Manage your daily life in a smart way

With step-by-step guides for essential procedures like buying property, paying taxes, getting khatas, ID cards, driving licenses, etc. along with tips for saving water, saving fuel, and time-saving tips for various city tasks.

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Living in Bengaluru 2.0 replaces Living in Bengaluru’s first edition released in 2012.
20 chapters are revised and 5 new chapters added. Thank you Bangaloreans for your overwhelming response to our first guidebook. We hope you will like 2.0 too!

This is one book that you will open if not everyday, at least once a week, for your needs and requirements.This is a holistic book and I sincerely recommend this book.

Justice Santosh Hegde
Former Lokayukta and Supreme Court Judge

T V Mohandas Pai,
Chairman, Manipal Global Education Services

For the first time citizenship has been made the centre piece and focus in a publication about Bengaluru. This is a very welcome book, long overdue, which should be a prized possession of every citizen of this great city.

Rajeev Gowda
Professor of Public Policy, Indian Institute of Management, Bangalore

Living in Bengaluru is truly an information-packed handbook that empowers citizens. It brings transparency to opaque governmental systems that frustrate us.

R K Misra
Member, ABIDe task force for Bengaluru and urban reforms campaigner

Citizen Matters, true to its charter has once again published a wonderful little treasure – a DIY guide for Bangaloreans to make their daily lives hassle free. It is a timely and useful tool for citizens of this megapolis of Bangalore, where even routine civic issues and administrative procedures can get frustrating. Congratulations CM for helping Bangaloreans!

2014-15 edition Living in Bengaluru


  • Public Services

  • Property matters

  • Apartment management

  • Voting

  • Driving smart and safe

  • Getting around town By bus

  • Schooling

  • Safety and security

  • Staying healthy

  • Smart living, greener life

  • Appendices



Arathi Manay Yajaman, Ashish Nair, D R Prakash, Chitra Aiyer, Meera Iyer, Meera K, Navya D’Souza, Navya P K, Prashant Kamat, Priyanjali Ghose, Priya Mulgund Revankar, Pushpa Achanta, Reshmi Chakraborty, Sanjay Vijayaraghavan, Siri Srinivas, Supriya Khandekar, Vaishnavi Vittal, Salonie Rego, Maitreyi Ananth, Gaana Srinivas, Nagashree Gururaj, Vatsala Dhananjay, Vinita Suryanarayanan, Poornima Dasharathi, Arpana H. S., Gangamma Madappa, Nikita Malusare, S. Srinivasan, Shree D. N, Prajwala Hegde, Josephine Joseph, Aditi Ramalingam, Radhika P, Vishwanatha Mallampooty, Illustrations by C R Sridhar

2014-15 edition Living in Bengaluru

Public Services

  • Obtaining birth and death certificates in Bengaluru+
  • Obtaining a Passport New

Property matters

  • ABCs of property papers+
  • Getting your Khata in Bengaluru+
  • Khata guide for apartments+
  • Twelve dos and don’ts of property purchases
  • A guideline for payment of property tax for the year 2014-15New
  • The Property Card: what you need to know+

Apartment management

  • The apartment law you must know+
  • Fire safety norms for high-rise apartments
  • Before the builder hands over+


  • Registering on the voter rolls+

Driving smart and safe

  • Drivers license: The dos and don’ts+
  • How to re-register your vehicle in Bengaluru New
  • All about traffic violations and fines
  • 8 tips to reduce fuel expenses!
  • Accidents: What should you do?

Getting around town By bus

  • Understanding BMTC bus services
  • All about BMTC bus passes+


  • Which school board for your child?+

Safety and security

  • Police essentials: How to file an FIR+
  • Helplines and support for women+
  • Guide to help children in distress
  • Helplines and support for children+

Staying healthy

  • Protection from deadly fevers
  • A quick guide to detecting food adulteration+
  • Fitness: Go hit the gym, but the right one
  • Blood banks and donors in Bengaluru New

Smart living, greener life

  • Recycling & eco-friendly waste management+
  • Water saving tips


  • Places of Interest+
  • Power failure in Bengaluru: Whom do I call? New


  • BBMP Zonal Offices+
  • BBMP Citizen Services Centres+
  • BBMP Control Room Phone Numbers+
  • BBMP Councillors Phone numbers+
  • Sub-Registrars Bengaluru+
  • Regional Transport Offices (RTOs), Bengaluru
  • All about Bangalore One Centres New
  • Aadhaar: A brief status New


+ : Updated | New : New chapter

Jessie Paul
Marketing expert and CEO, Paul Writer

Written in a concise, factual manner, this book guides you through everyday transactions like getting a driving license, choosing the right school board or filing your property taxes. It’s like having a lawyer and chartered accountant on call, any time you want. This book cuts through the clutter to deliver simple how-tos. An ideal book for every Bangalorean, I suggest that no home should be without a copy.

S Mukunda
President, Citizens’ Action Forum, Bangalore

Living in Bengaluru is an extremely useful book for the citizens of Bangalore. It gives the citizens, a bird’s eye view of the procedural formalities that one has to observe while getting the desired services. This is a long felt need and it will help citizens save time and effort. I welcome this effort from Citizen Matters.

Sakuntala Narasimhan
Writer, musician and consumer activist

A very nice and useful compendium, listing information that would be invaluable for citizens, who would like to help improve the functioning of various service providers, but do not know whom to contact and where to complain. Each city must have a resourceful tool like this. Kudos to Citizen Matters for putting this together.

Vasundhara Das
Singer and actor

This guide to how citizens can navigate government paperwork and bureaucracy for various purposes will give great relief to many – especially in a system like ours, where the convenience of the citizen is not a priority. The insight with which this book has been put together is testimony to the similar situations we all face on a day-to-day basis and answers almost all questions we have all wanted to ask at some point or another.


The Living in Bengaluru guidebook is a compilation of writing by Citizen Matters’ journalists and expert practitioners. For the second edition, Citizen Matters revised and updated many of the chapters and added several new chapters.  The Living in Bengaluru guidebook series is partly based on articles that Bangalorean journalists and citizens originally wrote for the Citizen Matters newsmagazine. Timelyedit, a Bangalore-based firm edited both versions of this guidebook.

First edition

  • Arathi Manay Yajaman
  • Ashish Nair
  • D R Prakash
  • Chitra Aiyer
  • Meera Iyer
  • Meera K
  • Navya D’Souza
  • Navya P K
  • Vaishnavi Vittal
  • Prashant Kamat
  • Priyanjali Ghose
  • Priya Mulgund Revankar
  • Pushpa Achanta
  • Reshmi Chakraborty
  • Sanjay Vijayaraghavan
  • Siri Srinivas

  • Supriya Khandekar
  • Salonie Rego
  • Maitreyi Ananth
  • Gaana Srinivas
  • Nagashree Gururaj
  • Vatsala Dhananjay
  • Vinita Suryanarayanan
  • Poornima Dasharathi
  • Illustrations by C R Sridhar
Second edition

  • Arpana H. S.
  • Gangamma Madappa
  • Nikita Malusare
  • S. Srinivasan
  • Shree D. N


  • Prajwala Hegde
  • Arpana H S
  • Shree D N
  • Arathi Manay Yajaman
  • Josephine Joseph
  • Aditi Ramalingam
  • Radhika P
  • Vishwanatha Mallampooty

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