This Aadhar centre has neither power, nor manpower!

I had visited recently a centre that issues Aadhar card in Banaswadi which is just a few kilometers from my home. They issued tokens and asked us to wait. As the time went by, the queue became longer.

Suddenly I saw two men carrying a handicapped man in a bed sheet as he needed Aadhar card for himself. Even after seeing his condition, the staff working at the centre did not want to help him. He was siting down in the heat.

Almost two hours went by but no one in the queue supported this handicapped man. I felt sad. Almost after two hours of wait, this handicapped man was called inside. His family members picked him again and took inside the office to do the formality.

I want someone to look into this issue seriously. Such old or handicapped people and mothers holding small babies should be given first priority, as in airlines how they call babies first and then old age people or those on wheel chairs.

One more thing: some people come to the said office take token and go home. They come back as per their convenience and make other people suffer. They give the excuses that they went back to collect some papers, and just barge inside without even thinking how many people are standing there waiting for hours.

Some senior officials should make surprise visits to such offices and see for themselves. The room where the process is done is so small that only one person can sit for collecting biometric information and collect the documents, while other people are busy in chitchats. There are very less staff to handle the people coming in. The centre becomes defunct when electricity goes off, with no power back up. I hope some officials look into this and take necessary steps on the issue.

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