Podcast Trailer: Lessons from Bengaluru

podcast series on citizen activism

‘Lessons from Bengaluru’ is a special, limited-series podcast from Citizen Matters, exploring four different issues that Bengaluru faces and what citizens have been doing about those.

The city, in the last few decades, has seen a new phenomenon in urban governance. Its rapid development has rendered existing modes of governance ineffective, and numerous citizen groups have emerged, aiming to bridge this gap. Bengaluru is a unique city where such citizen groups are more active and have engaged with matters ranging from misallocation of funds to environmental causes. This, in turn, has engaged a larger number of people in policy discourse. 

In this podcast series, ‘DD’ Grace Madigan, an intern with Citizen Matters from June – October 2019, explores four pressing issues the city is facing, and talks to citizens who are actively working to solve these. These explorations have presented us ‘Lessons from Bengaluru’, which cities around the world can learn from.

Find the full podcast series here.

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About Grace Madigan 12 Articles
Grace Madigan was an intern from Seattle, Washington. You can follow her @grace_madigan19.