Roads to be asphalted and improved in 2014 by BBMP

230 roads, 400 km, Rs 560 crore – all this before May 2014 – BBMP has a target of asphalting and improving the roads in Bangalore.

Want to know if the pothole-ridden road that you travel on made it to the list of roads that will be fixed? Have a look at the list below. The ones highlighted in yellow are the 128 roads that are to completed in the first phase.

Sl.No. Name of the road Appr. Estimated amount
(Rs. In Crores)
1 Improvements to Drain and footpath and Asphalting to Koramangala 80 feet Road (from Sarjapur Road to Sony world) 3.5
2 Improvements to Drain and footpath and Asphalting to Koramangala 80 feet Road (from Sony world to Ejipura Drain) 4.5
3 Asphalting to Hosur Main Road from Madivala under pass to Silk broad junction 2
4 Improvement and Asphalting to 5th cross and 1st Cross in Koramangala(from 20th main to 17th main). 2
5 Improvements & Asphalting to Sarjapura main road (from 1st block Koramangala to 14th main jakkasandra) and 14th main HSR layout (from Sarjapura road to outer ring road) 3
6 Improvement and Asphalting to 7th cross from 100ft road to 80 ft road in Koramangala 1
7 Improvements and Asphalting to Kormangala 100 feet road from Hosur Road to Sarjapura road and from 7th cross to 80ft road 3
8 Improvements and Asphalting to Siddaiah Road from J.C Road to Hosur Road via 12th cross wilson garden 3
9 Improvements and Asphalting to B.T.S Road from K.H. Road to Banneraghatta road 2.5
10 Improvements and Asphalting to A.V. Road from Kalasipalyam Main to Minto Eye Hospital 1.5
11 Improvements and Asphalting to Lalbagh fort road from Shivashankar circle to Lalbagh North gate 4
12 Improvements and Asphalting to Hosur Road from Lalbagh North gate to Dairy Circle 4.5
13 Improvements and Asphalting to Vanivilas Road from K.R Road to Bull Temple Road and Hayavadana Rao Road 1.6
14 Improvements and Asphalting to Pampamahakavi Road from Minto Hospital to Vanivilas Road. 1.5
15 Improvements and asphalting to K.H road 3
16 Improvement and Asphalting to JC Road from Lalbagh east gate to Hudson circle 3
17 Improvement and Asphalting to Lalbagh road from Subbaiah circle to Lalbagh main gate 1.5
18 Improvement and Asphalting to Mysore Road towards SP Road and SP Road 1
19 Improvement and Asphalting to Kalasipalya main road Basappa circle to KR Market 1.5
20 Improvements & Asphalting to 80 Feet Road Basavanagudi from Hosakerehalli Main road to muthuraj Road 2
21 Improvements & Asphalting to Kumar Swamy Temple Road (50 Feet Road) From BMS College to PES college. 1.3
22 Improvements & Asphalting to Katriguppe Main Road(From Bull Temple Road to VidyaPeeta Circle) 0.8
23 Improvements and Asphalting to Bull temple road from N.R. colony main road to Bull temple 0.9
24 Improvements & Asphalting to Pipe Line Road and other Main Roads in Srinagar Ward 2
25 Resurfacing to Lakshmipura main road and other main roads in Hanmanthnagara ward 1.5
26 Improvements and resurfacing to 80ft road from Vidyapeeta circle to outer ring road 4.5
27 Improvements and resurfacing to Hosakerehalli main road (2nd main road) from BMTC bus stop Vidyanagara to 80 ft road 1.2
28 Improvements and Asphalting to Kanakapura Road from Nitturu Srinivas Rao circle to TTMC Banashankari 4
29 Improvements and Asphalting to South End Road from Nagasandra circle to Madhavarao circle 3
30 Improvements and Asphalting to 27th cross Jayanagar from Kanakapura Road to 4th Main Jayanagar 1
31 Improvements and Asphalting to 23rd cross from 9th main Banashankari to 4th Main Jayanagar via JSS circle 2
32 Improvements and Asphalting to14th Cross Shasthri Nagar from K.R Road to N.R Colony Road 1
33 Improvements and Asphalting to Attimabbe Road, 13th Cross and 9th Main Road (From Kims College to 34th Cross Banashnakari ) 4.5
34 Widening and Strengthening to 18th main and 7th main roads Padhmanabhanagara from ORR to Uttarahalli main road 4
