Waste handler firm works on Sankey Tank cleanup post Flugtag

Editor’s note: This article is published in response to an earlier article published on October 1st 2014 – Red Bull’s flight competition leaves Sankey lake premises garbage-ridden.

300 Feet Eco Solutions, the firm in charge of waste management at the Red Bull event, got in touch with Citizen Matters. They clarified that they had cleared out the waste from the Sankey Lake premises. Aditya Seshnath and Preetham Murthy, co-founders of 300 Feet Eco Solutions share the details.

Like most large events, the “Red Bull Flugtag” event that took place over the past weekend generated a considerable amount of litter. 300 Feet Eco Solutions was contracted to maintain the venue during the event and clean up after the event.

There were primarily four categories of waste that were generated during the event:

a)    Metal cans and plastic bottles

b)    Food waste

c)     Plastic covers and carton boxes from the stalls

d)    The crafts that went into the water.

300 Feet Eco Solutions, with the support of Hasiru Dala, an organisation of waste pickers, collected and responsibly managed all the waste collected from both the grounds and waterbody.

300 Feet Eco Solutions personnel were deployed at the venue right from the 27th of September and were present till the end of 29th of September. They worked through the event collecting, segregating and eventually disposing the waste generated during the event in city waste management centres. The waste was transported to the Vanakasa Kendra in wards 66 and 76. From there the dry waste was diverted to recycling centers and the wet waste was handed over to BBMP.

They conducted a clean-up sweep immediately after the event. There was also a final round of clean-up, that started as early as 6.30 am post the dismantling of various structures like the VIP stands, food stalls and the stage on the following day. Additionally, as the crafts were constructed out of a variety of materials which were either welded, glued or bolted together, disassembling them for transport invariably extended to the next day. The entire clean-up drive was completed within 24 hours of the end of the event.

Here are some of the pictures taken at the venue on the afternoon of September 29th 2014.

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