Explained: Updated quarantine rules for travel to Bengaluru

Lockdown 4.0 Travel Rules

Travelling to Karnataka and Bangalore and Quarantine rules
The number of COVID cases in Bengaluru have spiked with the arrival of inter-state and inter-district travellers. Pic Credit: Commissioner of Police, Bengaluru

Last week, the Department of Health and Family Welfare Services released new Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) for travellers entering Karnataka. The new SOPs offer many relaxations, particularly for inter-state and inter-district travellers.

Inter-district travellers no longer need to be screened at the point of entry and don’t have to undergo institutional quarantine, while inter-state travellers have been given a way out of it.

Here are the new rules for travelling to Karnataka during Lockdown 4.0:

Inter-District Travel

Category 1 (Symptomatic)* Screened at point of origin (bus station, railway station)
* Symptomatic passengers will be referred to fever clinics
Decided at fever clinic
Category 2 (Asymptomatic)*Screened at point of origin
*Asymptomatic passengers allowed to travel
*No screening for those travelling by private vehicle within Karnataka
*No quarantine
Not Required

Since KSRTC buses became operational on May 19, most relaxations have been seen in inter-district travel. On May 21, the government released a circular taking a step further in the same direction.

It announced that there are no inter-district check-posts for screening in the state and that screening will be done at the point of origin itself (bus stops, railway stations). All passengers who are asymptomatic are allowed to travel, while symptomatic passengers are referred to fever clinics.

The government also said that those travelling in private vehicles don’t need to go through any kind of screening. The circular came after the government had already announced that there would be no need for a pass to travel within the state.

Screening: Passengers are screened at KSRTC bus stops or railway stations for public transport. No screening is required when travelling by private transport.

Testing and Quarantine: Symptomatic (category 1) travellers are sent to fever clinics for assessment and aren’t allowed to travel. All asymptomatic (category 2) travellers are allowed to travel, without the need for quarantine or testing.

Inter-State Travel

[Find new additions/changes in rules at the end of this section, highlighted in pink]

Category 1 (Symptomatic)*Screened at border check-post on arrival
*Sent to DCHC for testing and isolation
*14-day Institutional Quarantine
Tested Three Times

If positive – sent to DCH
If negative – institutional quarantine at CCC/DCHC
*5-7 days:
If negative – continue institutional quarantine
*12-14 days:
Released only if negative on third test
Category 2 (Asymptomatic)*Screened at border check-post on arrival
*High Risk States: 7 days of institutional quarantine and 7 days of home quarantine
*Low Risk States: 14-day home quarantine
Tested Between 5-7 days of arrival

*High Prevalence States:
If negative – sent for 7-day home quarantine after 7-day institutional quarantine
*Exempted Persons-
Tested again between 12-14 days
Abbr: DCH – Dedicated COVID Hospitals; DCHC – Designated COVID Heathcare Centres; CCC – Covid Care Centres (Hotels/Hostels)

Seva Sindhu Applications: According to the latest Standard Operating Procedures (SOP) for inter-state travel released on May 22, every inter-state returnee has to obtain an e-Pass obtained from Seva Sindhu.

Applicants are informed via SMS and voice messages about approval and date of arrival. It is compulsory to produce e-Pass at the Border Check Post.

The following sections of people are given priority on Seva Sindhu:

  • Those returning to the state due to death in the family
  • Those facing medical emergency/terminal illness
  • Pregnant women/elderly persons
  • Migrant workers/labourers who have been laid off
  • Students whose educational institutions/hostels have been closed
  • Stranded tourists/pilgrims
  • International travellers arriving at airports outside Karnataka.

Quarantine and Testing: In light of lockdown 4.0 relaxations, the new rules include a provision for inter-state travellers to bypass the need for institutional quarantine. They also distinguish between asymptomatic (category-2) travellers from low and high-risk states.

All inter-state travellers who have returned to Karnataka since May 4 will be tested between days 5 and 7 of their arrival.

Symptomatic travellers are tested on arrival and sent to Designated Covid Hospitals (DCH) if positive. If negative, they are sent for 7-days of institutional quarantine, where they are tested again between 5-7 days.

Even if the second test returns negative, they have to continue institutional quarantine for another 7 days. They are released only if the third test (days 12-14) returns negative.

High Risk States (as on May 22): Maharashtra, Gujarat, Delhi, Tamil Nadu, Rajasthan, Madhya Pradesh

Asymptomatic travellers from high-risk states are sent for 7-days of institutional quarantine. If their test comes out negative, they are released into 7-days of home quarantine after that.

On the other hand, travellers from low-risk areas are sent into 14 days of home quarantine.

Bypassing Institutional Quarantine: Inter-state travellers who get a negative Covid Test Certificate from an ICMR approved lab, which is not more than 2 days old can be exempted from institutional quarantine. Instead, they are sent to 14-days of home quarantine.

Exemptions: Among returnees from high-risk areas, there are exemptions for pregnant women, the elderly (over 80 years of age), persons suffering from terminal illnesses, children under 10 years of age and one attender in each case. They will undergo 14-days of home quaranine instead if their test result is negative.

Businessmen can also bypass quarantine if they bring a negative COVID test with them (conducted not more than 2 days earlier). In case they don’t have a test report, they are sent to paid institutional quarantine in government-approved hotels, where they are tested. After a negative result, they are allowed to do their work and return. If their visit is longer than 5 days, they have to go to a fever clinic to get an extension of another 5 days.

Medical personnel, airline crew, defense, para-military, railways, DRDO, ISRO and PSU officials, union and state ministers also have special exemptions.

Home Quarantine: Only Asymptomatic (Category 2) passengers from low-risk states and exempted categories are allowed 14-days of home quarantine.


