How to re-register your vehicle in Bangalore

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Namma Bengaluru is home to people from across the country. While a good number of people depend on public transport or company-arranged travel to commute around the city, there’s likely to be an equal number driving around in their own vehicles. Given the fact that Bangalore has a sizable migrant population, there are many vehicles from other states entering the city now and again.

Getting your own vehicle from your home state is perfectly all right, provided all your documents are in place, you get the vehicle  re-registered in Karnataka and pay the prescribed tax.

The Karnataka Motor Vehicles Act 1957 makes it mandatory for all vehicle owners to change their address to a local address within 30 days from the day the vehicle enters a city, followed by a change in the registration number/number plate.

Procedure for re-registering a vehicle

Step one: In your home state

You will need to procure two documents from your home state, where your vehicle has been previously registered:

1) Police report from any police station at your hometown to  authenticate your records.

2) No Objection Certificate (NOC) from the original Registered Transport Office (Transferor) in CMV Form 28.

Step Two: In Karnataka

Approach your area’s concerned Regional Transport Office (RTO) office. Here you are required to submit the following documents. Those items that are starred (*) are compulsory.

  • NOC in the CMV Form 28 or a postal acknowledgment that states that you have applied for the issue of NOC with the registering authority (in quadruplicate) *

  • CMV Form 27 – Application for Karnataka Registration Mark *

  • CMV Form 33  – Change of Address  (will cost around Rs 300) *

  • KMV Form 27 – Intimation of Migration *

  • State Crime Record Bureau (SCRB) report – can be obtained from 7th Floor, MS Building, KR Circle and costs about Rs 20 *

  • RC book

  • Tax card with proof of payment of tax

  • Vehicle Insurance Certificate

  • Pollution Under Control (PUC) Certificate

  • Consent of financier (if applicable)

  • Fitness Certificate and permit in case of transport vehicle

  • Purchase invoice (for RTO to arrive at tax amount) *

  • Three passport size photographs

  • ID Proof of applicant (Pan card/Voter ID card/Passport ID/Ration card) *

  • Present Address Proof (Rental agreement, Employee contract letter) *

  • Electricity or telephone bill of local premises

  • Self addressed postal envelope with adequate stampage (for RTO to mail documents)

  • Form KMV 14  – Payment of Tax (this will be given to you once you submit all the documents over the counter)

  • Demand Draft for tax amount to be paid in favour of Regional Transport Officer (Cash payment can be made for tax amount up to Rs 3000)

In case the vehicle has not been inspected earlier, the RTO may ask to produce it for inspection as well.

The forms above can be obtained from the RTO office or can be downloaded online free of cost. There are typically several shops near the RTO office which sell the form as well.

How long will the re-registration take?

The RTO website mentions that the new registration mark will be assigned on verification of application and documents and have stated that the documents will be delivered in two days time. A post on on the re-registering process  stated that it while the website stipulated two days for processing the documents, in reality it could take 15 to 20 days. In case the applicant does not receive the documents within that time, he could go to the RTO to figure out the status of application.

D R Prakash, a social service activist and member of Osborne Road Area Resident Welfare Association says that while the change in address takes place with immediate effect, the re-registration will happen only on receipt of COA (Confirmation of Authenticity) from the previous registering authority. Sometimes there is delay in the process, and this might take a few months,  but it will not exceed 11 months.

He adds, “A vehicle can run for a maximum period of one year in another state with the old number, from the date of entry into the state. If COA is not obtained even within the stipulated period, the registration will stand invalid and vehicle will be liable for seizure.”

How much tax are you liable to pay?

For re-registration of your vehicle in the state that you migrate to, you need to pay Lifetime Tax. It is referred to as LTT as the life of a vehicle is considered to be 15 years. This was also earlier referred to as Road Tax in the late 1980s, where it was being collected once a year. The RTO found out that it was losing out on income as a result of tax evasion and implemented payment of tax at one shot in the form on Lifetime Tax.

