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Incumbent MLA: M Krishnappa

List of Candidates, 2018

M Krishnappa

Party: Indian National Congress

  • Family: Wife, 3 dependants
  • Educational Qualification: B.Sc
  • Profession: Business and Agriculturist
  • Social Media:
  • Number of Pending Criminal Cases: NIL
  • Net Worth:
    • IT Returns: Self- 1.59 cr, Spouse- 1.87 cr
    • Movable Assets: Self-48.75 Cr Spouse- 24.08 cr
    • Immovable Assets: Self-77 cr, Spouse- 85 cr
    • Liabilities: NIL
H Ravindra

Party: Bharatiya Janata Party

  • Family: Wife, 1 child, 2 dependants
  • Educational Qualification: BA
  • Profession: Private Business
  • Number of Pending Criminal Cases:
  • Net Worth:
    • IT Returns: Self-1.82Lacs
    • Movable Assets: Self-30.73Lacs, Spouse-1.02Lacs
    • Immovable Assets: Self-85.54Lacs, Spouse-50Lacs, Son-20Lacs
    • Liabilities: NIL
Paramashiva N E

Party: Janata Dal (Secular)

  • Family: Wife
  • Educational Qualification: PUC
  • Profession: Owner of Shiva Marble, Granite and Land Development
  • Social Media:
    • Facebook:
  • Number of Pending Criminal Cases: NIL
  • Net Worth:
    • IT Returns: Self-5.92Lacs, Spouse-4.01Lacs
    • Movable Assets:Self-10.21Lacs, Spouse-11.80Lacs
    • Immovable Assets: Self-16Lacs
    • Liabilities: NIL

Full list of candidates:

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Previous Results:

2013 candidates Party Votes Age Vote Share%
M.Krishnappa INC 76891 61 57.73%
V. Somanna BJP 44249 61 33.22%
B.S Kanyakumari JD(S) 4253 56 3.19%
B.S Vagesh Prasad KJP 1791 51 1.34%
M. Mukunda IND 819 63 0.61%


2008 candidates Party Votes Age Vote Share %
M.Krishnappa INC 70457 56 64.43%
Pramila Nesargi BJP 31832 70 29.11%
Indira Jayaram JD(S) 4870 50 4.45%
M.N Sriram IND 766 46 0.7%
S.Gangamma SUP 414 50 0.38%

Citizen Demands

About the Constituency:

[flexiblemap src=”” width=”100%” height=”400px” ]

Vijayanagar Constituency is the northernmost area in south Bangalore. The name is a legacy of the Vijayanagara empire of the 15th and 16th centuries. This constituency is surrounded by Mysore Road and Magadi Road, while Chord Road runs through it. Vijayanagar comprises Kempapura Agrahara, Vijayanagar, Hosahalli, Athiguppe, Hampinagar, Bapujinagar, Gali Anjaneya Temple and Deepanjalinagar wards.

The problems in this area are like those in other constituencies, including congested roads, heavy traffic, lack of street lights and flooded low-lying areas during the rains. Other issues are open drains, potholed roads and poor garbage management.

The Vrishabhavathi river as well as its tributaries are considered to be “a nuisance” here. Over the years, they are being viewed at as sewerage points. Residents here also complain that there is no general hospital and very few primary health centres, so they are forced to travel long distances for hospital service.

  • The number of votes in 2008: 1,09,616
  • The number of votes in 2013: 1,33,256.
  • The total number of registered voters currently: 220653.
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