How to re-register your vehicle in Bangalore

Namma Bengaluru is home to people from across the country. While a good number of people depend on public transport or company-arranged travel to commute around the city, there’s likely to be an equal number driving around in their own vehicles. Given the fact that Bangalore has a sizable migrant population, there are many vehicles from other states entering the city now and again.

Getting your own vehicle from your home state is perfectly all right, provided all your documents are in place, you get the vehicle  re-registered in Karnataka and pay the prescribed tax.

The Karnataka Motor Vehicles Act 1957 makes it mandatory for all vehicle owners to change their address to a local address within 30 days from the day the vehicle enters a city, followed by a change in the registration number/number plate.

Procedure for re-registering a vehicle

Step one: In your home state

You will need to procure two documents from your home state, where your vehicle has been previously registered:

1) Police report from any police station at your hometown to  authenticate your records.

2) No Objection Certificate (NOC) from the original Registered Transport Office (Transferor) in CMV Form 28.

Step Two: In Karnataka

Approach your area’s concerned Regional Transport Office (RTO) office. Here you are required to submit the following documents. Those items that are starred (*) are compulsory.

  • NOC in the CMV Form 28 or a postal acknowledgment that states that you have applied for the issue of NOC with the registering authority (in quadruplicate) *

  • CMV Form 27 – Application for Karnataka Registration Mark *

  • CMV Form 33  – Change of Address  (will cost around Rs 300) *

  • KMV Form 27 – Intimation of Migration *

  • State Crime Record Bureau (SCRB) report – can be obtained from 7th Floor, MS Building, KR Circle and costs about Rs 20 *

  • RC book

  • Tax card with proof of payment of tax

  • Vehicle Insurance Certificate

  • Pollution Under Control (PUC) Certificate

  • Consent of financier (if applicable)

  • Fitness Certificate and permit in case of transport vehicle

  • Purchase invoice (for RTO to arrive at tax amount) *

  • Three passport size photographs

  • ID Proof of applicant (Pan card/Voter ID card/Passport ID/Ration card) *

  • Present Address Proof (Rental agreement, Employee contract letter) *

  • Electricity or telephone bill of local premises

  • Self addressed postal envelope with adequate stampage (for RTO to mail documents)

  • Form KMV 14  – Payment of Tax (this will be given to you once you submit all the documents over the counter)

  • Demand Draft for tax amount to be paid in favour of Regional Transport Officer (Cash payment can be made for tax amount up to Rs 3000)

In case the vehicle has not been inspected earlier, the RTO may ask to produce it for inspection as well.

The forms above can be obtained from the RTO office or can be downloaded online free of cost. There are typically several shops near the RTO office which sell the form as well.

How long will the re-registration take?

The RTO website mentions that the new registration mark will be assigned on verification of application and documents and have stated that the documents will be delivered in two days time. A post on on the re-registering process  stated that it while the website stipulated two days for processing the documents, in reality it could take 15 to 20 days. In case the applicant does not receive the documents within that time, he could go to the RTO to figure out the status of application.

D R Prakash, a social service activist and member of Osborne Road Area Resident Welfare Association says that while the change in address takes place with immediate effect, the re-registration will happen only on receipt of COA (Confirmation of Authenticity) from the previous registering authority. Sometimes there is delay in the process, and this might take a few months,  but it will not exceed 11 months.

He adds, “A vehicle can run for a maximum period of one year in another state with the old number, from the date of entry into the state. If COA is not obtained even within the stipulated period, the registration will stand invalid and vehicle will be liable for seizure.”

How much tax are you liable to pay?

For re-registration of your vehicle in the state that you migrate to, you need to pay Lifetime Tax. It is referred to as LTT as the life of a vehicle is considered to be 15 years. This was also earlier referred to as Road Tax in the late 1980s, where it was being collected once a year. The RTO found out that it was losing out on income as a result of tax evasion and implemented payment of tax at one shot in the form on Lifetime Tax.

D R Prakash, adds, “LTT is calculated on the basis of invoice value and age of the vehicle. In absence of the invoice, the current value of the vehicle is considered for deriving the quantum of tax. However, it is advisable to submit your invoice while paying LTT.”

As per Part A1 and A5 of CMV Act, the LTT tax is applicable as follows:

A vehicle is considered as new for first two years from the date of purchase mentioned in purchase invoice. The older the vehicle, the lesser the road tax one needs to pay, as the value of the vehicle depreciates.

Other payments applicable:

Payment of the tax must be made across the counter in cash and a receipt will be provided immediately. This is applicable for cases where the tax amount is below Rs 3,000. If the tax amount exceeds Rs 3000, a demand draft must be drawn in favour of the “Regional Transport Officer”.

For change of address within 30 days from the date of change in residence, the applicant is required to pay Rs. 20. In case of delay, Rs 100 needs to be paid.