35 Improvements to drain and footpath to Patalamma Temple Road from Armugum Circle to South end circle 1
36 Improvements & Asphalting to Bannerghatta road from dairy circle to sagar auto mobile 1
37 Improvements & Asphalting to diagonal road 3rd block Jayanagara from 4th main to 9th main road 0.6
38 Improvements & Asphalting to Jayanagara 9th main road from 30th cross to South end road 2
39 Improvements & Asphalting to 30th cross, 4th Block Jayanagar 1
40 Improvements & Asphalting to 36th cross Jayanagara from 16th main to Bannerghatta Road 1.5
41 Improvements & Asphalting to 1st main road and balance portion of Pipeline road in Vijayanagara 1.5
42 Improvements & Asphalting to railway parallel road from West of Chord road to BCC Layout. 1.5
43 Improvements & Asphalting to Attiguppe Main road and Conneting Roads from West of Chord Road to Nagarabavi Main road via Sky line apartment 3
44 Improvements and asphalting of Vijayanagar 4th cross R.P.C. layout bus stand road from West of chord road to Vijayanagara club 2
45 Asphalting to 27th Main road HSR layout from 20th cross to KEB Power station and Improvements to Drain and footpath from ORR to KEB Power station 4.5
46 Improvements to Drain and footpath and Asphalting to Mangammanapalya Main Road from Hosur Road to Somasundrapalya Road 3
47 Improvements to Drain and footpath and Asphalting at selected reaches of Bannerghatta Road from Jedimara Junction to Meenakshi temple, Hulimavu 4
48 Improvement and asphalting to Sarjapura road from 14th main Jakkasandra to Outer ring road 2
49 Improvements and Asphalting of kudlu Main Road from Hosur Road to Harlur Road via Singasandra Ward Office 2
50 Improvement and asphalting to Tayappa garden road from Kodichikkanahalli (Vijaya enclave) road to Arakere road . 3.5
51 Improvements and Asphalting to Hosapalya Main Road from Somasundrapalya Main Road to Kudlu Road 1
52 Improvements to Drain and footpath and Asphalting to Virat nagar Main Road from Devarachikkanahalli Road to Hosur Road 2
53 Improvements to Drain and footpath and Asphalting to 24th main road HSR layout from 17th cross to ORR 2
54 Improvements Asphalting to Arakere main road from Banneraghatta road to BDA double road 2
55 Comphrensive development of Vyasaraja road from Hulimavu Sathyanarayana temple to Sir.M. Vishweshwaraya road 2
56 Improvements to Drain and footpath and Asphalting to Bannerghatta Road from Gottigere lake to BBMP limits 2
57 Improvements to drain and footpath and Asphalting to selected reaches of Parappanna Agrahara Main road from Hosur road channakeshava School to Harlur 2.5
58 Improvements to Drain and footpath and Asphalting to Amruthnagar main road from Jambusavari dinne to Khodays glass factory 4.5
59 Improvements and Asphalting to Yelenahalli road from Hulimavu road to Begur main road 1
60 Improvements Asphalting to Vasanthapura Main Road from Konanakunte Cross Kanakapura Road to Uttarahalli-Subramanyapura Road 2
61 Improvements Asphalting to Uttarahalli Kengeri Road from Uttarahalli Circle to BMIC Road (NICE Road) 2
62 Improvements to Drain and footpath and Asphalting to Subramanyapura main Road from Uttarahalli Bus stand to BDA 80 feet road via Banashankari 6th stage main road 4
63 Improvements Asphalting to Chikkabeguru road from Hosur road to Manipal county road 1.5
64 Improvements and asphalting Harekrishna road from Neharu circle to Okalipuram circle via sheshadripuram circle, Rajivgandhi circle and platfaom road 3
65 Improvements and asphalting to Subedhara chatram road from Harekrishna road junction to Anand rao cirlce 2
66 Improvements and asphalting to Sheshadripuram main raod from Sheshdripuram circle to Chowdaiah road (BDA junction ) 2
67 Improvements and asphalting to vylalikaval 2nd main road from Vylalikaval Police station to Sheshadripuram main road via Guttahalli Dattareya temple, Link road and Guttahalli to BDA Jucttion 3
