How to apply for a BDA flat in Bengaluru?

BDA Flats in Nandini Layout (1 BHK EWS Quarters). Pic: Ganga Madappa

Namma Bengaluru, with its burgeoning population, is witnessing a sea change in the kind of housing that is available for its citizens. Even in as recently as 2005, those looking to invest or set up base in Bangalore, preferred to buy a site and build their house from scratch. The reality now is different. While people will probably always prefer to own an independent house, the lack of space has made it necessary for them to look upwards.

The Bangalore Development Authority (BDA) in 2012, in line with the real estate trend, and declared that ‘vertical’ was the way forward. With this announcement, it began the construction of 30000 affordable housing units, making the flats available for the taking by the public.

How many projects have been commissioned until 2014?

The BDA has so far constructed or undertaken the construction of about 6000 units in places across the city, including Valagerahalli, Gunjur, Thippasandra, Nandini Layout, Halagevaderahalli, Malagala, Doddabanahalli, Alur and Kothanur. 650 flats in Nandini layout (EWS quarters) have already been occupied.

In some locations such as Valagerahalli Phase 3, Gidadakonenahalli and Sonnenahalli, projects have been put on hold due to litigations. Once they get clearance from the court, work on these projects will proceed. So far, no project has been cancelled, even as the BDA is pursuing the court cases.

In the 4th notification dated February 28th 2014, the BDA once again called for applications for 4228 flats in the following locations:

Name of project


1 BHK (General)



































How many flats have been allotted so far?

As of March 2014, four notifications have been made, calling for citizens of Bangalore to send in their application if they are interested in purchasing a BDA flat. Of these, the BDA has allotted close to 3850 flats so far. The state budget presented in February 2014, promised that 8000 flats would be built by BDA this year.

How much do the flats cost?


Carpet Area

(in sq ft)

Built-up Area

(in sq ft)

Initial Deposit

(in lakhs)

Price including deposit

(in lakhs)

BESCOM and BWSSB Deposit

(in lakhs)


(in lakhs)




0.3 to 1.2

5.7 to 9.75


6.1 to 10.15

1 BHK (General)



0.55 to 1.6

10.0 to 13.0


10.4 to 13.4




1.0 to 3.12

20.0 to 25.0


21.8 to 26.8




1.5 to 4.4

30.0 to 35.0


32.6 to 37.6


The BDA has signed a Memorandum of Understanding with the following banks in case applicants wish to apply for a loan to pay for the flats.

People can apply for a regular home loan with any of these banks; 75-80% of the loan will be covered by the banks, while the rest needs to be invested by the buyer.

What are the eligibility criteria?

  1. Income limit: For those applicants applying under the Economically Weaker Section (EWS) category (1 BHK only), the income limit of the applicant’s family should be Rs 3.5 lakh per annum. There is no income limit for those applying under the general category.

  2. Anyone who has completed 21 years of age is eligible to apply.

  3. Applicant needs to be a resident of Karnataka for not less than 10 years prior to date of registration.The domicile requirement is relaxed in the following cases:

    • In case applicant is domiciled in Karnataka, but is in the armed forces of the Union and serving outside Karnataka

    • In case applicant is domiciled in Karnataka, but has gone outside the State (for employment or higher studies), and intends to reside in the Bangalore Metropolitan Area

    • In case applicant is an officer belonging to All India Service, and is allotted to the Karnataka State Cadre and domiciled in of Karnataka for not less than two years immediately prior to the date of registration

    • In case applicant is a serving soldier who is either serving in the state or outside Karnataka

  4. Applicants who or whose dependant family member, already owns any site, house or flat or has been allotted a site or house by the erstwhile CITB, the Bangalore Development Authority or a co-operative society registered under the Karnataka Co-operative Societies Act, 1959 (Karnataka Act 11 of 1959) or any such authority, within the Bangalore Metropolitan Area or has been allotted a site or house in any part in the State by any other Urban Development Authority or the Karnataka Housing Board or such other agency of the government, is not eligible for the allotment of housing unit.

