Metro feeder services: 29 routes, 205 schedules, 3142 trips in all!


In view of the commencement of North-South Metro Rail line on 17.06.2017, BMTC announces the introduction of Metro Feeder Services from major stations of North-South Metro Corridor to different parts of the city.

Presently BMTC is operating 16 Metro Feeder routes with 85 schedules and 1224 trips connecting the Metro Stations of East-West (Byappanahalli to Nayandahalli) Corridor to different parts of the city.

BMTC has taken feedback from the public through its website, social media (Twitter, Face book) and other sources to introduce Metro Feeder Services from different parts of the city to Metro Stations of North-South (Nagasandra-Yelachenahalli) Corridor.

BMTC has made arrangements to introduce New Metro Feeder Services of 13 different routes with 1918 trips from various Metro stations in North-South Corridor. These will be started from 19 June 2017.

Thus BMTC will operate 29 Metro feeder routes with 205 schedules and 3142 trips (in total after these new introduction) to connect the major metro stations of East-West (Byappanahalli to Nayandahalli) and North-South (Nagasandra-Yelachenahalli) Corridor from different parts of the city.

Proposed Metro Feeder Routes for North South Corridor

1 Lalbagh Metro, National College, Nayandahalli Metro, Attiguppe Metro, Vijayanagara Metro MF-16 Shanthinagara TTMC Vijayanagara Lalbagh West Gate, RK Ashrama, Apex Bank, Avalahalli BDA Park, Girinagara Extension, Srividyanagara,Nayandahalli Metro Station, Attiguppe 13 178 10 14.5
2 Yelachenahalli Metro, Nayandahalli Metro MF-17 Gottigere Nayandahalli Metro Station Gottigere, Anjanapura 10th Block, Anjanapura, Konanakunte Cross, Yelachenahalli, ISRO Layout, Kumaraswamy Layout, Kattriguppe, PES College 15 154 10 18.0
3 South End Metro, Lalbagh Metro, Nayandahalli Metro MF-18 Jayanagara Bus Station Nayandahalli Metro Station South End Metro, Vijaya College, Lalbagh West Gate, Apex Bank, Muneshwara Block, Timber Yard Layout, MCTC 11 124 10 12.0
4 Yelachenahalli Metro, JP Nagar Metro MF-20 Hulimavu Village Hulimavu Village Meenakshi Temple, Depot-34, Jambusavari Dinne, Konanakunte Cross, Sarakki Signal, JP Nagara 6th Phase, Arakere Gate 6 178 10 17.0
5 Yelachenahalli Metro, JP Nagar Metro MF-21 Hulimavu Village Hulimavu Village Meenakshi Temple, B.K Circle, Kothanuru, Puttenahalli, JP Nagara 15th Cross, JP Nagara 6th Phase, Sarakki Signal, Yelachenahalli Metro, Konanakunte Cross, Jambusavari Dinne, Depot-34 Gate 7 178 10 18.5
6 Yelachenahalli Metro, JP Nagar Metro MF-21A Hulimavu Village Hulimavu Village Meenakshi Temple, Jambusavari Dinne, Konanakunte Cross, Yelachanahalli Metro, Sarakki Signal, JP Nagara 6th Phase, JP Nagara 15th Cross, Kothanuru, B.K.Circle, Meenakshi Temple 7 178 10 18.5
7 RV Road Metro, Banashankari Metro, Yelachenahalli Metro, JP Nagar Metro MF-22 Jayanagara Bus Station Narayananagara 3rd Phase Banashankari, Konanakunte Cross, Avalahalli BDA Layout 2 37 40 10.8
8 Jalahalli Metro Station. MF-23 Jalahalli Cross Metro Station Vidyaranyapura Ayyappa Temple, K.G.Halli, Gangamma Circle, Jalahalli East 6 180 10 7.9
9 Nagasandra Metro Station MF-28 Nagasandra Metro Station Chikkabanawara 8th Mail, Bagalugunte, 5 185 10 5.6
10 Nagasandra Metro Station MF-7 Nagasandra Metro Station Byadarahalli 8th Mail, Thigalarapalya, 7 76 10 10.8
11 Byappanahalli Metro Station M-8 Byappanahalli Metro Station Kanagiri kalyanagara, Babusapaly, B .Channaasandra, Binnaganahalli Bridge 6 90 10 8.8
12 Nagasandra Metro Station MF-26 Nagasandra Metro Station Nagasandra Metro Station 8th mile, thotaguddadahalli, Kuduregere, BIEC 9 210 10 12.4
13 Nagasandra Metro Station MF-27 Nagasandra Metro Station Kachohalli 8th mile, Thigalapalya, andralli 7 150 10 9.6
          TOTAL 101 1918    
Existing Routes To be Extend
1 Goraguntepaly Metro Station. MF-24 Goraguntepaly Metro Station. Nagawara ORR Jn BEL Circel, Hebbal 7 130 10 10.6
2 Goraguntepaly Metro Station. MF-25 Goraguntepaly Metro Station. Kodigehalli BEL Circel, Hebbal 7 130 10 10.2
          TOTAL 14 260    

