Public hearing at DJ Halli on December 12, 2013

DJ halli in Bangalore has been in the news for several reasons primarily for the deaths of children due to severe malnutrition and associated medical illnesses and complications including disabilities.

The community has met several times over the last few months and identified many problems in DJ halli. These are:

1.   Anganwadis which are inadequate for the population of DJ halli  and ill equipped to meet the needs of the children. Many children are still not enrolled in anganwadis and do not have access to any of the benefits. Children with SAM and cerebral palsy have even more difficulties in access

2.   Many families have had several unsuccessful encounters with the pension department. There are several grievances over the issue of pension cards

3.   The PHC has several problems ranging from lack of staff to financial mismanagement and failure to meet even basic requirements such as treating common illnesses among adults and children or issuing birth certificates. 

4.   Poor co-ordination between different departments which pass responsibility from one to another.

People in DJ Halli are taking the first step to draw attention of not merely government officials and service providers but also representatives of statutory government bodies, mass- based movements and sanghtans to build pressure from various quarters and hold the State accountable for its constitutionally bound duties towards its vulnerable citizens. 

Community members along with activists from various groups are organizing a public hearing in which people will share their struggles and hardships of trying to access basic entitlements related to health care, anganwadi, pension and disability in the pressence of a Jury comprising representatives of Child Rights Commission, Minority Commission, mass-based movements, lawyers, civil and women’s rights activists. Officers from the departments of health, WCD, Disability, Social security and Pensions, Slum Development Board, the ward Councillors and the MLA have been invited to respond to issues from the community and to queries from the Jury.  

We invite you to join us in the Public hearing scheduled on December 12, 2013 between 10.30 am to 2 pm near DJ Halli Maternity Home (Maidan hospital).

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