How to change the name on BESCOM electricity bill without bribe

Changing name on the electricity bill is easy. Pic: Shree D N

I am a resident of Belathur in Kadugodi(Whitefield) area. Being a new apartment buyer, I started looking for getting things done, such as Electricity name change, Khata registration and others. I was surprised when the builder offered to get the name change in electricity metres done by paying bribe, without me having to visit any government office—he demanded Rs 2,000!

I thought of understanding what the actual process is, and what are the fees involved, and tried to do it on my own. To my surprise, after a few days of doing some online reading, visiting BESCOM website, calling BESCOM hotline etc, I realised the process is pretty simple and can be done in less than Rs 600. Below is the guide I put together after following the process. I shared the guide with some residents of my society and they also managed to get the name change done without any bribe.

Prerequisites: Get these things done first.

1. Take a printout of this form:

2. Get signature on the NOC for Name change (Form IV in above downloaded form) from present owner of meter.

The NOC should be from the person who features as Vendor on your sale deed.

3. Go to the place where EB Meters are placed, find your meter and take a photo of your meter on your phone, make sure that serial no, make of the meter and the reading is visible clearly.

If it does not show reading, please press the black button a couple of times until it displays the meter reading.

Take a black and white printout of this photo and preserve the photo in your mobile. This is needed to get the page 2 entries (For Office Use only page ) filled by the BESCOM assistant engineer.

4. Two bonds need to be purchased – indemnity bond & power agreement.

BESCOM requires the applicants to provide these bonds along with application. These can be purchased from shops near BESCOM offices or some electrical shops keep these.

The place where I purchased them: Laxmi Narasimha Electricals shop– before Hoodi Circle on the left from ITPL on first floor. You can look for a place nearby your residence.

Cost: Rs. 200 (Indemnity) + Rs. 200 (Power Agreement) + Rs 50 Charges. Total: 450

*Note – The indemnity bond was valued at Rs.100. Now it has been revised to Rs.200

5. Certified/Notarised Sale Deed:

If SBI/Other Bank Loan: Go to RACPC/ bank branch with two copies of sale deed and get them certified from the bank. They do this without any charge.

If LIC-Loan/Others – I heard LIC is refusing to certify and asking for hefty amount. Please get the copies certified from Notary/LIC.

6. Purchase a paper file with clip inside. Punch all the docs along with latest EB bill at the top (must be paid already).

Please fill the forms. If you are not sure of something, leave the space empty.

When above prerequisites are met, kindly do following:

1. Go to nearest BESCOM Sub-division Office.

For me it was in Kadugodi. Meet AE/JE and get the documents and file verified—here we just need his sign/stamp on page FOR OFFICE USE ONLY. Show him the printout of the photo of the meter, from which he can get the details and fill the entries there and sign and stamp on Page 2 (Office Use Only).

2. Once JE/AE has signed & stamped the page2 .

The next step is to submit the file. The file should be submitted again in BESCOM office. Generally if your BESCOM subdivision is a small centre they ask you to visit the nearby main BESCOM centre. I was asked to submit the file in Whitefield BESCOM centre.

Show the file and get it verified. You will be asked to pay Rs 100 as transfer fee, in the cash counter for which you will get an acknowledgement. Please visit the BESCOM Office before opening time in advance, to avoid the huge rush in the cash counter.

Once the transfer fee is paid, file needs to be submitted. Please write your RR No and name on the file. To be on safer side, please take snaps of your application in your mobile.

Once the application file is submitted, it will take a month for your name to reflect on BESCOM website on your bill. If your name does not appear, please visit the office again and enquire. You may call BESCOM hotline 1912 for status too.

So Total Expenses:

1. Transfer fee: Rs 100

2. Indemnity Bond +Power Agreement +Charge =Rs 200 + Rs 200 + Rs 50(extra charges) = Rs. 350

3. Cardboard file: Rs 10

Total: Rs 560

One thing I learnt is not to talk to people standing outside offices, or on stairs, lingering there who might be the brokers, who can read our faces!

You should not give up or feel worried at any point. The worst thing that can happen from trying on your own is the work may be slightly delayed, but it’s bound to be completed successfully. This was an enriching experience, to get the work done without any bribe, and I feel all should do it on their own.

