Help Bengaluru map its problem spots!

Tired of seeing such garbage blackspots? Unwalkable footpaths? Broken slabs on streetside drains converted to death traps? Construction rubble uncleared for months?

This Independence Day, we are launching a new project by the people, for the people, of the people! This is your chance to support BBMP in identifying the bad spots in the city and reporting them, by mapping them. This data will be shared with BBMP directly and can help eliminate the blackspots in the city, help identify future blackspots, remove the construction debris and fix the broken unwalkable footpaths.

All you have to do now is to express interest. We will send the instructions to the email id you share, once we have a system in place to collect the data. Once the instructions are sent, complete the mapping as soon as possible, by walking on each road and public space in your ward. When there are more than one persons expressing interest in a particular ward, the area could be divided into two or more groups. It will take three-four hours of your time if you have a vehicle to tour the roads in the ward.

This is a citizens’ project supported by Citizen Matters. Join hands, help make it a success!

Here’s where you need to express interest:

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