Help identify roads widened by BBMP

A mail from Leo Saldanha, Convenor of Environment Support Group, says:

As you are aware, we have challenged the widening of roads in Bangalore by BBMP as being illegal. This matter is being heard by the High Court this week.

When we filed the PIL in 2008, BBMP had proposed to widen 91 roads, a list they later expanded to include as many as 216 roads.

When the PIL is heard on Friday (25th April), we will have to file a memo about the status of road widening on the original list of 91 roads.  As these are spread across the city, it is impossible for us to examine the status in the next one day.

We need your help.

Please download the list of roads proposed to be widened (91 in all as of 2008) from the following link (the file is indexed as Annexure AR):

Once you download the list, please verify if the roads listed have been widened: partially, fully or not at all.  You may enquire with local residents or shop owners just to be sure.

All you then need to do is to write to us and say the particular road that you examined has been widened, not widened or partially widened since 2008. 

In case you can go a step further, please download the Annexure AT series at the same link and confirm if the trees proposed to have been felled on these roads have been felled, or not felled. Again, checking locally with shopowners or residents will help. 

Please enlist your family, friends, colleagues or strangers even in this exercise.


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