  5. Applicants who have already been allotted a site/house at a subsidised rate in any part of Karnataka are not eligible for allotment of housing unit under this scheme.

What is the allotment procedure?

The housing units are allotted as per BDA Allotment Rules, which can be viewed on

During the first allotment, flats were allotted on a first-come-first-serve basis. For the second allotment, applicants were chosen by means of a lucky draw.

In the 4th notification, the BDA has announced that flat numbers will be allotted on a lottery basis.

Are there reservations in flat allotment?

Yes. 50% of the flats are meant for citizens who come under the General category, while the remaining 50% are for reserved categories. As per the BDA notification dated February 29th 2013, the reservation in Allotment (as per BDA Allotment of Site Rules 1984 Sub-Rule (11)) is as follows:

  • Backward Tribes (Category 1): 2%

  • Scheduled Tribe: 3%

  • Scheduled Caste: 13%

  • Members of the Armed Forces of the Union, Ex-servicemen and members of families of deceased servicemen: 10%

  • State Government Employees: 10%

  • Employees of the Central Government and Public Sector Undertakings and Statutory Bodies owned by the State Government or Central Government: 8%

  • Physically Handicapped: 2%

  • General Public: 50%

  • Persons who have outstanding achievements in the field of Arts,Science or Sports: 2%

Procedure, terms and conditions for application

  1. The registration and application form can be obtained from prescribed banks after paying the specified fees.

  2. The registration and applications form are priced at Rs 100 each for SC/ST category and at Rs 200 each for other categories.  

  3. Eligible applicants need to register their names by paying registration fees at any one of the prescribed banks. The registration slip should be retained by the applicant and upon allotment, must be returned to the BDA. Those applicants who have already registered for allotment (in any of the prior notifications), need not register again. The old registration card can be used to submit the present application.

  4. BDA officers will not issue any application forms.

  5. The filled application form along with initial deposit should be submitted in the same branch where the registration has been done. An acknowledgement can then be collected from the bank.

  6. The initial deposit needs to be in the form of a DD/Banker’s Cheque/Pay Order drawn in favour of the Commissioner, BDA.

  7. Applicants can apply for a flat in a single locality. If they wish to apply for a flat in more than one location, they need to fill out a separate application form for each location, and initial deposit applicable must be paid. Only one flat will be allotted to those who have applied for flats in more than one locality.

  8. The previous attempt of the applicants will be considered for seniority at the time of allotment of flats.

  9. The following applications will not be considered for allotment

    • Applications without the initial deposit

    • Applications without necessary documents

    • Unsigned and incomplete applications  

  1. No interest will be paid on the initial deposit. This amount will be adjusted towards the total cost of the flat in the case of successful applicants, and refunded without interest in case of unsuccessful applicants.

  2. If any of the information provided by the applicant is false or misleading, the allotment will stand cancelled and registration fee and deposit paid will be forfeited.

  3. Limited parking space is available for the flats; in some apartments, for only about 50% of the flats. This will be allotted among the allottees through auction after all the allotment is done.  

  4. The BDA reserves the right to reduce or increase the number of flats in case of unexpected developments.

  5. The last date to send in applications for the 4th notification is April 30th 2014.

Payment procedure

Once the allotment is made, allottees are required to make the payment as follows:

  1. 25% of the housing unit value of the flat within 60 days of receiving the allotment letter

  2. 25% of the housing unit value of the flat within 120 days of receiving the allotment letter

  3. Remaining value of the housing unit value of the flat along with BWSSB and BESCOM deposits within 180 days of receiving the allotment letter

Only after the payment of the entire value of the flat and verification of the documents submitted, will the ownership deed be handed over.

What is the quality compared to private flats?

Initially, many citizens had reservations about the quality of the flats, as they were being sold for almost half of what a private builder would quote. However, by late 2013, that perception changed. Citizens are now of the opinion that the flats are apt for middle class citizens, in terms of affordability — a similar sized flat constructed by a private builder, would cost almost double when compared to the rates set by the BDA.

