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Call for Entries for the 5th Edition of the Southern Region Laadli Media and Advertising Awards for Gender Sensitivity 2012-13
Population First , a Mumbai based NGO working on health, gender and population invites  media and advertising professionals to send in their entries for the 5th Edition of the Southern Region Laadli Media and Advertising Awards for Gender Sensitivity 2012-13 . The Awards have been instituted in association with UNFPA to acknowledge, highlight and celebrate the commendable efforts undertaken by Print and Electronic media (TV, Radio and Web) and Advertising, to support gender-just perspectives.
Entries are invited from:
1.Print Media: News features, investigative reports, human interest stories, articles, editorials, op-eds, columns and campaigns
2.Electronic Media: From TV channels and Radio Stations – News features, documentaries, radio plays, topical or issue based programme
3.Web: E-magazines, blogs, features, web-groups, social media campaigns
4.Advertising: Print/TV/ Radio/OOH/Digital/ Direct Mail Ads and jingles from advertising agencies for products, services and public service announcements
Languages:  English, Hindi, Urdu, Kannada, Tamil, Malayalam & Telugu
Criteria for eligibility:  Entries should emphasise one of the following:
a) The value of the girl child and women in Indian society,
b) Highlight influence of gender perceptions on the functioning of police, judiciary, administrators and other service providers in the implementation of laws and programmes
c) Challenge gender stereo-types by focusing on men and women who are redefining their gender equations- e.g. Changing work participation patterns of men and women, changing work distribution at home between men and women etc
a)Analyze policies, programmes and laws and social, economic and political developments that from a gender perspective  
d) Focus on factors contributing to gender inequality and violence,
e) Report on current events from a gender perspective – e.g. disasters, communal riots, elections, sports events etc
f) Create awareness on pre-birth sex selection, gender discrimination , influence of gender perceptions on the functioning of service providers in the implementation of laws and programmes, survivors of gender violence, etc.
g) Interpret research and other reports/documents from a gender perspective – e.g. census, economic survey, budgets etc
h) Voice the experiences of survivors of gender violence .
Entry requirements:  All entries should have been published/displayed/broadcast/telecast between January 1, 2012 and June 30, 2013
Last date for sending entries: September 15, 2013
Multiple entries are welcome. Entry forms can be downloaded from: http//:www.populationfirst.org/             
For Kannada and English enquiries contact: Call Karnataka Coordinator at 94483 63336 or email laadlikarnataka@yahoo.in
This writeup is published in Citizen Matters through ‘Msg Forward,’ a service that allows citizens and organisations to issue announcements to the public. The content has been provided by Susheela Nair, Karnataka Coordinator for Population 1st, and published as-is.

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