Trash mob by Kumaran’s Children’s home students cleans the streets

A group of ten children, was seen cleaning up a dirty plot in BTM Layout on Ramzan . They managed to pick twelve large bags of trash. Here is their story.

Two 16-year-olds, Vivek and Adhesh from Sri Kumaran’s Children’s Home started Bangalore Trash Mob as a social action project for schools, and this has now become an ongoing community service with the help of their friends. Despite being busy with board exams, they found time to conduct two mobs last year. On Ramzan holiday, while a majority of children spent time with their gadgets, hung around in malls or simply lazed at home, these children chose to clean up a plot in BTM layout; this was their first trash mob this year. It is a great pleasure to see young people getting involved in community service.

After the success of the third mob on Ramzan, one of the co-founders of Bangalore Trash Mob, Vivek Krishnaswamy said,

“Honestly, we had to come up with something for our Social Action Project, and we decided to start cleaning up plots! Then after some brainstorming and watching the movie Step Up 4 (with all the flash mobs), we came up with the name ‘Trash Mob.’

After the first and second one went well, we decided to expand it and make it a year round activity. We started in December 2013, and from then we’ve conducted three mobs. Because of school and tests, we weren’t able to do much. It will be frequent going forward, once a month at least. We expected NO RESPONSE from the public today, but we had eight people, residents of BTM, come and help us. Many people stopped by and commended our work as well. It was quite good today.”

Vivek said that the group pools in money, to organise for the trash bags, gloves, masks and flyers. He also added that it is open to the public and that they would like to see more people participate in cleaning up Bangalore for a healthier, greener city. The mob will be in action today – August 9th, 2014.

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