Issue, renewal of RC or assignment of new registration mark costs Rs 60 for motorcycles and Rs 200 for light motor vehicles used for non-transport purposes.

In the State Budget for 2013 – 2014, provisions had been made to introduce an electronic payment facility in order for people to make the payment of tax and fees without visiting the Regional Transport Offices. This is yet to be implemented.

As per the State Budget for 2014-12014, amendments to the Motor Vehicle Act, to prevent vehicles registered in other states, from plying  in Karnataka without paying the LTT have also been suggested.  

Obtaining a NOC from the previous RTO

To obtain an NOC from the previous registering authority (transferor), the applicant must apply with CMV Form 28 (in quadruplicate). The NOC must then be submitted at the RTO in Karnataka for re-registration. 

If the previous registering authority fails to provide an NOC even after 30 days from the date of application, you can legally apply for a new registration number in Karnataka (the state that you have moved to). For this, you must provide a copy of the Form 28 that has been submitted with the previous registering authority, a postal acknowledgement of the same (For e.g. registered post receipt), and a declaration with the following statement, ‘The application for NOC has neither been rejected nor any reply received from the previous registering authority’. This needs to be submitted to the registering authority in Karnataka and signifies that the original authority has no problem with you applying for a new registration number.

Verification of documents

  • The registered owner will be required to be present along with the vehicle at the time of inspection .
  • The required documents are to be produced along with challans for verification in front of the Superintendent . These papers are required to be submitted at the inward counter and an acknowledgement can be obtained for the same.
  • New registration number will sent by post
  • New registration number or “Mark Card” will be issued by post. To get  this  applicants need to submit a self addressed, secured envelope (light green with cloth lining) with adequate stampage).
  • Once the RTO office verifies the documents submitted, a new registration number will be issued in 15 days.

What if you are caught without re-registration?

When you are pulled up by the Traffic Enforcement Authority, you can show the acknowledgement issued by RTO; this will prove that you have applied for the registration.

If you have not applied for re-registration, you will be penalised as per the rule under Section 44 read with Section 177 of the Motor Vehicle Act, which states that failure to register the vehicle for more than 12 months, can lead to penalty of Rs 100 for the first offense and Rs 300 for the second and any subsequent offences.   This is in addition to the tax that needs to have been paid from the vehicle’s time of entry, along with interest.


On receiving new registration number, you can apply for refund of Life Time Tax to the original RTO office in the state which you have migrated from. Here, the sooner you apply, the higher the refund you will get. The refund amount can be ascertained here.

For application of refunds from the Karnataka RTO, click here.

Also read: Non-KA vehicle owners want road tax rules changed

Additional resources:

RTO office timings: 10 am to 1:30 pm and 2:30 pm to 5 pm

Cash transactions : Only between 10 am to 2:30 pm

Forms pertaining to vehicle registrations and related services

A migrant from Gurgaon shares his experience of re-registering his bike in Bangalore on his blog.

A Chennai-ite shares the list of documents one needs to carry to re-registering a vehicle.

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  1. Thanks Venkatesh,
    Can you give a rough estimate of the Penalty / Road Tax I have to pay now?

  2. By Law MVA 1957 released, Road Tax paid is valid for the State & not country unlike Income Tax. The Road Tax goes to the State’s Revenue. You pay Road Tax for using the roads in a State not country. Since you use a vehicle at your state or within your city (generally) why should you pay Road Tax at centralized level on a Tax which would be very very high, hence its localized to a state. Also each state has their own percentage TN has 8% , KA has 12% for 2wheelers. Local Traffic police cannot question you on Road Tax unless involved in a Accident/No-Parking zone, they can stop you and only check for PUC/Insurance/DL. However, RTO inspectors can stop you anytime and ask for all the papers and if needed,also have the power to confiscate your vehicle. If ur ignorant on the laws/court/rules don’t think you can outsmart them, they are in this on a daily basis and are fully aware of possible reasons to give to confiscate your vehicle.

  3. Thank you so much Venkatesh,
    But when I bought the bike in pune I had paid LTT. So that LTT doesn’t apply in KA ?

  4. Visited the RTO office for my vehicle re-registration yesterday. As I had already paid the road tax and submitted NOC in 2012, there was no penalty taken for delay in re-registration. Also I got info from Senior officials that a decision on the Oct 2013 (state transfers) is not yet in effect in KA. No proposed date of implementation was shared.

  5. Dear Bikash. Have you paid road tax in KA? NOC is not valid anymore if it has a date stamp of 2008/09, you will have to get a new One. FYI NOC is not mandatory for paying Road Tax.. however, if you show your current RC (if any NOC entry with Seal of 2008) for paying road tax, you will be paying a penalty for 5yrs other than the road tax calculated from 2008 as mentioned in RC (with NOC entry) as your vehicle is in another state for quite a long time. Its upto you if you want to convince officials saying you got the NOC but never brought the vehicle to KA then if you want to avoid the penalty.

