Diversion of sewage needs BBMP help: Updates from Kaikondrahalli Lake

Comprehensive update onKaikondrahalli Lake

Kaikondrahalli lake has seen a few ups and downs of late. This is a comprehensive update on the various works in and around Kaikondrahalli Lake.

Sewage diversion pipeline work: Last year (May 2016), copious amount of sewage started flowing in from the south-east end of the lake. Despite efforts from the lake team and continuous complaints to the zonal office, this could not be stopped. Early this year, BBMP lake department undertook a sewage diversion work to divert the sewage through a pipeline through the lake.

The diverted sewage will drain into the culvert in front of Purva Sunshine apartment and will join the Rajakaluve to Soul Kere through the drain alongside the Petrol bunk. The work is almost done now and 90% sewage is being diverted. The work was lying unfinished for a few months as the contractor was diverted to another project. He has restarted this work and we hope to see complete restoration of the lake path by year end.

Sewage piepline overflow near Butterfly garden. PC: Rahul Tandon

Sewage overflow near Butterfly garden: Silt brought in by the rains have blocked some internal pipelines laid inside the lake, as a result the overflow from Kasavanahalli lake, which brings in sewage laced water, is unable to exit into the Rajakaluve and overflows into the wetlands. BBMP lake department has started work on clearing it. Since it requires some machinery, it will probably be resolved in a couple of weeks.

Temple in buffer zone: A temple is being constructed in the buffer zone of Kaikondrahalli lake, opposite Kalyani entrance. Earlier attempts to build the temple had been thwarted, But this time around, despite our timely notification and follow up with the zonal office, we are yet to see any resolution this time. There have also been other constructions in the buffer zone, that have started and finished in the last few months. We would request well wishers of the lake to call AE Munireddy (9448310811) and BBMP Joint Commissioner Mrs Vasanthi (9900568899) to take action.

Kalyani clean up: It has been close to three months and the Kalyani Tank and the waste from the Habba is yet to see any form of clean up despite months of continuous follow ups from our side. Responsible person: AE Munireddy.

Damaged fence at the back of the lake: Due to construction waste dumping and leveling, the lake fence has buckled under the weight. We reported this multiple times to the zonal office that such dumping in the buffer zone is not allowed and can be disastrous in the next monsoon season.

As expected we are met with resounding silence and needless to say there is no action from the zonal govt body. We are having a dialogue with the construction company to have the fence fixed once the rains are over and the accumulated water dries up.

Garbage dumping near the south-east sewage inlet: Since last year there have been garbage fires at the spot and a waste sorting shed has been operational in the buffer zone. But there has been no action from the zonal body despite our follow ups. We suggest if you are bothered as much by the stink and filth as we are, you would pick up the phone and ask the Joint Commissioner to act.

We intend to take up the inaction of zonal officers with the Lokayukta office,

The lake in general requires de-weeding and plastic waste removal at a larger scale, but we would be able to take up this activity only in the summer season when the water levels recede.

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