All you need to know about Ward 80 – Hoysala Nagar

80 – Hoysala Nagar


Garbage seems to be the greatest problem in Hoysalanagar ward. The area has a metro line. There are no descriptions available for many jobcodes for which money has been paid. Here is more information on Hoysala Nagar ward.

MLA (2013): S Raghu (BJP), C.V. Ramannagar (SC)
MP (2014): P C Mohan (BJP), Bangalore Central

BBMP 2010

Corporator: Savitha Ramesh (BJP)
#12, Hale Binnamangala, Indiranagar, Bangalore-38. Ph: 9448840709
Reservation: SC

Winner’s percentage: 14.7
Winner’s margin: 847
Total votes polled: 12722
Total voters: 29038

BBMP 2015

Total voters: 31862
Male: 15864
Female: 15989
Others: 15

Reserved: General

Contesting Candidates

BJP: BM Somu
INC: Lakshmi Venkatesh
JDS: Raghunanda
K Shanmugam
Anand Kumar S


  • Population (2011): 35228
  • Households: 8877
  • Area: 2.1 sq km

Civic Amenities/Infrastructure

  • Road length: 664 km
  • Lakes: , Total area: 0 sq km
  • Parks: 17, Total area: 6.8 sq km
  • Playgrounds: 4, Total area: 3.2 sq km

Active citizen groups/RWAs

  • BM Kaval Residents Welfare Association 
  • Indiranagar 2nd Stage League
  • Defence Colony Residents Welfare Association (DECORA)


If you represent any RWA from this area, please click here and fill your info. It will be added to this space after verification.

More information on candidates

No candidates have filled the information collection form so far. If you know anyone contesting, do ask them to fill the Candidate Information Form as soon as possible.

How was the money spent? Tenders, job codes, bills:

  • Click on the sections corresponding to complaints, tenders and bills, to get a feel of what are the problems, what is being addressed, how much money is being spent, and is it really happening on ground.
  • Scroll using your arrow keys to see the details within the sections.

Click here to view the raw data.

What’s bothering the residents? Complaints represented in a wordcloud


Data Courtesy

BBMP, Janaagraha, BBMP Restructuring Committee website

Disclaimer: This data is an extract; it is not complete, and not verified independently. It is not from the entire tenure of BBMP council 2010-15.

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