Sanjaynagar demands walkable footpaths for all


Sanjaynagar Main Road is a key commercial road which has a lot of shops and is the lifeline of
commerce for the wards 18, 19, 20 and 35. It has been found that the road has no footpath/sidewalk. It has only drain covers on which people walk. These drain covers are inadequate to provide a safe and continous walking experience. It is unsafe for people especially senior citizens and children.

Many people have been hurt on this road by being forced to walk on the road and interfere with the traffic or falling because of bad quality of the surface.

The residents of this ward in association with Citizens For Sustainability (CiFoS), Directorate of Urban Land Transport (DULT) and BBMP have set out to improve walkability to reduce injuries and allow better walking experience. The road widths were made uniform as per maximum allowable Indian Roads Congress (IRC) standards, so traffic can flow smoothly. The new design will allow for removal of encroachment of the footpath by provisioning separate spaces for vending, drop off, loading/unloading, parking etc.

A model stretch of footpath has been built by the contractor to show how a smooth interruption free footpath can enable a safer experience for both traffic and pedestrians. Kerbstones have been placed between IAF gate and Gedlahalli temple as per the new design for more than a month to show how the traffic will be smoother after the redesign. The pilot has been working extremely well so far, and we need your support to ensure the project is completed successfully.

We need your help to participate in the “Adjust Beda! Footpath Beku!” campaign, which is a peaceful Human Chain from Radhakrishna Temple along the road. This event is on December 10th Sunday, 9.30am, to show the authorities why a safer, cleaner and upgraded Sanjaynagar Main Road is important to you. This is your chance to be a part of the development that is sweeping the nation and show you care; or we will forever be saddled with inferior infrastructure in the name of development.

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