  6. Hi, I have a MH registered 2 wheeler and I came to bangalore in 2008. It seems the NOC from my previous RTO is valid only for 12 Months. Can anyone help me on this.

    What should be my next step?

  7. If you have to pay there is no monthly or annual tax involved but only LTT which could fall to 13-14%of (69% of Invoice Bill for a 5yr old vehicle) to be paid in DD.

  8. 1) Get a PUC certificate on the day you leave your Home City. This can be used for 1 month(Original with Hologram).
    2) For the next month try getting a letter from your office saying you will be here no more than 1 month(no SoftCopy) with home city company addr letter head. A employee card with office address in home city may also work, not the registered address of the company.
    3) A mobile Roaming Number with original stmt, not softcopy with your name in it(Post Paid with address of Home City)
    Its upto you how well you can convince the Official if stopped and questioned. Hope this Helps..A Toll Pass may not work these days as everyone goes home once a month(once in 2 months) these days which officials are well aware…

  9. I have a MH registration car , which is more than 5 years old. I have some work in Bangalore for 2 months during which I intend use my car. I will staying in temporary accommodation. Please let me know if I need to pay road tax for using this for 2 months and the documents required.Thanks

  10. Mr.VN,

    You all have access to Department & Councils at CENTER and rules being suggested, but have no patience to read / inquire the senior officers and fall prey to middlemen. What is stated by you is of the meeting held on Oct.’13. Did you checkup as to they have been passed ?

  11. There is a new law now on inter state transfers on MVA..

    The following descision weretaken in the 35th meeting of the Transport Department Council held in New Delhi on 23-Oct-2013 to regularize MV taxes in respect to 2wheelers LMVs

    1) To levy life time tax (no recuring tax) @ 6% or more on the sale price before VAT.
    2) No tax to be charged on inter-state movement of vehicles for a period of upto 3 months.
    3) Full tax may be charged in new state if the vehicle is less than 2 years old with refund from original state if the vehicle is moved inter-state permanently
    4) No tax may be charged in new state if the vehicle is more than 2 years old and no refund from original state in such cases

    State Govt are requested to implement the above descision.

  12. Thanks Mr Prakash for replying…I got my NOC as I was wrongly informed that for paying Road Tax I need NOC(from Agents outside RTO, i did not bother to check it myself bcuz of language & crowd inside)…hence I got NOC from Chennai RTO along with my bike…Later when I went back to RTO directly (without Agents) I realized NOC(Form 28) was not needed for paying RoadTax only. Since I already had the NOC the RTO officer took it in the file with KMV27(Migration Form). I was expecting a smart card with KA registration but was surprised to see same TN # on KA SC in my speed post. I went back to RTO & got info that I need to apply again after 1-2 months with form CMV27(Re-register). Before obtaining NOC vehicle was in Chennai, After NOC obtained its in Bangalore(frequently driven in Hosur also), I am the first owner & vehicle is more than 5year old now. I see in CMV27 which says one copy to be submitted to original RTO(by new RTO) for them to delete my entry ther, which means my vehicle is still registered with Chennai RTO. however the only problem is after 1-2 months of receiving KA SC I did not follow up submitting CMV27, & now its 2.5 years. I did some google and based on MVA Sec 47/177, first offense is 100 & subsequent offense is 300 for not reregistration beyond 12 months when caught, but no info mentioned on penalty in RTO office when filing for CMV27, also if my NOC submitted is still valid or I have to get a new one…If I have to get a new one, will KA RTO give my old Chennai RC book? As I have a KA Smart Card (SC) now with TN# in it. (Unfortunately, nobody was consistent in giving the right details let it be agents friends & even RTO officials hence lots of confusion,or maybe I was not quick in my understanding in this RTO process)

  13. Mr.Venkatesh Narayanan, Can you be more clearer with your data to give you a clear picture of the situation ? What for did you obtain / submit the NOC ? In which address is the vehicle at present / previous to obtaining NOC ?

  14. I submitted my NOC(dated Apr2011) from Chennai RTO & also paid KA road Tax in Jan2012 (I received a KA Smart Card with TN registration ). Since I was frequently visiting Hosur I didnt bother to reregister it. Now since I will be in Bangalore, I would like to reregister here. Its now more than 2.5years( since jan2012) and was informed I need to reregister within 1 year. What is the penatly I will have to pay & also has my NOC become void even though I submitted it in Local KA RTO. I am also wondering is my vehicle unregistered for last 2 years as NOC was obtained which means TN can delete my reg from their records.

  15. Dear Hidayath Mahalthi,

    The answer given to Ms.Nafis Hasan holds good for your doubts also.