68 Improvements and asphalting to Dhanvanthri road from Dhanvanthri Hospital to upparpete police station road 1.5
69 Improvements and asphalting to cotton pet main road from Shathala silk junction to Mysore road 2
70 Improvements and asphalting to TCM Royan road (goodshed road) from Shathala silk junction to Mysore road junction 2
71 Improvements and asphalting to Vatalnagaraj road from Khody junction to Dr Rajkumar road Junction (Rajajinagar Entrance) 3
72 Improvements and asphalting to Binny mill road from laprosy Hospital to Mysore road junction 3.5
73 Improvements and asphalting to Kalidasa Main road from Sheshadri road to KG road 1
74 Improvements and asphalting to BVK Iyengar road from KG road to Chikkapette circle 1
75 Widening of Arrack shop road from platform road Junction to 5th main road junction of Srirampuram 4.5
76 Whitetopping to A.S char Street from Chikkapette circle to Mysore road 1.5
77 White topping to Elite Hotel road from Dhanavanthri road to Subedar Chatram road 0.3
78 Improvements and asphalting to Chamrajpet Alur venkatarao road (1st main road) from minto Hospital circle to Mysore road junction 2.5
79 Improvements and asphalting to Chamrajpet 5th main road from Makkalakoota circle to TR Mill junction 2.5
80 Improvements and asphalting to Chowdaiah road from cauvery theator junction to Maramma circle junction 2.5
81 Improvements and asphalting to Margosa road from KC Genaeral Hospital to Maramma temple junction 3.5
82 Improvements and asphalting to 8th main road from Yeshwanthapur Police station to 11th main road junction at Malleshwaram 7th cross 4.5
83 Improvements and Asphalting New BEL road from M.S.Ramaiah Medical college to Outer Ring road 3
84 Improvements and asphalting of Sankey road from Rajbhavan to Mekhri circle underpass 4.5
85 Improvements and asphalting to 1st main road from metro cash and carry junction (Tumakur road junction) to Sampige road via 5th cross, 11th main, mill corner road 4
86 Improvements and asphalting to Sampige main road from Malleshwaram circle to Sankey road 3.5
87 Improvements and asphalting to Mathikere main road from BEL circle to TATA institute junction 4
88 White topping to New BEL road from Sadashivanagr Police station to M.S.Ramaih Collage junction 3.9
89 Improvements and asphalting to Mohankumar road from Yeshwanthpur Rialway station to ORR at Devinagar via Mattikere Sanjeevappa garden 4.5
90 Improvements and asphalting to Dr.Rajkumar road From Rajajinagar entrance to Prasanna theator Junction and Prasanna theator Junction to West of chord road junction via Magadi main road including junction Improvements of Rajajinagara 6th block circle opposite to BBMP community hall 4
91 Improvements and asphalting to Rajajinagra 2nd block ,17th main road from west of chord road to 12th main road 1.5
92 Improvements and asphalting to Rajajinagra 2nd block ,12th main road from Navarang park to Bhashyam circle 2
93 Improvements and asphalting to Service road from 72nd cross road (20th main Rajajinagara 5th block ) to Magadi road- west of chord road junction 0.9
94 Improvements and asphalting to Nagarabhavi main road from telephone exchange junction to Prashnathnagar junction 3
95 Improvements and asphalting to Nagarabhavi main road from telephone exchange junction to Prashnathnagar junction to Nationa Law school junction (Univercity gate junciton) 2.5
96 Improvements and asphalting to Magadi main road from West of chord road junction to KHB colony bus stop and Vijayanagra Telephone Exchange junction road to magadi road junction 2.5
97 Improvements and asphalting to Prasahanathnagar main road via kamakshi palya industrial area , kaveri nagar 4
98 Improvements and Asphalting to road from 80 ft road to ring road via Siddaganga school road 1.5
