List of Public Spaces open for PPP maintenance

In 2014, the Government of Karnataka decided to go for private-public partciipation in maintaining of public places. Freedom Park, Visweswaraiah Museum, Tippu fort, Lalbagh, Cubbon Park aquarium and Venkatappa Art Gallery were in the list of such tourist destinations for Bengaluru Urban.

The government also formed a committee with Minister for Tourism as the chairperson, to consider and approve CSR proposals to maintain public places in the list of 46 tourist destinations identified.



Adoption of Tourist Destination Karnataka Tourism GO (PDF)

Adoption of Tourist Destination Karnataka Tourism GO (Text)

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  1. Great way to go! Pay a “servant” to do a job for you, and he contracts out the job, and the contractor contracts out the job —- till it cannot go further. Then, the last in the hierarch finds that what trickles down to his pocket is so little, that he decides to charge the user a hefty fee. That the user is US, Who has already paid forvthe job, is neither here nor there!

    Have a wonderful idea! Why do we not throw out the government, and privatize all governance? The private party being US again.
    The residents of each road maintain their roads.
    The residents of every house, shop etc. maintain the pavement, drain in front of their building.
    Every user of a park gets a permit to use that public space, based on how many hours he/she puts in to maintain it.

    And WE STOP PAYING TAXES. Tbat is the best part!

    Even better, we will have the best library in the world, and a children’s interactive science centre, history centre, art and crafts centre, an ecological park, and more and more and more!
    The Vidhana Soudha, the Secretariat, the Legislators’ home (yippee!) and that whole conglomeration will be ample space!

    And the Best of all, we can all joyfully claim, “Good riddance of bad rubbish!”

    Wild and unworkable? That is what the feudal lords and their serfs must have thought about democratic governance, if they had known about it.

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