This queer festival breaks stereotypes

RJ Shilok interviews Romal Laisram, founder of the Queer Arts Movement India

Queer Arts Movement India (QAMI) is four years old and the event’s theme this year is ‘One Love’. QAMI aims to provide a space for non-judgemental inclusion and acceptance of all marginalised communities. Having started out as a fundraising event, QAMI Habba today involves people from across the country. It serves as a space for dialogue, liberation of thoughts, and free expression of emotions.

“The focus of QAMI is to make the mainstream audience understand about the queer community, through art,” says Romal. He believes that art is a medium that can make people look beyond their preset notions and in the process experience a totally new world.

Tune in to this episode of Colourful Kamanabillu for more on the QAMI Habba that began on 15th July and concludes on 5th of August.


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