99 Improvements and asphalting to west of chord road from Basaveshwaranagar 1st main road junction to Magadi road under pass junction 2
100 Improvements and asphalting to Srinivasnagara main road at Kaveripura ward, 3
101 Improvements and asphalting to Syndicate bank colony road via Prasahanathnagar colony 3
102 Improvements and asphalting to Kamalanagar Shakthi Ganapathinagar road from Ring road to 1st cross road (West of Chord road via Basaveshearanagar road (15th main road) 3.5
103 Improvements and asphalting from Shankarmutt circle to Nandini layout via pipe line road, Geleyara balaga, Saraswathipura (Nandini layout- Saraswathipuram road) and saraswathipuram to chord road via Mahalakshmi layout 4.5
104 Improvements and asphalting to Nandhini Layout bus stand to tumkur road (NH-4) via MEI main road 2.5
105 White Topping to Annaswamy Mudaliar road 2.5
106 White Topping to Gangadhar Chetty road. 3.5
107 White Topping to Kensington road 4
108 Improvements and Asphalting Infantry road from Aliaskar road to Commercial street road. 2.5
109 Improvements and asphalting of Jayamahal road form Mekhri circle to Contonment railway station bridge 3
110 Improvements and Asphalting to Palace road from Mysore road circle to M.V. Jayaraman Junction. 5
111 Improvements and Asphalting of Aliaskar road from Rajbhavan road Junction to Cunningham Road. 1.5
112 Resurfacing and improvements to Footpath and drain of N.R. road from Hudson circle to Town Hall and sorrounding main roads 4.9
113 Improvement and Asphalting of Cubbon road Manipal Center to central street. 4
114 Improvments and Asphalting to St. John road from Dickenson road to St. John church road inlcuding roads surrounding RBANMS Ground 2.5
115 Improvements and Asphalting to Devanga Hostel road and Mission road 2
116 Improvements and Asphalting to Central street and Venkataswamy naidu road from M.G.Road to Balakundri circle via Shivanagar Bus stand 3
117 Improvements and Asphalting of Kumara krupa Road from Race course road to Windsor manor junction 3
118 Improvements and Asphalting of Race Course road from Basaveswara circle to Railway Underbridge(Nehru circle) via Hare Krishna road.,and Cresent road from chitrakala parishat college to Hare krishna road 3
119 Improvements and Asphalting of Kadidalmanjappa (Longford) road from Richmond circle to Hosur-laskar road. 2
120 Improvements and Asphalting of Lower Agram road from Hindustan motor Junction to Viveknagar 2.5
121 Improvements and Asphalting of Rhenius street in Richmond town 1.5
122 Improvements and Asphalting of Old Airport road from Trinity Circle to ASC Centre 1
123 Improvements and Asphalting of Victoria road from ASC Centre to D’souza circle 3
124 Resurfacing of damaged portions of Old Airport road from ASC Centre to Domlur flyover 3.5
125 Improvements and Asphalting of Cambridge road from Ulsoor Police station to Old airport road 2
126 Improvements and Asphalting of Brigade Road Castle street and Wood Street from General Thimmaiah road to Museum road. 2
127 White topping of Victoria cross road from Hosmat Junciton to Hindustan motors junction to Victoria road and Lower Agram road from Hindustan motors junction to Hosmat junction 1.5
128 Improvements and Asphalting to Indiranagar 100 ft road from Old Airport Road to Old Madras Road. 4.9
129 Improvements and Asphalting of Gurudwara Main road from Trinity circle to Old Madras road via Gurudwara 3
130 Resurfacing of Old Madras road from Indranagar 100ft road Junction to Byappanahalli Metro station 2
131 Resurfacing of Old madras road from Byappanahalli Metro station to Benniganahalli Railway underpass 2
132 Improvements and Asphalting of Swamy Vivekananda road from Trinity Circle to Old Madras road via Adarsha Theater 3.5
133 Improvements and Asphalting of Indiranagar Double road from old Madras road to 100 ft road via ESI , 7th main road 4.5
134 Improvements and Asphalting of 7th Main Indiranagar from ESI junction to 100ft road 1.5
