In pictures: School children step up to #SaveWhitefield

What goes missing in most of the conversation around the issues with infrastructure in Bengaluru, is the impact it has on children.

The school transportation system in the Whitefield area has taken a big hit. Children travel for several hours to cover a short distance. They are unable to reach their respective classes on time. Some of them miss the first class at school, some others try to save time by skipping breakfast. Due to the exposure to the dust during their commute, they are prone to developing respiratory problems. The bumpy rides take a toll on their slender spine. School authorities also say they are too tired and weak to learn anything.

And the reason? Bad roads!

When children are given a voice, they will speak up against the injustice meted out to them. And no finer example of it than at the #SaveWhitefield protest which took place on November 30th.

Children from schools like Little Elly, Glentree academy, Global Art, Oakridge International, Delhi Public School, Gopalan International School, Holy Cross School and Inventure Academy showed their solidarity by creating and exhibiting art and placards.

Some of the drawings by the children

Children at their schools

Participating in the protest

Will the Bengaluru government take the necessary steps to better the roads for the young ones at Whitefield?

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  1. Using children for protests is unethical immoral and shameless. Poor parenting skills are supplemented by errant teachers who know very little about education. Indeed residents of world’s richest GHETTO are bankrupt of ideas.

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