Register your name in voter list till March 16

With the Election Commission announcing the poll schedules, the D-Day you’ve been waiting for is just 40 days away.

Chief Election Officer for Karnataka, Anil Kumar Jha said in a press conference in Bengaluru on March 5 that the model code of conduct is already in place as the elections have been notified. This means there can be no public function, rallies or road show by any political party without obtaining proper permission from police.

There can be no new programmes announced by the governments though the existing programmes can continue to work. There can be no hoardings of politicians or schemes being put up for public display. Buntings and banners aren’t allowed. Politicians can conduct door-to-door campaigns however. The expense limits for candidates has been raised from 40 lakh to 70 lakh.

On March 19 the notification will be issued for elections in Karnataka. Candidates can start filing nominations on March 19, while March 26 is the last date for filing nominations. March 29 is the last date for withdrawal of nominations. Political parties can campaign till April 15 – April 17 being the voting day in Karnataka.

This time you have no excuse not to vote. The 49-0 rule which allowed a person to cast his vote without voting for anyone, has been simplified. A NOTA button has been introduced in Electronic Voting Machine (EVM) which should be pressed if you don’t want to vote for anyone and express your displeasure with the candidates.

BBMP is holding the special voter registration drive on MArch 9th, 2014. All ward offices will register voters on the said day, if you take the necessary documents and photo.

Here’s an FAQ for this election season.

I’m a first time voter who has completed 18 years as on January 2014. Can I still register my name on voter roll?

Yes. If you want to register as a voter, here’s where you do it:

  • Official website
  • Nearest Bangalore One centres, both online and offline.
  • Nearest BBMP ward office
  • Special voter registration drives on March 9, 2014 all over Bangalore.

While registering, make sure you go to those who are authorised from the Election Commission to collect your data for the voter ID.

If you have completed 18 years as on 1 January 2014 and are an Indian citizen, and a resident of Karnataka, you can register your name on the voter list in Bangalore.

To apply, you need to have:

  1. A recent color passport photo
  2. Name/age proof in the form of one of the following:
    • Passport / PAN Card / Driving License
  3. Proof of ordinary residence (need not be permanent residence.) This should be one of the following:
    • Bank / Post Office current passbook 
    • Ration card, driving license, IT Assessment order, IT Return, Passport 
    • Latest water electricity/telephone/gas bills in name of applicant or immediate family member, spouse or parent 
    • Postal departments posts received/delivered at the applicants address.
  • If you are aged less than 22 years, you must bring your birth certificate (municipal, school, Baptism certificate or mark sheet, class 10). Copy of birth certificate needs to be certified by the concerned authorities.
  • If you are a student staying in a hostel, you must bring a ‘Student Declaration Form’ which states the stay in the hostel signed by the Principal/Dean/Registrar.
  • If you are staying on rent, a NOC letter from the owner and the rent agreement is required.

I’m new to the city. Can I still register my name on voter roll?

Yes. You have time till March 16, 2014. Do it today.

Here’s the list of Bangalore One Centres where you can register yourself.

Here’s the list of BBMP officials responsible for voter registration, for all the three constituencies from Bangalore.

However, do not forget to fill Part-4 in form-6 if you already have an voter id elsewhere in the city r state or the country. Doing so will delete your name from the old list elsewhere.

After submitting the form online, is submitting the hard copy compulsory?

Yes. One has to take a print out of the form, sign the declaration and then submit it to the concerned BBMP office addressing it to the BBMP Commissioner.

How to check my name on voter list?

To check if your name exists on voter list, you can log on to Election Commission website and search using your voter id, or name and relationship details which you entered in form-6 while registering yourself.

You can also check your polling booth where your name is registered, by sending an SMS. Send KAEPIC <EPIC number> to 9243355223 in the following format.

What do I do if my name isn’t there in the list?

Re-register immediately.

What do I do if my name was deleted and hasn’t been restored?

Re-register immediately. There is no provision to restore it.

Have the deletions done last year been restored?

There is no provision for restoring the deletions. Re-registering is the only way to get your name back into the list.

How do I delete my name from another part of the city or the state?

You need to fill the part-4 in form 6 when registering your name in voter list.

Name on voter roll, but no EPIC: What do I do?

If you want to vote in this election,

1) Your name needs to be on the voter list.