135 Improvements and Asphalting of CMH road from B.M. Shri circle to 80ft road 1
136 Widening and improvement of HAL 3rd stage 80feet road KPTCL transformer to 6th cross JSS compound (Road connecting from ISRO Main entrance road to linking Old Airport road) 2.5
137 Resurfacing of damaged portions of Old Airport road from Domlur flyover to Suranjandas road Junction 3.5
138 Improvements and Asphalting of Pottery road and Bore Bank road from Wheeler road extension road upto Benson town cross road 4
139 Improvements and Asphalting of Swamy Vivekananda road from Vinayaka temple street to Outer Ring Road via Ganapathi temple in HBR Layout 2.5
140 Improvements and Asphalting of Hennur main Road from East Railway Station to Lingarajapuram flyover 3
141 Improvements and Asphalting of 1st main road from Siddappa Reddy circle to Nagavara main road BDA Complex (Narendra Theater Road) 3
142 Improvements and Asphalting to Kammanahalli main road from Banasawadi flyover upto Ullasappa circle 2.5
143 Improvements and Asphalting Govindapura main road from Nagavara main road to Aryan medicals 2.5
144 Improvements and Asphalting of Nethaji road and MM road from Bomboo bazzar circle to Coxtown circle 5
145 Improvements and Asphalting Haines road from MM road to St John church road 1.5
146 Improvements and Asphalting Davis road from Wheeler road extension to Tannery road 1.6
147 Widening of Shampura main road from Nagavara main road to Railway level Crossing. 1.5
148 Improvements and Asphalting of St. John church road from Ulsoor lake to Coles Park. 3
149 Improvements and Asphalting of Vishwanath Nagenahalli Main road from Bellary main road to Kanakanagara 2.5
150 Improvements and Asphalting of CIL road from Doordarshan and Mattadahalli main road to R.T. Nagar road circle 1.5
151 Improvements and asphalting of Bellary road from Mekhri circle to Hebbal flyover 5
152 Improvement and asphalting of Andrahalli main road from Gas filling station on Hegganahalli road to Sushruti Bank (ward boundary) 2
153 Improvement and asphalting of Hegganahalli road from Sunkadakatte to SSK bhavan 1.5
154 Improvement and asphalting of road from Peenya 2nd stage bus stand to BMTC bus garage on 14th cross road via Bhattar hotel 3
155 Improvement and asphalting of Kammagondanahalli main road from S.M. road to Ymak Junction 3
156 Improvement and asphalting of Kalanagar main road from Kammagondanahalli entrance to forest road (Pipe line road) 1.7
157 Improvements and asphalting of S.M road from Jalahalli circle to Shettyhalli cross 2
158 Improvement and asphalting of road from Ymak Junction to Abbigere lake (ward boundary) 2
159 Improvement and asphalting of road from TVS Cross to ORR near jalahalli circle via NTTF circle and Prerana motors 4.5
160 Improvement and asphalting of Srigandhanagar main road from Hegganahalli main road to Doddanna Industrial area. 1.2
161 Improvement and asphalting of Abbigere main road from Rainbow International school to Laxmipura main road Junction 3
162 Improvement and asphalting of Pipeline road from S.M. road Ayappa temple to KEB station on Hesaraghata road 2.5
163 Improvements and asphalting of Nelagadaranahalli main road from NH4 to Ganga International School through Nelagadaranahalli circle 3
164 Improvements and asphalting of road from Kanteerava studio on ORR to Laggere cross. 4
165 Improvements and asphalting of road from Laggere cross to Jalahalli circle via TVS Cross 4
166 Comprehensive development of Ramachandrapura Main road from Vidyaranyapura Main road to BEL road 2
167 Improvements and Asphalting to road from Kuvempunagar to Singapura 1
168 Improvement and asphalting to Sanjeevininagara main road in Byatarayanapura assembly constituency 2
169 Improvements and asphalting to Defence road connecting Devi circle to Vidyaranyapura last Bus stop. 1