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  1. Thanks Aman for this useful knowledge.
    I followed your article and have submitted the form.
    Hopefully they will process it now without any more issues being pointed out later.
    It was a very satisfying experience.

  2. I fully agree with your views that we can get things done without paying bribe if we have the time to follow up the file till it is finally cleared.As one gentleman has put it,if you consider the monetary equivalent of your time and energy( which you have to spend for follow up),the amount demanded is worth giving to get the work done without there being any need for you to visit BESCOM office.Both are right in their own way.Choice is yours.I prefer to pay and get the work done rather than running after BESCOM officials.

  3. India is a poor country. We should not have such wasteful paperwork for a trivial thing like name change. Copy of Aadhar card and sale deed should be enough to do name change. I hope BESCOM changes and be helpful to citizens rather than taking bribes from people.

  4. Thanks Aman Mujawar,

    This very detailed steps really helped us and we proud to say we are able to finish the Name Change process without any issues.

    Best Wishes & God Bless You

  5. Much useful information, Aman. Thank you for meticulously sorting and articulating this process and information.

  6. Hi Aman,

    Thank you for the info. I have one query though, In Form IV , it is mentioned that we need to put some property bearing number. What is the breaing number that we need to put and where can we get it?

  7. I think this is easier said than done. you are talking about paying 2000 to an otherwise unemployed guy who gets it done without you bothering again. you yourself calculated Rs 560 but didn’t count in the cost of time you invest even @100 hours you would have shelled out more than Rs 5000. if you dont know Kannada language you had it again.

    I think these guys who do the work need some legalization and we should promote development of this profession. Just make sure you dont pay cash to him. Use Paytm or bank transfer. we are a country of a billion mouths and if you dont feed people or take away the little money they find a way to earn you will only creat criminals in the country.

    • You are right. The time wasted is not calculated. My hourly rate is 2000 /hour. Even if I spend 5 hours for this, I am wasting 10,000. India is a poor country and tax payer money should not be wasted like this.

  8. Thanks for sharing your knowledge and name change process in BESCOM.

    Guys in Yelahanka BESCOM don’t do work. The clerks most of the time don’t come to office. Are there any higher officers who monitor these kind of careless people. Based on this I feel like they expect bribe. Everyone should teach these kind of people.

    Is there genuine place where can complaint for these kind of things and also people should come forward to stop bribes for better tomorrow.


  9. hi Aman
    great info. i visited bescom office today and they told me only about the transfer application and indemnity letter printed off from the pdf uploaded by bescom. do we still need the bond and power agreement that is bought from ?

    do you have a similar article for khata transfer ?


  10. Aman,
    Yes you are right. i submitted one application with three forms for three meters and one indemnity form.
    indemnity form what i got from BDA complex koramangala was of 100Rs.But again i paid 100 Rs in sub-registrar office to make it 200Rs (Franking).

  11. @pandith M

    Every meter has a unique RR Number and Owner in BESCOM records hence if you would like to get name changed on all these 3 meters you may have to submit 3 applications. Please call Bescom Hotine at 1912 for confirmation.

  12. Thank u Aman for sharing your experience. By taking a little trouble, you have been able to get your work done without hassle. I have to get the same work done and I will follow the steps informed by u.

  13. Thanks for the process! I find that the guys at the BESCOM office in our area are usually a decent lot. Let me see how smoothly my application goes!

  14. I did the name transfer without paying bribes, but I had to escalate the matters with higher ups. I did not got any response after 15days. So smilply I raised a complaints with BESCOM official sites and also called up the helpline numbers. And asked them one straight question. Do I need to pay any bribe amount to government official or BESCOM authorities to get my name transfer? Please note that I have officially paid the fees and also taken the Xerox copy of the submitted forms. So sent out the email to highers up with copy of the submitted form.

    Within 3 days I got a call from BESCOM local office and ask me to take back my complaint. I Said I wonโ€™t until and unless the name is transfer. Finally it was done ๐Ÿ™‚

  15. Hi Aman,
    I have three Meters in my building. should i submit three forms for name change?
    Pandit M

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