Mr Gowdaiah N G, BDA Engineer Officer, says that there has been no compromise in the quality of materials used, considering that the entire scheme was bound to be scrutinised with a keen eye. While different builders have been chosen for different locations, all the material that is being used for construction, needed to meet the Indian Standard specifications and samples of the same should have been vetted by the BDA.

What are the conditions of BDA on resale?

While the BDA certainly hopes that allottees retain the flats and do not put it up for sale, as of now no conditions have been imposed with respect to the resale of flats. Once allottees are in possession of the absolute Sale Deed for the flats, they can choose to sell the flats if they wish to. Even for those who have been allotted a flat under the EWS category at a subsidised rate, no restrictions/conditions have been imposed.

What are the conditions of BDA regarding renting out flats?

As with the case of resale, the BDA says that allottees could choose to rent out the apartments once they are in possession of the Sale Deed.

Can allottees apply for an exchange of flats?

The BDA stated after first allotment that in case people wished to exchange the flats, a mutual exchange was possible, so long as the flats belonged to the same category; both parties would need to make a joint application.

In case allottees are dissatisfied with the flat they have been allotted or have not been assigned one as per their preferred location, they can choose to surrender the flat and the money paid so far will be refunded. Following this, the individuals can apply once again and seniority will be given to them at the time of the next flat allotment.

Who will register the owners association for the flats?

The flat owners will need to form their own owners association for maintenance of the flats – the BDA has listed this as one of the conditions at the time of allotting the flats. The BDA will facilitate the forming of the association.

The Karnataka Apartment Owners Association Act of 1972 will be applicable to the owners association.

Who will run the amenities and maintain the apartments? Who will collect the maintenance fees?

There is a defect liability period of two years for the flats and the common built up area. Defects, if any, will be rectified by the builder for up to two years. The apartment owners association is expected to handle the maintenance of the flats.

Useful links

List of allottees from 2nd and 3rd notification:

4th notification dated February 28th 2014:

Registration and Application forms for the BDA Flats are available at the following banks (list as of February 28th 2014).

Canara Bank

Indian Overseas Bank

Corporation Bank


Bangalore City

Kumara Park West

BDA Complex*

Bannerghatta Road

Raja Rajeshwari Nagar



Kengeri Satellite Town

Hanumanth Nagar

HSR Layout


Jayanagar Shopping Complex


Banashankari 2nd Stage

K R Puram


Magadi Main Road


Kanakpura Road


Rajajinagar 3rd Block

Kumara Park*





Yelahanka Satellite Town




Disclaimer: The information in this article is presented for educating citizens on BDA’s flat offerings and procedures of allottment in general. Please note that BDA may revise costs, eligibility criteria, participating bank branches, etc., with each new offering of flats.

This article has been prepared as per the 4th notification dated February 28th 2014. The information in this article is subject to change as per further notifications made by the BDA with respect to the allotment of flats. 

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  1. Available flats are only in Doddabanahalli and kanminiki for 2nd unsuccessful allotment applicants.
    May end we will get confirmation which place and again they will going to send 1 more letter for the amount.

  2. I too received the letter, but may i know what’s the procedure to pay the rest of the money. Through DD? Need to deposit in bank or BDA? if you guys have already paid then Let me know about this .

  3. @ Venkatesh, BDA confirmed all allotment letters are dispatched ( I too received). if you still not got then contact DS-3 section ( for 2 BHK) DS-1 section for (3 BHK)

  4. Any is getting allotment letter for 2nd Notification Applicants from BDA (unsuccessful candidates)
    however flats are only in Doddabanahalli and Kanminiki only as per their updates

  5. @Gundappa. I know that they are sending the Second letter with the updated details. But any guys who ave been alloted at kothunor have got it? If so may i know when?.

  6. @ Venkatesh Methre. BA sent allotment letters to few people and later found the format is wrong and stopped sending allotment letters. They are planning to send it in new format to all but not sure when they each time I required they told they will dispatch it in a week. Only GOD know when that week comes to these BDA officers.

  7. Has anyone from Kothunr got allotment letter, if yes let me know to whom i need to contact. Currently i am based in US and what is the fromality to get it regesterd. I have got 2-BHK in kothunor.