170 Comprehensive development of Amruthahalli police station road from Bhuvaneshwarinagar main road to Amruthalli village 2
173 Comprehensive development of Kodigehalli road from railway gate to Nanjappa circle via Thindlu 1.5
171 Comprehensive development of Mestri playa main road from Rachenahalli main road to JN Institute of advanced studies 2
172 Comprehensive development of Palanahalli road from NH 7 to Kottigenahall and Bagalur road 1.5
174 Comprehensive development to Amruthalli main road from Shobha windfall to JNC 2
175 Comprehensive development of Kempapura road from NH 7 to Coffee board layout beside Esteem mall 2
176 Construction of Sampige road from Agrahara village to Sampige halli village 2
177 Comprehensive development of main road in AMCO layout, Balaji layout and Tatanagar ward no. 8 2
178 Comprehensive development of road from M S Palya to Vidyaranyapura Main Road 1
179 Comprehensive development of Railway parallel road at Sahakarnagar to NH-7 by side of L&T Factory compound. 2
180 Improvements and Asphalting to Doddaballapura Main road from CRPF to BMS college 3
181 Improvements and Asphalting to road from Upanagara Main Road from Sheshadripuram college to Aroma Bakery near Mother Dairy circle 2
182 Comprehensive development of Mavallipura Main road from M S Palya circle to Lakshmipura cross 3
183 Comprehensive development of Attur Upanagara Main road from 5th phase Yelahanka to Attur village 2
184 Improvement and asphalting to Yelahanka bus stand road 2
185 Comprehensive development of Nagenahalli main road from Doddaballapura road to ISRO layout 2
186 Improvement and asphalting to Yelahanka bus stand road 1
187 Widening and asphalting to Mysore road from Gali Anjaneya swamy temple to West of chord road. 2
188 Improvements and asphalting to Srinivasanagar main road 1
189 Improvements and asphalting to Subroto Mukherjee road (Aiyappa Swamy nagar) 2
190 Improvements and asphalting to Inner ring road to Banyan tree (by side of ring road Gorguntepalya) 1
191 Improvements and asphalting to Hegganahalli main road 1
192 Improvements and asphalting to Aiyappaswamy temple road from SubrotoMukherjee road upto HMT circle road 2
193 Improvements and asphalting to Jalahalli main road 2
194 Improvements and asphalting to Bahubalinagar main road 2
195 Improvements and asphalting to Kempegowdanagar main road in peenya 1
196 Improvements and asphalting to Sharadambanagar main road 1
197 Improvements and asphalting to Deepa Complex road from ORR opposite to Dr.B.R.Ambedkar groups of institution 1
198 Improvements and asphalting to Javaregowdanagar main road 1
199 Improvements and asphalting to Nagarbhavi 2nd Stage road 1
200 Improvements and asphalting to road from IIPM junction to SWD towards NGEF layout 2
201 Improvements to Kenchenahalli main road from Halagevaderahalli to BDA layout (Stage – 2 work) 2
202 Improvements and asphalting from BGS Global Hospital to Global Village from Ch: 0.51 to 1.10 k.m 1
203 IImprovements and asphalting to Mylasandra road from Mysore road to Global Village 1
204 Improvements and asphalting to Uttarahalli main road from Mysore road to Kenchenahalli main road 2
205 Improvements and asphalting to Old Kanakapura road from 100 Ft road to Talaghata pura lake 1
206 Improvements and asphalting to R.V. College Road from Mysore Road to Pattanagere temple 1
207 Improvements and asphalting to Mysore Road to kenchenahalli via Sunday Bar 1
208 Improvements and asphalting to Dodda Bidarakallu main road from Rockline studio to Thippenahalli 1
209 Improvements and asphalting to Mahadeshwara nagar main road from Magadi main road to Nagarahole nagar 1
210 Improvements and asphalting to Road from Thigalarapalya to Peenya 2nd Stage 1
211 Resurfacing and Improvements to Old Madras Road from Benniganahalli Bridge upto BBMP Limits(Selected Reaches) 4.4
