Normal life likely to be hit due to Karnataka bandh on Saturday

Update: Click here for the details of the bandh on September 26th 2015.

Normal life in Bengaluru city and other parts of the state is likely to be affected as pro-Kannada organisations have called for a 6 am to 6 pm bandh on Saturday April 18th 2015. The bandh has been called to protest against the Tamil Nadu government’s opposition to the Mekedatu project.

Kannada Okkuta President Vatal Nagaraj told Citizen Matters that around 620 organisations including government employees, auto and truck drivers’ unions, trade unions, advocates associations have expressed their support to the bandh. All offices and shops will remain closed except medical stores. Vehicular movement too will be barred except emergency services.

“We will stage peaceful protests and distribute pamphlets in various parts of the city to mark the bandh. We are confident that the bandh will be total and peaceful,” he said.

Nagaraj also blamed Tamil Nadu government for creating unnecessary controversy over the Mekedatu project. The construction of a dam over Mekedatu across River Cauvery is expected to address drinking water and power generation issues of Karnataka.

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  1. Seems easy to whip up emotions over some issues that no doubt affect many, but I doubt it has anything to do with Karnataka/Kannadiga/TamilNadu/Tamilian – you local manipulator wants to create problems for all to make you believe he is doing something for you, while he is quietly “feathering his nest” making you suffer. One commenter named Hoysala,Madakari Nayaka,Obava… Either he is one of the manipulators or is a victim of the manipulators – just because you sit on this side of the line called the border things do not change. These manipulators are the successors to the british that created the “enemy” pakistan – now you want to die fighting your brothers on the other side of the line? Take a hint – do what is done in a civilized country – negotiate a deal like a businessman for maximum benefit to all humans. IF YOU DONT WANT TO DO THAT GET OUT OF OUR COUNTRY/PLANET

  2. Not sure how will this help the cause, I see more difficulties for the common citizens of the state. The ordinary citizens will have to forego there livelihood for a day. Perhaps a healthy and cordial discussion with the affected parties would serve better purpose.

  3. dear my brothers and sisters karnataka bundh means something meaningful is happening for us development dam is very very importantthen our water supply will be good we want something this should open we should all be one tommorow date 18-april-2015

  4. plesae every road every street should support this bundh including bundh
    karnastaka should have a solid foundatipon then the bundh will occur 100percent vote for bundh vote for bundh vote for bundh vote for bundh vote for bundh

  5. Bandhs serve no purpose except inconveniencing general public. There are ways to protest peacefully by holding seminars, public debate, signature drive, submitting memoranda etc. What is the use of putting people to hardship already suffering from water shortage?

  6. I am travelling with my family tomorrow, not sure if cabs or auto or BMTC busses will be there. I need to reach Majestic by 4.30 .

  7. Speaking as a Kannadiga, I have to say that these “pro-kannada” organisations do us and our reputation more harm than good. When our beloved Dr Rajkumar (may he rest in peace!) passed away, we all should remember how some of his “fans” behaved and brought shame to us all.

    Here is hoping that this new pointless bandh does not result in the chaos like last time.

    As others here have rightly said, let TN protest, why should we hurt ourselves?

    Very sad and disappointing.

    thank you

    S.N. Murthy

  8. We need to support a peaceful bandh from each and every corner of Karnataka.Even in the Bandh they are giving some exemptions.We should not show our cowardness in this type of issues.

    Because of this type of cowardliness attitude,locals are being deprived of there rights in there own land (Jobs in the Private,Government sectors..and there are just limited to the Group-D job after getting privileges from us like concession in Taxes,taking our Farmers Land).

    This bundh should be a very big successful and also we know about our Judiciary system and how long it will be dragged, we also know that justice will be delayed but not denied until then we should not sit like coward.

    We are kannadigas,It is the land where Hoysala,Madakari Nayaka,Obava and many more was born and we will follow there foot steps….

    Jai Bhuvaneshwari..Jai Karnataka..

  9. Bundh in Karnataka will provide a boost to TN besides hampering our own activities, causing inconvenience and loss of income to our own state. We don’t need permission of TN to build a dam in our state. If they hinder the construction, they should be replied legally.

  10. It is very strange! The river is within our State, the area of construction of Dam is also within Karnataka. Let the Tamil Nadu people protest. Why should we hold a bandh. We can very well go ahead with the construction of Dam. Mr. Ganesh has rightly put it his views. It is sheer waste of human energy and inconveniencing the general public. We should ignore the protests of Tamil Nadu and go ahead with our project. Why this bunch.

  11. I am travelling to chennai on 17th night . I actually need to be there only on 18th by 11.00 but hopefully 17th night travel will be peaceful

  12. Yes, to me it sounds like me stopping my family from drinking water because my neighbour is against me digging a well within my compound 🙂

  13. Proposed bundh on 18th of April will be punishment for the KPSC Aspirants who have to write the KPSC Gazetted Prob. Preliminary examination on 19th of April. So…. pro-Kannada activists wants to trouble the candidates coming from different districts to KPSC exam centres…. Kindly postpone the KARNATAKA BUNDH PROTEST,,, TO NEXT WEEK.

  14. So these pro-Kannada organizations want to punish their own people to protest againt Tamil Nadu’s govt’s actions?

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