D R Prakash, adds, “LTT is calculated on the basis of invoice value and age of the vehicle. In absence of the invoice, the current value of the vehicle is considered for deriving the quantum of tax. However, it is advisable to submit your invoice while paying LTT.”

As per Part A1 and A5 of CMV Act, the LTT tax is applicable as follows:

A vehicle is considered as new for first two years from the date of purchase mentioned in purchase invoice. The older the vehicle, the lesser the road tax one needs to pay, as the value of the vehicle depreciates.

Other payments applicable:

Payment of the tax must be made across the counter in cash and a receipt will be provided immediately. This is applicable for cases where the tax amount is below Rs 3,000. If the tax amount exceeds Rs 3000, a demand draft must be drawn in favour of the “Regional Transport Officer”.

For change of address within 30 days from the date of change in residence, the applicant is required to pay Rs. 20. In case of delay, Rs 100 needs to be paid.

Issue, renewal of RC or assignment of new registration mark costs Rs 60 for motorcycles and Rs 200 for light motor vehicles used for non-transport purposes.

In the State Budget for 2013 – 2014, provisions had been made to introduce an electronic payment facility in order for people to make the payment of tax and fees without visiting the Regional Transport Offices. This is yet to be implemented.

As per the State Budget for 2014-12014, amendments to the Motor Vehicle Act, to prevent vehicles registered in other states, from plying  in Karnataka without paying the LTT have also been suggested.  

Obtaining a NOC from the previous RTO

To obtain an NOC from the previous registering authority (transferor), the applicant must apply with CMV Form 28 (in quadruplicate). The NOC must then be submitted at the RTO in Karnataka for re-registration. 

If the previous registering authority fails to provide an NOC even after 30 days from the date of application, you can legally apply for a new registration number in Karnataka (the state that you have moved to). For this, you must provide a copy of the Form 28 that has been submitted with the previous registering authority, a postal acknowledgement of the same (For e.g. registered post receipt), and a declaration with the following statement, ‘The application for NOC has neither been rejected nor any reply received from the previous registering authority’. This needs to be submitted to the registering authority in Karnataka and signifies that the original authority has no problem with you applying for a new registration number.

Verification of documents

  • The registered owner will be required to be present along with the vehicle at the time of inspection .
  • The required documents are to be produced along with challans for verification in front of the Superintendent . These papers are required to be submitted at the inward counter and an acknowledgement can be obtained for the same.
  • New registration number will sent by post
  • New registration number or “Mark Card” will be issued by post. To get  this  applicants need to submit a self addressed, secured envelope (light green with cloth lining) with adequate stampage).
  • Once the RTO office verifies the documents submitted, a new registration number will be issued in 15 days.

What if you are caught without re-registration?

When you are pulled up by the Traffic Enforcement Authority, you can show the acknowledgement issued by RTO; this will prove that you have applied for the registration.

If you have not applied for re-registration, you will be penalised as per the rule under Section 44 read with Section 177 of the Motor Vehicle Act, which states that failure to register the vehicle for more than 12 months, can lead to penalty of Rs 100 for the first offense and Rs 300 for the second and any subsequent offences.   This is in addition to the tax that needs to have been paid from the vehicle’s time of entry, along with interest.


On receiving new registration number, you can apply for refund of Life Time Tax to the original RTO office in the state which you have migrated from. Here, the sooner you apply, the higher the refund you will get. The refund amount can be ascertained here.

For application of refunds from the Karnataka RTO, click here.

Also read: Non-KA vehicle owners want road tax rules changed

Additional resources:

RTO office timings: 10 am to 1:30 pm and 2:30 pm to 5 pm

Cash transactions : Only between 10 am to 2:30 pm

Forms pertaining to vehicle registrations and related services

A migrant from Gurgaon shares his experience of re-registering his bike in Bangalore on his blog.

A Chennai-ite shares the list of documents one needs to carry to re-registering a vehicle.

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  1. Dear Madhu PATEL.U.M,

    It is not compulsory to have the invoice. You have a choice of accepting RTO’s value OR get a valuation done from the company and pay tax accordingly.