2) You should have the Electoral Photo Identity Card (EPIC).

However, in rare cases where the name is on voter roll but there is no EPIC, you can try to get the EPIC from the BBMP ward office in which your name was registered, or the nearest Bangalore One centre.

Election Commission will ensure that you get to vote, if you have your name on the list. In such cases, you have to carry the following id cards which the EC accepts as your id proof and address proof.

    • Passports
    • Driving Licenses
    • Income Tax Identity (PAN) Cards
    • Service Identity Cards with photograph issued to its employees by State/Central Government, Public Sector Undertakings or Public Limited Companies.
    • Passbooks with photograph issued by Public Sector Banks/Post Office and Kisan Passbooks
    • Student Identity Cards with photograph issued by recognized Educational Institutions
    • Property Documents with photographs such as pattas, Registered Deeds
    • Ration Cards with photograph
    • SC/ST/OBC Certificates with photograph issued by competent authority
    • Pension Documents with photographs such as ex-servicemen’s Pension Book/Pension Payment Order, ex-servicemen’s Widow/Dependent Certificates, Old Age Pension Order, Widow Pension Order
    • Freedom Fighter Identity Cards
    • Arms Licenses with photograph
    • Certificate of Physical Handicap with photograph issued by Competent Authority
    • Ex-servicemen CSD canteen card with photograph
    • SandhyaSuraksha Scheme card with photograph
    • Job Cards, with photograph issued under NREGA Scheme
    • Yashaswini Card with photograph

Where do I check my polling booth?

You can check it through SMS as instructed above, or by looking it up here.

 If you have questions, do drop in a comment here. We’ll update the write up with answers.

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  1. Ganga,

    Thanks for continuous replies.
    1. My online application for daughter Ishita (No 591146) is still showing under progress.
    2. I contacted AERO of Bomanhalli and he asked me to apply a freah which I did on 4th march. I handed over all the documents there. I am trying to contact him since yesterday but there is no response.
    3. I complained to on 14th April and I got phone call on 15th from them and they said that 1.either it did not get approved due to lack of papers 2. or try one more time in BBMP office. I said that I provided all possible papers (adar card, passport and 10th marksheet).

    Until now name is not there in Bomanhalli voter list.

    Seems Bribe Won and thats why I did not get it.

    Now I started believing that each new ID (Voter ID, Adhar Card etc) is device to make money thru bribe…otherwise one ID (like in USA it’s SSN) must be enough.

    Sorry for my frustration.

    Once again Thanks and Regards

  2. Hi,
    Could you clarify what could be done here…

    A first time voter friend registered online & submitted the form 6 at the ERO (the Part no & Sec no was written on the receipt returned to him) but his name isn’t on the Final Electoral Roll at the CEO website (though others who registered with him on the same day could be found on the Roll).

    Is the Roll still undergoing updation (I’m from Mumbai…voting happens next week)? Is there a way he can vote on the basis of the receipt given to him at the ERO?

  3. Is there any way my wife and I can register? We have missed the last date of registration 16 March 2014. I was living in Vasanth Nagar, so I have address proof from there (Adhar Card), now we have moved to Marathahalli, we only have rental agreement as a Bangalore address proof. I have all other documents like PAN, Driving Licence, Passport, but only rental agreement is from Marathahalli Bangalore address.

  4. My name is in the voter list but i dont have an EPIC. Can i use my aadhar card as identity and address proof during voting?

  5. Thanks Ganga.
    I talked to one of the BBMP official and submitted documents but at lower lever I was asked to give Rs 500 so I have doubt that I would be getting it.
    Problem is there is no name in voter list itself even after 4 months.

  6. @Lakshman: The rental agreement seems to be the better option. You can carry the e-bill too just in case.

  7. I have submitted the form 2 years ago and my name is included in the voters list but I haven’t received the voter card still .. What should i do?

  8. I submitted documents for my daughter on 6th Dec’13 in Bangalore One after applying Online and there is no update since then. Application status says “Under Process” . Bangalore One says that we sent to BBMP and BBMP says we will need to search where the application is.Where to go?

  9. Hello, I have an address proof (Gas Bill) with my Brother name and also with my Brother in Law name(Gas Bill and Electricity Bill). I have a rental agreement with my name. Can I use it? Which one of the above three is the better option to use as an Address proof for Voter ID?

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