On July 6, Karnataka government modified inter-state travel rules yet again. As per the July 6 order, quarantine rules are now uniform for inter-state travellers coming from all states (whereas there were separate rules for travellers from Maharashtra earlier).

Following are the updated rules:

Asymptomatic travellers (Any State): 14-day home quarantine. Institutional quarantine only in case of large family or if home quarantine is not possible.

Symptomatic travellers (Any State): Seven days of hospital isolation at Covid Care Centre (CCC). Tested immediately on arrival. Shifted to COVID Hospital if positive.

Business/Short-term travellers: They have to show confirmed return flight/train tickets that are within seven days from the date of arrival. Exempted from institutional quarantine and testing only if they have a two-day old test report or if they’re staying for less than 48 hours.

Testing: Symptomatic travellers will be tested on arrival itself. Those who develop symptoms later, while in quarantine, will be tested too.

Seva Sindhu: Registration on the Seva Sindhu portal is still mandatory for all travellers coming to or passing through the state. In addition, the state government has also made it mandatory for all airlines, railways and road transport companies to ensure that their passengers have registered on the portal.

International Travel

Category 1 (Symptomatic)*Screened upon arrival at airport
*Sent to DCHC for testing and isolation
*14-day institutional quarantine at CCC , followed by 14 day self reporting period
Tested twice – once on arrival and then on 14th day

If negative – sent for institutional quarantine at CCCs (hotel/hostel)
*12-14 days:
If negative – released
If positive – sent to DCH for treatment and isolation
Category 2 (Asymptomatic)*Screened upon arrival
*Sent to CCC with individual accomodation
*14-day Institutional quarantine at CCC, followed by 14-day self reporting period
Tested twice – once on arrival and then on 14th day

If negative, sent for institutional quarantine at CCCs (hotel/hostel)
*12-14 days:
If negative – released
If positive – sent to DCH for treatment and isolation
Abbr: DCH – Dedicated COVID Hospitals; DCHC – Designated COVID Heathcare Centres; CCC – Covid Care Centres (Paid Hotels/Hostels)

The SOPs for international travellers were revised on May 21. While they don’t mention the need for registering on Seva Sindhu, the portal has a section for international travel.

Screening: All travellers at points of entry (airports and seaports) are screened for symptoms, as in case of domestic travellers.

The screening process involves a self-reported form, thermal scanning, pulse oximeter reading (to check oxygen saturation in blood), stamping, checking of medical history and categorisation. Travellers are also required to download the three Covid apps.

Testing and Quarantine: All international travellers are subjected to 14 days of institutional quarantine in COVID Care Centres (CCC – paid hotels/hostels).

All international travellers are tested twice – once immediately on arrival and again between the 12th and 14th day.

International travellers will only be released if both tests return negative, after which a 14-day self-reporting period will follow. Institutional quarantine will continue even if the first test is negative.

Travellers whose test results come back positive are sent to Dedicated COVID Hospitals for treatment.

Exemptions: On May 21, the government revised the SOPs for international travellers to offer relaxations to certain groups of people. ‘One attender’ was added to the existing list of exempted persons. It excuses institutional quarantine for:

  • pregnant women
  • children under 10 years of age
  • senior citizens over 80, and
  • terminally-ill patients (cancer, chronic kidney disease, etc.)
  • one attender in each case

Home Quarantine: Only exempted asymptomatic (Category 2) passengers are allowed home quarantine if their first test on arrival is negative.

General Home Quarantine Rules: While there are variations in rules for travellers from different sources, similar guidelines for home quarantine apply to all.

Home quarantined passengers are stamped and a sticker is placed on the door of their homes. Neighbours and local RWAs are informed and quarantined passengers are monitored by health staff and via follow-up calls.

Passengers are also expected to download three apps – Aarogya Setu, Quarantine Watch (for self-reporting) and Apthamitra (survey of symptoms).

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    • You can apply for a transit pass. That will require you to show a return ticket booked within 7 days

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      • You will have to apply on Seva Sindhu portal and select the reason as special category for older ppl.

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      If home quarantine means what they doing

  4. I am in Gurgaon, Haryana and need to travel to Bangalore to collect my luggage. I will take my flight from New Delhi. Do I have to under go an institution quarantine or home quarantine.

    • If you are staying for less than 7 days, you could apply for a trasnit e pass on seva sindhu portal. You will need to show your return ticket in this case.

  5. for travelling to Kerala while entering through Nipani check post and exiting near Hosur do on need to take any pass. I do have the exit pass from Maharashtra and entry pass of Kerala .. Is it needed also to take transit pass to travel on the Highway in across Karanataka to go from this side entering Nipani check post and to enter into Tamilnadu to go to Kerala .The Seva Sindu site is not helpful for such a request . Please guide me on the link so that I can reogster

    • Yes. Please register on Seva Sindhu app and opt for transit. Hope this helps.

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    • If she is leaving immediately (less than 7 days or so), she will have to apply for a transit e pass on the seva sindhu portal. Hope this helps.

  11. Hi dear Concern ,

    i am in Kerala now i need to travel to Bangalore with my family
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    can you please help what is the formalities to travel ?
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    • Depends on which city you are. In Karnataka they are quite strict where the entire family is on watch. After 14 days you are permitted to go out. But it is advised to stay at home until there is absolute necessity.

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  23. Your information for International arrivals is not updated. As per the Indian embassy in Qatar only 7 days institutional quarantine is required and the next 7 days is home quarantine provided the test is negative on day 7.

    • thats a central gov guidelines, but states are allowed to make their own, and karnataka gov have made 14 days institutional quarantine rule for international passengers and it is mentioned on state gov website as well.

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