212 Resurfacing and Improvements to Service road of Old Madras Road (Near Cable bridge) 4.4
213 Improvements and Asphalting to Kalkere main road from Raghavendra nagar Bus stop to Garden city college 2.6
214 Improvements and Strengthening to Bethal Nagara main road from Primary Health Center to Kodigehalli road. 2
215 Improvements and Strengthening to road from Ramamurthy nagar Churchstop to ITI Gate. 2.2
216 Improvements and Strengthening to road from Ramamurthy nagar main road to Raghavendra circle Bus stop. 2
217 Improvements and Strengthening of Hennur main road to Agrahara via Kalkere 4.4
218 Improvements and Strengthening of Road from NH4 to Basavanapura main road via Krishna Theater, Gokul Extension and Government School. 2.5
219 Improvements and strengthening of road from Kadugodi Bridge to BBMP Limits. 4
220 Improvements and strengthening to Wind Tunnel Road from Karnataka Golf Association to Yamalur via HAL, Kempapura 4.4
221 Improvements and Strengthening to Kariyammana Agrahara road from ORR Yamalur 2.5
222 Resurfacing and Improvements to road from Hope Farm to Kadugodi Railway Bridge 2
223 Improvements and Strengthening of Panathur road from Outer Ring road upto Railway crossing. 2.5
224 Improvements and Strengthening from Kodigehalli road to Hoodi railway gate junction 2.5
225 Improvements and Strengthening to Munekollalu main road from Marthahalli bridge service road to ORR Road. 2.5
226 Resurfacing and Improvements to Harlur road from Sarjapur main road to Kudlu main road 4.25
227 Resurfacing and Improvements to Hosa Road from Haralur road from Sarjapura main road to Choodasandra road via Kasavanahalli 4.25
228 Improvements and Strengthening to road from Hoodi Railway Gate to Kadugodi 4.4
229 Improvements and Strengthening of Road from Maheshwaramma Temple to Garudacharpalya main road. 2
230 Improvements and Asphalting to Gear school road from Kadubeesanahalli to Doddakannehalli via Devarabeesanahalli 3.4

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  1. I have noticed in recent times that BBMP and BDA have stopped the design of installing/erecting new street lights in between the double road though the roads are wider enough, which is widely followed method in every urban place in the country.

    Instead BBMP is erecting each street light on left sides of the opposite roads.

    The reason for disadvantage are mentioned below:
    1.The lights reflection is weak because the lights are being covered by the surrounding trees and their branches.
    2. Increase in cost of erecting two light poles on the both side of the road rather than One street pole in between the road on the median.
    3. Erecting the pole in between provides more light reflection for vehicle commuters hence avoid accidents during night time.
    4. Last but not the least, it adds to the beautification of the road and the method is of International Standard.

  2. I have experienced a few of these roads newly resurfaced. Makes huge difference in the flow of traffic. Hope they can do ITPL junction near SAP; so bumpy takes everyone ages to get thru.
    Wondering why this has all taken so long to fix the roads in the first place?

  3. Suranjandas road in entirety.From Old Madras road all the way up to Airport road.Its been 2 years no progress.

  4. Hmmm…
    Unable to find my road in this list. “ORR to chinnapanhalli railway gate.”
    We had informed the BBMP commissioner about the road conditions a few months back (Aug/Sept time frame)
    When the mayor published his mail ID and asked for public grievances we wrote to him and got a tracking number in return….
    We have a

  5. Mr Ayyangar, the ones in yellow are being done in the first phase – you should see some traction in the next few weeks.

  6. Asphalting of Ramaiah Hospital to outer ring road (shown in yellow) has not been done and the road is in bad shape.

Comments are closed.