Flay by the rules

From fixing potholes on a ward’s roads to pathways for the city’s parks and more, BBMP officials are breaking down contracts
into Rs.5 lakhs or lesser. A Banashankari citizen’s RTI applications helped trace a web of corruption. Sunil Tinani has more.


Why a rate hike?

Autorickshaws in the city recently went on strike to press their case for a hike in the minimum fare from Rs.12 to Rs.20. Srinivas Murthy, head of Autorickshaw Drivers’ Union cites rising costs of living as one reason. He spoke to Samuel Jacob.


Hebbal lake: whose space?

A recent study by a doctoral students at the National Institute of Advanced Studies in Bangalore suggests that Hebbal lake’s ‘development’ is against the idea of the city being a ‘melting pot’, because it cuts off access to several communities. Rajeev Yeshwanth has more.