  16. Dear Nafis Hasan,

    By providing proper proofs, get the address changed first and you will be directed to pay the tax and do it. Automatically, the entry of payment is an authenticated proof of its entry to the State. You will have ONE full year from that date for re-registration.

  17. Dear Sir,

    I purchased MH registered car.
    The owner has already taken NOC for Manipur but he did’t registered there.

    1. After exploring many blogs and RTO Website I understood that First I have to cancel the old NOC and have to get new NOC in my name.
    Rest the other formalities follow.

    2. In case If i want to stay one year and again went back to MH…..

    3. How to convince traffic cop that i going to stay here for just One Year. Is there any procedure to acknowledge officially.

    Pls guide some one.



  18. Could you please let me know if its possible to only pay the LTT in Karnataka for a non-KA vehicle, without going in for a re-registration immediately? If possible, what documents would be needed and where can I make the payment?

    I have recently moved from Maharashtra with a MH number plate and don’t want to change it immediately, since I may need to go back soon. But I also don’t want to be harassed here, so I am willing to pay the Karnataka LTT, and try for refund when I leave. Unfortunately, I don’t have any NoC from Maharashtra.

  19. mine s a 10 year old pulsar…how much amount should i have to pay for this? will they calculate in accordance with the depreciated value..please reply emergency

  20. Mr.Rajesh Varghese, There is no token system of tax collection in Karnataka. Where is the need for a duplicate receipt, when it would have been entered in the RC. That endorsement is the official document for having paid tax.

  21. I took my bike from Kerala to Karnataka in 2005 and paid LTT at Indira Nagar RTO. They issued me a receipt. I misplaced it and cannot locate it anymore. Can the RTO authorities issue me a duplicate LTT token if I provide them my RC details? If so what would be the procedure and whom should I contact?

    Any help would be greatly appreciated!

  22. Dear Mr.Shashi Somani & Mr.V.K.Venugopal, Probably you must have gone through the guidelines in a hurry and have not understood it properly. This is an ACT made in 1957 and NOT a new one. It is 30 days time for Change of Address, when one migrates into the state. Roads are maintained by the State Governments and NOT by Central Government and hence the revenue in the form of Road Tax has to reach the State Government, when the vehicle is being rum permanently for a certain reasonable LONG period. Also change of address is necessary for Law enforcement in times violations, accidents, recoveries etc., etc. When a person relocates, is he not aware as to how long he is going to stay at that place ? Is one not getting the GAS connection changed to get subsidised gas at his new place, even if it is for a few months ? Similarly, one has to adhere to these rules, which are laid out LONG back. That is the reason many sell away the vehicles in their old state and buy a new vehicle at the transferred state. This is NEITHER mafia NOR harassment, but for the benefit of BETTER administration and service to the commonman. In this case there is no conflict between the Central and State Governments and the rule is the same in all states. If ones usage of a vehicle is less than SIX months in another state, it need not be changed, as it is of temporary in nature. Please go through leisurely and understand before making any CRITIC comments. D.R.PRAKASH, FP – Osborne Road Area Residents’ Welfare Association.

  23. When there is a conflict between the central law and the state law, the central law will prevail. As per the central law, change of address is to be notified to the local RTO only if the vehicle is in the State for more than 6 months and re-registration is required only if the vehicle is in the State for 12 months or more. So, how can Karnataka insist on re-registration if the vehicle is in the State for more than 30 days? This is clearly unreasonable and against the law. One can understand the State Government’s need to curb the tendency of people to register their vehicles in States where the tax is lower. But why the complicated procedure? As pointed out by Mr. Shashi Somani, this is harassing people whose jobs are transferable. For every transfer should they re-register their vehicle in the new location? Ridiculous. If tax evasion is the concern, the State could ask the owners to pay proportionate tax for the period the vehicle plies in the State (if it exceeds 12 months) without the requirement of re-registration and new registration number. All States do this for commercial vehicles. While there is no justification for doing the same for private vehicles in view of the provisions of the MV Act and the Constitution of India, it is better than harassing the vehicle owners with the requirement of re-registration. This would protect the revenue interests of the State and save the vehicle owners the botheration of re-registration and claiming refund from the other State every time they are transferred.

  24. If the private vehicle is purchased in one state registered there which is permanent address and tax is paid there. Now you are visiting some other state or transferred or job changed, and moving your vehicle from one state to another state…why should that private vehicle pay tax again. This is illegal and against the constitution. As per Constitution a person can go any part of the country for his business and job except J&K. And also India has adopted no multi-level taxes principle. Then why on vehicle which is private should have multi-level taxes. It seems some Auto mafia is working with Government and creating this non-sense. I think all people from other states should unite and raise their voice against such type of illegal rules which is against constitution of the country.

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