Are you a recycling freak? You could win an award!

Spearheading the World Environment Day (June 5th) celebrations, by the Karnataka State Pollution Control Board is the Recyclathon Awards, an initiative aimed to award communities practicing sustainable waste management.  Conceived and conceptualised by Jain Group of Institution’s Radio Active CR 90.4 MHz, a community radio station, this program is conducted by the Solid Waste Management Roundtable (SWMRT).

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Award categories

Citizens of Bengaluru are encouraged to take part by applying for the awards. Awards will give given in the following categories: 

  1. Outstanding College /University Recycling Program

  2. Outstanding Community Recycling Program – RWA

  3. Outstanding Community Recycling Program – Apartments [Categories: Less than 100/100-250/Above 250].

  4. Outstanding Business Recycling Program – Manufacturing Company

  5. Outstanding Business Recycling Program – Software Company

  6. Outstanding Tech Park – Recycling Program

  7. Outstanding Health Care Services – Recycling Program

The Special Awards for the general public also encourages individuals/ groups/institutions etc to apply for the two open categories.

  1. Recycler of the Year Award awarded to an individual who has made significant contribution to the waste reduction program.

  2. Recycled Product Institution/Innovation awarded to any group/NGO/Business that works with recycled material can apply for this

In addition, a Special Award will be given to a Waste Picker/Scrap Dealer in a Dry Waste Collection Center.

Application process

Click here to download the application form. 

Eligibility Criteria

  • The Recyclathon Awards 2016 is a Bangalore centric event and as such open to communities in Bangalore. 

  • The applicants must demonstrate proven track record of sustainable waste management practices, for minimum two years in the community category.

  • The applications must be submitted by email/online on or before May 20th 2016 to be treated as eligible.

About Recyclathon Awards

The Recyclathon Awards was launched in 2011 with a mission to encourage the spirit of recycling in the city. This is a friendly competition to promote community waste reduction activities and encourage recycling.

This unique Recyclathon is aimed at increasing the spirit of recycling, creating awareness, improving economic opportunities for local waste pickers and scrap traders, calculating carbon footprint and inculcating a habit of waste minimisation through the practice of the three Rs – reduce, reuse, recycle.

For more information on the nominations:


Call: + 91 99456 86274


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Pinky Chandran is the director of Radio Active CR 90.4MHz, a Bengaluru-based community FM radio station.