International Women’s days bring no relief for these workers

RJ Shruti was at the BBMP Head Office at Corporation Circle, the venue of the Pourakarmika strike, on Women’s Day this year. The ‘temporary’ Mahila Powrakarmikas are currently taken on through a contract system and do not get any of the crucial benefits that ‘permanent’ workers get including the notified minimum wage of Rs. 14,040 per month. They are currently being paid in the range of Rs. 3000 to Rs. 6000 per month while also not getting any weekly or festival offs. The promises made by the government last year in this regard are yet to be implemented at ground level. One of the demands is that the Government should abolish the contract system. The women powrakarmikas on strike came from different parts of Bangalore. The workers share their woes on radio, some also talk about their aspirations for their children. The protest included songs and speeches by the workers. Students and activists too joined in the protest.


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