do, do quick; Time is gliding fast away; Let us act and act Today”.
    Opposite RBI grounds, LCI West is cominh out with about 6.00 crores Eye Hopital. It will be dedicated to the public services also shortly.
    Likewise all over India in various sections like Education, Health, Blood donations in a very big way, helping OPH/BLIND Persons, respecting Teachers, Scholors, Engineers, Doctors, Artists, Social Workers all over very frequently.
    Each time I see the Lions Clock reminds me with its Tick Tick and Chimes, my existance in this JP nagar locality, is not to be just routine life; but to dedicate myself and make others also to serve in all areas me tio ed by Sri Bellur also. What all we do individually and coolectively as per our programmes and perseverance, should result in mutual respect. Let us Join hands to do more and more social work with persistence.
    With greetings to all Social Activists.
    Lion Ananthapadmanabha.N

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