  8. Hi Everyone.
    Please consider below points before applying.
    1) People applied in 2011,2012 & 2013 for flats. first time allotment is done in Dec-2013.
    we don’t know when BDA will do next allotment no one in BDA know about it. It may drag 1-2 years.
    Apply only if you are ready to wait for 2 years.
    2). Allotment process is total mess, BDA officials reserved prime location and flats for their kin & keens. fooling all applicant
    For example : During recent allotment BDA lied to applicant that all 2BHK & 3BHK flats of Vallagerahalli ( which is only near to completion project among others ) are allotted. And then allotted other location flats to applicants who preferred this location. But if you tally flat availability list published before allotment with allotted list you will find around 60 flats of Valagerahlli are not yet allotted. These flat BDA officials will distribute them among themselves and their kin & keens. BDA is most corrupt.
    4) Allotment intimation letters for 2 & 3 BHK flats which are allotted in Dec-2013 are not yet issued to allottees
    5) Apart from Valagerahalli all other allotted location flat construction is just started and will take minimum 18-20 months to complete and handover to allottees.
    5) There is no guaranty that you will get the flat in your preferred location. In previous allotment less than 30% of allottees got flat in their preferred location.

  9. I had written mail to Public relation officer, have recived response with contact details
    Deputy Secretary-1 Allotment for further details on 23368615, Extn 225

  10. I had written mail to Public relation officer, have recived response with contact details
    Deputy Secretary-1 Allotment for further details on 23368615, Extn 225

  11. hi 2 all iam an ex serviceman got allotment of 2BHK at doddabanahalli. presently out of bangalore. me 4 location and future prospects.Thanx

  12. @Ganga.Thank you mam:) This article is really helpfull.

    @ all ,can any 1 tell how long will it take for BDA to allot flat from the day of applying

  13. @Ravi, Congratulation and many thanks, I was worried of getting domicile certificate from Tahsildar office, Now you made me to happy. I will be grateful to get your guidance, could you message me your number to 9972756592

  14. Hi, Thanabal. I have already applied and also got the allotment letter of 3rd notification.
    The domicile certificate was there in the application only. You just need to get it attested from a gazetted officer by mentioning 10 years. This is what i know from 3rd notification.
    As far as registration charges are concerned, the allotment letter says 5.05% of total amt is extra.

  15. @Ganga. I heard one can get Domicile certificate from Tahsildar office. I am from Vidyaranyapura so hopefully it should from Yelehanka new town, can you help me in which office I should proceed with and procedure to get. Note-I have only PF account proof for more than 10Yr while others like ration card for past 2-3 years.

  16. R u mean to say 12 + 5.5%, It sad that you could not find info on proof of Domicile, If I find I will post it here. Corporation Bank, Yeswantpur as listed here so for not received application form. I need to try other bank on Saturday. Expecting your continuous support for ordinary citizen like me. m.thanabal

  17. Also check out the updated list of banks. You should be able to get the forms here.

  18. @Thanaba, The cost above does not include registration of 12% and Service Tax at 5.5% (subject to change) – that costs another 12%.

  19. I just hope that the lottery & all procedures go without bribe
    can any one share their views on the same…

  20. Thx again Madam, Please add on this query too on your reply. 1, For 10Yr domicile what could be valid proof. I am working in my company for 10Yrs and having PF record for that, Is PF statement/company letter serve this purpose? for lost 2 year having Ration/Aadaar/Election card.

    2, Pls add DOs/Donts on disclosing proper document during filing application

    Note: Corporation Bank – Yeswanthpur-Tumkur Rd did not received BDA application so for as it stated in PDF. Please bring this to BDA notice if you able


  21. First I would like to appriciate the author for wonderful information. Thx. I have quary as follows

    1, Is registration charge included in this, if not what is the approximate persentage now?

    2, Some where I noticed 10Yrs of domicile but as per link u mentioned it is 15yrs for Site, is it 10 or 15 yr for home?

    3. Any official link from BDA for the application invited?

    I appreciate one for help in this. Thx. m.thanabal

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