Umbrella Fishing by Painted Storks!

When we observe water birds, we find that they have many different varieties of fishing for food, and here’s one of the most interesting. The birds in my photographs are Painted Storks, beautiful birds which you will see in almost all large lakes of Bangalore. I took these photos at Kaikondrahalli Lake, on November 23rd, 2014.

Here’s a Stork, standing in the water, getting ready to look for its breakfast. The eye is already cast down in concentration.

As the birds look for fish under the water, they raise one wing and hold it just above their head level.

This accomplishes two objectives; the bird is able to see into the water without the surface reflection bothering it, and it also acts as a kind of shield.

The fish, underneath the surface of the water, is unable to see the spear-like beak of the Stork streaking towards it, and so the Stork makes a successful catch.

Here is a Stork, showing this behaviour at the edge of the water:

So the next time you visit one of the lakes in the city, do observe how the birds on and around the lake try and get their food…it’s fascinating!

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