Details of Metro Feeder Service as on 25 Apr 2017

1 S.V.Metro Stn, Baiyappanahalli Metro Stn MF-1 S.V. Road Metro Stn Whitefield TTMC Benniganahalli, Tin Factory, Mahadevpura, Garudacharpalya, Hoodi, Graphite India, 9 115 00:15 13.2
2 S.V.Metro Stn, Baiyappanahalli Metro Stn MF-1A S.V. Road Metro Stn S.V. Road Metro Stn Benniganahalli, Tin Factory, Mahadevapura, Doddnekkundhi Bridge, Marathahalli Bridge, Kundalahalli,, White Field TTMC, Hoodi, Garudacharpalya, K.R.Puram Rly Stn, Tin Factory, Byappanahallli Metro Station 10 56 00:15 29.7
3 S.V.Metro Stn, Baiyappanahalli Metro Stn V MF-1A S.V. Road Metro Stn S.V. Road Metro Stn Benniganahalli, Tin Factory, Mahadevapura, Doddnekkundhi Bridge, Marathahalli Bridge, Kundalahalli,, White Field TTMC, Hoodi, Garudacharpalya, K.R.Puram Rly Stn, Tin Factory, Byappanahallli Metro Station 6 30 00:30 29.7
4 S.V.Metro Stn, Baiyappanahalli Metro Stn VMF-1B S.V. Road Metro Stn Whitefield TTMC Benniganahalli, Tin Factory, Mahadevpura, Garudacharpalya, Hoodi, Graphite India, 6 128 00:15 13.2
5 S.V.Metro Stn, Baiyappanahalli Metro Stn MF-2 HAL Thambuchettypalya BEML Gate, BPH Metro Stn, Kasthurinagara, Bhuvanagiri, B.Channasandra Bridge, Kalkere Cross, Akshayanagar, Anandanagara 4 70 00:30 15.4
6 Baiyappanahalli Metro Stn MF-3 Byappanahalli Back Gate K.R.Puram Kasthurinagara, B.Channasandra Bridge, Ramamurthynagara, ITI Gate, 3 57 00:30 9.3
7 M.G.Road Metro Stn MF-4 Central Silk Board Kalyanagar KRM Water Tank, Inner Ring Road Bridge, Domluru,M.G.Road, Lingarajapura, Kalyana Nagara 1 6   26.0
8 S.V.Metro Stn, Indiranagara Metro Stn MF-5 Central Silk Board Old Baiyappanahalli Koramangala Water tank, Inner Ring Road, Domlur, Indiranagar Metro Station, SV Road Metro Station. 4 43 00:30 12.5
9 S.V.Metro Stn, Indiranagara Metro Stn MF-6 S.V. Road Metro Stn Central Silk Board Indiranagara Metro Stn, Domlur Bridge, Inner Ring road, KRM Water tank 11 204 00:10 9.7
10 Kempegowda Metro Stn, Manthri Mall Metro Stn MF-9 Manthrimall Metro Stn Kempegowda Metro Stn KBS 5 200 00:35 3.0
11 S.V.Metro Stn, Baiyappanahalli Metro Stn VMF-11 S.V. Road Metro Stn ITPL Mahadevpura, Garudacharpalya, ITPL 11 71 00:15 13.4
12 Vijayanagara, Attiguppe, Deepanjalinagara, Nayandanahalli Metro Station MF-12 Vijayanagar Metro Stn Banashankari Bus stand Attiguppe, Deepanjalinagara, Nayandanahalli Metro Station, PES College, Kadirenahalli Park 8 120 10-15 10.8
13 Vijayanagara Metro Station MF-13 Vijayanagar Metro Stn Vijayanagar Metro Stn Srinivasanagar, Kottigepalya,Sunkadakatte, “D” Group Lo, Hullalu, NBC, Chandra Layout 1 11 00:30 23.3
14 Vijayanagara Metro Station MF-13A Vijayanagar Metro Stn Vijayanagar Metro Stn Chandra Layout Layout, Hullalu, “D” Group Lo, Sunkadakatte, Malagala 2 21 00:20 23.3
15 Nayandanahalli Metro Statoin MF-14 Mysore road Bus stand Rajarajeshwari nagara (BEML 5th Stage) Nayandanahalli Metro Stn, RR Temple, 2 36 00:30 8.5
TOTAL 83 1168    

Shared by PRO, BMTC.

