Using tricolour where images of gods fail!

It’s been a year since we moved to this home in ISRO Layout. A terrace for the kids to play, another terrace for our Kambha / stand-in pot and yet another one for my terrace garden plot. Perfect? No. What set off the home-happiness balance was the empty plot next door. It’s been a year long journey of attempts to locate the owner, getting BBMP to stop dumping in the site and stop burning garbage and dry leaves in the site. Telling the PKs, calling the BBMP control room, catching supervisors in action setting fire to garbage piled up.

We finally paid a bomb and got it ‘cleaned’ (clean is an extremely subjective word). We got a banner printed, we did contemplate pictures of Gods or popular faces to instill the fear of God, but since we didn’t have any allegiance to them we hoped the hint of the tricolor will work. What we did maybe clutching on to straws, may be a short term but we had to try. The whole exercise of chasing and then doing it yourself does take its toll mentally, so I give my other half more than cent percent marks for seeing it through till here!

We have no clue what we have brought upon ourselves. Lighter wallets for sure, but with the hope that at least for a few weeks or months even, our home and that of all the neighbours around is smoke free and healthy!

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