    ThanX 4 Ur approach.


    I am going to stay in Bangalore for 8-9 months, and i want to shift the bike from Hyderabad to bangalore. As i read from the above points, i understood that if i stay more than 6 months, i need to pay Tax.
    So what my doubts are
    -> do i need any local address to pay the TAX?
    ->Is there any option to pay tax only for one year? If no, then do i get tax refunded when i leave bangalore?
    ->Suppose after 9 months, i continue to stay in bangalore for one or more years, then what should i do?
    -> Is the courier/parcel reciept which i get when i am shifting bike via train or bus, is enought as proof for data of immigration? If yes, then can we shift the bike from bangalore to other city within 6 months of migration, and then again shift it to bangalore, then we will get a fresh copy of receipt which we can use for 6 more months??

  3. Hi sir, I am planning to buy a Contessa from Tamil Nadu. I need information regarding re-registration of outside vehicle in Karnataka in absence of purchase invoice. Because the person who is selling the vehicle is not having the purchase invoice, as he is a 5th owner of that vehicle and its a 1996 model. Also, am sure that he cant find the dealer who sold the vehicle as its too old. What alternate documents can be subitted in the absence of purchase invoice ? Please guide me…
    Thanks in advance


    All the details have been given in the write-up. Please go through and become active, than being lazy.

    With your local address pay the Karnataka tax and keep using your vehicle for an year. If it exceeds, you have to change the registration.

  5. Hi sir, i have been posted in Bangalore for training. i want to use my bike in Karnataka. i will be in Bangalore for an year. and i dont want to change my registration number. please guide me on what procedure should i follow. whom do i need to consult.

  6. Dear Mr.Wilson,

    If alone everybody takes interest to get their work done by themselves, INDIA will become CLEAN. Corruption starts from a few LAZY people, infecting the WHOLE population.

  7. Sorry.. forgot to mention one thing.

    I have received an acknowledgement against the documents submitted. I was told that I would be getting the new RC smart card by post in another 45 days. The same is mentioned in the acknowledgement.

    After getting this I need to apply for the refund from MH.



  8. Dear Sir,

    Today, I had applied for the assignment of Karnataka registration number (re-registration).
    Total time taken for the process : 30 minutes
    Total amount spent : Rs. 400/-

    The documents which I had submitted are given below.

    1. Application on plain paper
    2. Original RC Smart Card (KA one with old MH Number) in transparent plastic pouch
    3. Original & duplicate receipt of the fees paid today {Rs. 337 (Rs. 200 for reassignment and Rs. 137 for SC)} with the hologram sticker worth Rs. 63 affixed.
    4. Photocopy of RC Smart Card
    5. Photocopy of Insurance Certificate
    6. Photocopy of Emission Certificate
    7. Photocopy of KA Road Tax paid receipt
    8. Self-Addressed Envelope with Stamp of Rs.17

    Thanks & Regards


  9. Dear Mr.V Narayanan,

    Thank you very much for the detailed explanation.
    I shall definitely post in this forum once i get the refund from the old RTO.
    In fact, I have to get refund from 2 RTO’s (one for me (MH14)and another for my brother(KL59)).

    Thank you once again.


  10. Dear Mr.V Narayanan,

    This is an issue which is not constant. It varies from place to place (RTO to RTO), but definitely between 30 and 90 days from the acknowledged date.

    In case of further delay, followup becomes a MUST.

  11. Hi Wilson,

    I see its mentioned above in Step 2, to add further clarity..
    File the below documents after 60 days..
    a) Temp KA logo Smart Card with old # in Plastic pouch.
    b) Green Envelope (thread based) with Self address & 18/- stamp
    c) Form CMV 27(taken from RTO website) fill Two forms, to be included with pencil impression of Chassis #(just in case). Also self PP photo in this form. One will be with New RTO, and other will be sent(by New RTO) to Old RTO for them to delete the old# from their Rolls.
    d) Bangalore smart card copy (with old#)
    Bangalore Road Tax Copy
    Insurance Copy
    PUC copy
    Identity copy (DL/PAN/Passport)
    e) For Address Change if not submitted earlier
    1. Form 33 (taken from RTO website ) with 1 PP Photo in it.
    2. Address Proof Copy