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  1. there is no feeder bus from nayandanahalli metro to bda complex nagarbhavi, deepa complex

  2. The metro feeder buses MF24 which plies for a short distance from Nagasandra metro station to Chikkabanavara is really not serving the actual purpose of the metro commuters..specially from Chikkabanavara to nagasandra..every time we board this feeder the conductors either make an announcement that 8th mile is the last stop or misguide the customer to get down in the middle of the road telling that it takes 5 kms round to the reach the metro..but are never really bothered abt the actual destination.Request the competent authorities to actually keep a check on this and resolve the issue at the earliest.Regards.

  3. there is no feeder service from delmia circle / Jp nagar 3rd PHase to JP Nagar or Banashankari. It helps lot of people travel on metro by avoiding traffic on jayanagar 4th block and other busy areas to reach Majestic and other parts near by Metro green line.

  4. Please provide metro feeder service from BSK 5th Stage (i.e. Mantri Alpyne) to Nayandahalli

  5. Sir,

    The existing MF-16 & MF 18 route to be modified. National college metro station no Metro feeder buses. We have to go to by walk to Ramakrishma Ashram or North road stop. Actually MF 16 AND MG 18 is there but all buses from Lalbhagh west gate to North road buses pass through FLYOVER. If MF-16 & MF.18 passes down it will be helpfull for Metro commuters. We can catch bus nr National college. Actualy BMTC official busstop is there [National High school stop]. Everyday we travelling from KR Puram to Kathriguppe By catching metro from Byappanahalli to National college.

    Kindly do the needful.

  6. There is no direct service from bilekahalli to banashankari/sarakki signal. If service is provided in the ring road it will help a lot of passenges

    • There is no feeder route passing through Bilekahalli connecting to any station on Metro Green line. This is very sad state of affairs of BMRC and BTMC.

  7. Kindly provide feeder buses from N.R.Colony, Thyagarajanagar(31E stop) to National college or South End circle stop, This will reduce traffic in and around Basavanagudi, NR colony and Thyagarajanagar.

  8. Hi, Feeder buses from Anjanapura to Yelachenahalli metro will be useful. I read here that MF-17 does not go to the Yelachenahalli metro station, which leaves us commuters the option to walk around 4 kms or take a cab which works out expensive. Request for the feeder bus to be made available.


    • What is the meaning of feeder service if it does not carry passengers till Metro station (Yelechenahalli)? Moreover Yelechenahalli is the terminal station of Green line as at present. Horrible!

  9. Please provide Metro feeder from Baiyappanahalli Metro Station to Manyatha Tech park / Hebbal , so that many IT people will stop using Cars /2 Wheelers to Office, which will help to connect better.

  10. The fact that you have published something about metro-feeder routes now tells us something – the burra-sahibs at BMTC were asleep and now decided to create some noise about transport. Similarly, the BMRCL is toeing the BMTC line running only 3 coaches at a time and making sure that the metro is jam packed – surely this must be a directive from the top. What were they doing? Could they not predict that there would be a huge demand? Yes any fool could see that there would be a huge demand, but they wanted to make sure that the BMRCL would not provide public transport in keeping with the ministry’s commandment “no efficient public at any cost”. This is why our wise netas kept the metro away for decades and now ensured that it would remain crippled forever.

  11. Start a Feeder service from Nayandahalli to Nayandahalli covering Rajarajeswari Nagar kengeri Uttarahalli vasanthapura Konanankunte cross Yelechenalli banashankari devegowda kathriguppe and Nayandahalli and reverse direction.

  12. There is no Metro feeder Service from old Airport road , Manipal Hospital , Jeevan Bhima Nagar main Road etc .

  13. I was so excited that MF-17 connects ISRO Layout to Yelachenahalli Metro. I got into one today that came from Kumaraswamy Layout and I was surprised when the conductor said that the bus wont go to Yelachenahalli but will go directly to Konanakunte cross and onward to Anjanapura. I think communication is yet to percolate to these guys, but I thought “Metro Feeder” was obvious enough to include a metro station on the route.

    • Yes, I too agree. Feeder service without connecting metro station is joke. Yesterday I also experienced the same ,moreover Kunanakunte cross is a messy place.this could have been avoided with a proper planning like under pass which will ensure smooth flow of traffic during peak hours, this could have been done before taking up metro expansion to AOL. Also, in future this junction will bring nightmares esp.once Forum mall opens to public…

  14. There is no feeder service bus from Jigani APC circle, Bomasandra, chandapura, anekal. Suggesting to arrange the same as it will cover almost 25% south Bangalore to Metro. This will reduce the traffic to Bannerghatta road as well as Madiwala junction.

  15. There are no feeder services from Basaveshwarnagar to Vijaynagar metro station or to Rajajinagar metro station. I suggest that BMTC may run a service connecting Vijaynagar Metro station to Rajajinagar metro station via basaveshwarnagar and Chord road in a ring route. It will also benefit people staying in parts of Rajajinagar and Chord Road apart from residents of Basaveshwarnagar. This route will touch 3 metro stations ie., Rajajinagar,Hosahalli and Vijaynagar. It will also link both the Green and Purple lines of Metro.

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