Is Metro realignment the only alternative?

Metro Phase-I has not completed, but the plans for Phase-II have already begun. File Pic.

The new alignment near Jayadeva Hospital has caused panic among residents that many residential properties and commercial buildings on Bannerghatta Road would be demolished.

Here are some thoughts on this.

  1. Why public consultation with residents, experts,users ,metro officials and elected representatives is not being held on pros and cons, alternative routes etc, like the public consultation held by Additional Chief Secretary regarding Signal-free corridor of Koramangala? The project was scrapped unanimously by all stakeholders on direction of the High Court, based on the PIL filed by Citizen Action Forum and other Resident’s Welfare Associations.
  2. While the Metro is passing via Vani Vilas hospital and Bangalore Hospital, R V Road where similar surgeries are conducted, how the vibration will affect the patients in only Jayadeva?
  3. Instead of demolishing many other buildings by realigning the path, why Jayadeva can’t be shifted to Jayanagar General Hospital premises by constructing additional floors or build it on Jayanagar 4th T block bus depot?
  4. Alternatively multilocational Jayadeva Hospitals can be constructed across Bangalore.
  5. It is more easy to demolish a residential or private building rather than a government-owned building
  6. When Phase-I Metro is not completed in R V Road, why should the government think of Phase-II?
  7. Why underground metro or monorail or running of more BMTC buses cannot be considered instead of demolishing properties?
  8. A committee of residents, Metro, Jayadeva, elected representatives and experts should be constituted to look for practical alternative.
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N Mukund is member, executive committee, Jayanagar 5th Block Residents Welfare Association.

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  1. Dedicated Bus Lanes and Commuter Rail is an alternative to Metro, whereas people are not ready for the Dedicated Bus Lanes to sacrifice a lane, nor want to travel in unattractive IR trains.

    People do not support once such idea is proposed rather only when their properties are going away alternative ideas come to their mind.

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