Pavement Perorations – Part 2: Can pavements be used for walking?

I kind of got hooked on this quiz thingy.  And while it is a bit strange to be asking and answering the questions myself, I love the fact that I know all the answers.

My next quiz follows the same pattern but I put in a variation so I would not get bored.  So here, instead of just a Yes or No, I had to give a proper response, even a creative response if I wanted.  Plus, I tried to catch myself out by slightly varying the wording sometimes.  Nothing like a challenge to get the old grey cells going!

Pic: Suchitra Deep

Ok, ready?

What is a pavement best used for?

Anything but walking.

Are pedestrians supposed to use pavements for walking on? (Clever rephrasing!)

No, they should use roads.

Then, should pavements be used for driving and roads used for walking?

To know what pavements are used for, see my responses in the earlier quiz, stupid.  Roads are meant for driving and walking on.  Actually for many other uses too…forget it, it will take too long to answer.

Are pavements necessary?

Very necessary.  See my answers in the earlier quiz, STOOPID!

If pedestrians use the road for walking on, is it not dangerous?

Of course!  So do you have any other good ideas to dispose of this huge population, genius??  (At this point, I had to reprimand and tell myself that this quiz had to be conducted in a civilized manner.)

Are pavements meant to be level? 


Are pavements level?

Of course not!

What is the correct height of the pavement from the road?

At least a foot high.  The higher the better.

Can pavements cause you any harm?

Only if they are used for walking on.

If we did not have pavements wouldn’t there be more space for driving?

Yes, it’s a very good idea. In fact the BBMP has been intelligent enough to implement this on many roads.

In many places, pavements are just a foot wide and people still use them for walking on.  Is that prudent?

Since so many foolish citizens insist on walking on pavements, the BBMP has had to provide some space. They tried to optimize on space by providing the minimum width, but apparently 6 inches was insufficient, so they had to increase the width to a foot.  This is just enough to provide some entertainment to the poor people driving along these stretches.  (I must say I am full of admiration for the BBMP. What wonderful ideas!)

Who are these people who insist on walking on pavements?

The idiots who don’t have personal vehicles – that’s who!

What are pavements used for in other countries?

For walking on.

But isn’t that a very limited usage of a valuable resource?

You said it, my friend!

Can pavements be rented out to generate income for the city?

Not for the city, but the police has been generating income for itself since many years.

What materials can be used for constructing pavements?

Practically anything, depending on what they are going to be used for.
(At this point, I got another reprimand for being flippant and I got no points for that answer.)

What is a new, creative use for pavements?

I think they would be great for aerobics or dance classes!

If pavements are used for dumping garbage, doesn’t that make the city dirty?

So it’s ok for Mandur to get all the garbage, huh?  Where is your sense of ethics??

Are pavements meant for perambulation?

No, no and NO!!

At this point, I stopped the quiz, because I was getting asked the same, silly question again and again.  I still had one more question to go, but I was in no mood for such asinine quizzing.

So how about I quietly ask you the last one?

Do YOU think – maybe – possibly, pavements can be used for walking on?

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