    ***All Copies needs to be self attested with Date.

    Cost for RR for Car in Bangalore RR 200/-, SC 137/-, Addr change 20/- (if not changed earlier) , Biometric 63/- {Biometric sticker says “SC Issue Cost” (63/-) which is for data entry into the new SC Chip/printing.}

    For Refund in Old RTO
    Form 16 for refund of Tax
    New RTO RC copy
    Old RTO RC Copy
    Form 28 Copy

    Please do post in this forum in how many months you receive the tax refund from Old RTO.

    Hope this Helps!!

  12. Dear Sir,

    As suggested, I had gone through the whole document once again. I am afraid, I could not find the answer for my below queries.

    1. The next step after 60 days -Are there any more forms to be submitted? What would be the expenses?
    2. The steps to perform or documents to be submitted at PCMC RTO to get the LTT refund.

    Could you please help me?
    Thanks in advance for your reply.

  13. Dear Vinod Mittal,

    The registration certificate (RC) issued by the local RTO is the document required along with the required forms filled.

  14. Dear Friends,
    I came up with this discussion suddenly while surfing for some thing else. I have been benefited with such an important and vast information on re-registering if I would have searched it earlier. This is a great information for the persons seeking re-registering their vehicles. I want help to know the procedure for getting refund from other state from where the vehicle has been transferred to Karnataka. Any sort of certificate is required from Banlore RTO to get refund from other state from where the vehicle has been transferred ?

  15. Dear Mr.anup kapadia,

    A transfer has to be done within 14 days of purchase. Had you done it, these complications would not have arisen. Try to find out the whereabouts of the owner from their neighbors etc. If you had purchased from a experienced genuine dealer, such mistakes would not have crept in.

    For further details contact through mail ID.

  16. Dear Mr.Wilson,

    Please read the write up slowly and understand. Everything is given like a SPOON FEEDING in it.

  17. Dear Amit Goyal,

    What for did you get the NOC and what were you waiting for since 2012? Please read the write up in detail and act accordingly. You will be ending up paying tax at both the places for couple of years by your staying quite.

  18. Dear Sunil kumar,

    You can claim the damages, provided you had lodged a complaint about the mishap and the rectification is done at the authorized service station. RTO does not maintain the roads, but it is the city corporation that maintain the roads. The tax collected is transferred to the corporation.

    RTOs are state government run organizations and not a central government. For the changes to be made is not easy, but can be done in a long run. It needs amendment of constitution also.

    It needs only a couple of visits to the RTO, if you follow the instructions and contact the correct concerned authorities. In one visit you can submit the application along with the payment and the result reaches your home. Submit for refund, it gets to your home. Things have been streamlined and made simpler and easy in recent times. Because of fraudsters, many checks are necessary.

  19. Hi Sir,
    Some time ago, I purchase bangalore registered bike through one dealer. He handed over all the documents and owner left bangalore. When i go for transfer of vehicle on my name, found one sign missing in the document form 29/30. Now both dealer and owner are not reachable. How to transfer the bike now on my name? Please suggest.Its a genuine case and not a fraud done by either owner or dealer.

  20. Hi Sir,

    I had paid the LTT in KA for my MH registered car. I got the smartcard from KA with the local address and MH no. When I enquired with the Indiranagar RTO, I was told to wait for 60 days to change the registration to KA.
    I have the following queries. Can someone help me?
    1. The next step after 60 days -Are there any more forms to be submitted? What would be the expenses?
    2. The steps to perform or documents to be submitted at PCMC RTO to get the LTT refund.
    Thanks in advance for your reply

  21. Hello Sir,
    I have a Delhi registration Swift Dzire Car bought in Aug 2008. I shifted to Bangalore in April 2012. I got NOC from Delhi RTO in April 2012. Please advice me what should i do. I would like to stay in Bangalore for next 10-15 years.

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