The month of exams – fear not!

With the month of March marching in, there arises a common fear among students – the fear of examinations. The Central Board of Seconday Education(CBSE) has commenced its Class 10th and 12th Annual Examinations all over the country. The exams conducted by this board are some of the toughest exams faced by the students.

Therefore, the students are under a lot of pressure from different sources like parents, teachers and peers to do their very best. Meanwhile, the Pre-University Education Board of Karnataka (PUE) is also conducting exams for 2nd PU from March 12th. The Karnataka PUE Board examination is also very tough, with the added disadvantage of miscalculation, wrong entry of marks, etc.

In fact, the PUE Board has always been known for miscalculations. Last year, a student who wrote the exam was shocked when he found out that he got only 13 marks in Kannada, but then upon revaluation, turned out to be 75! And the results of the 2nd PU exam last year were dismal – only 43.34% of students cleared the exam.(CBSE – 82%)

But nevertheless, the exams are nigh upon us and we’re expected to do our best. But don’t worry, if you don’t get the expected marks, or even fail, it does not mean you are not educated. Just remember that failure is a stepping stone to succes, and that exams are never a true measure of your knowledge.Below are a few pointers you should follow to ensure nothing gets in your way of passing –

1. Always remember to take breaks in between each study session.

2. Stay healthy – you don’t want to fall ill on the day of the examination!

3. When asked to fill in details anywhere, write in legible and neat handwriting. Bad handwriting has also caused a lot of problems for students in this issue.

A troubling issue when it comes to examinations is failing. Students are so afraid of failing that most of them even opt to commit suicide when they find out that they have failed. Students must be made aware that suicide should never be an option. Instead, they can always write the supplementary exam and pass.

Kiran Jonnalagadda, the founder of a startup called Hasgeek, cleared his 2nd PU exam only after 5 attempts. So do not think that failing an exam means you have failed in life. Always remember, study hard but don’t get overworked, and keep calm! All the best to all students.



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  1. Good tips…and here’s wishing you the best of preparation and smooth sailing through the exams yourself!

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