What women domestic workers want

RJ Priyanka and Geetha Menon of Stree Jagriti Samiti interact with some women domestic workers to understand more about their demands for basic things like ID cards, monthly pensions and humane treatment. These women were protesting at Karmikara Bhavana recently.

Geetha Menon spoke with representatives of Gruhakarmikara Hakkugala union which has been working with domestic helpers, both part-time or full time. Their demand is that domestic workers be treated in a humane manner and be considered as service providers not servants or slaves. They talk about harassments and disparities.

The four major demands that the workers were protesting for were:

  1. Registration and issuance of ID cards
  2. Reason for delay in issuing labour cards
  3. Concerns of migrant workers to be addressed without further delay
  4. Samajika Bhadrata Mandali (for promoting Social Security facility) was established in 2011.

Nothing has moved however. Clarity is needed regarding the same

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