Five videos that capture the spirit of Bengaluru

Bangalore, now Bengaluru, has become a melting pot of cultures. A plate of vaangi bath here, and Char Sui Bao there; an Iyer mami here, a sister Susie there; a house with monkey-tops here, a glass-panelled 17-storey building there. Every one of these is reminiscent of the changing culturescape of the city.

Here are five videos that pay homage to our very own Bean Town, in their own special way.

Humble beginnings

To start off, here is a video that traces how the founder of Bengaluru, Hiriya Kempegowda developed Bengaluru. This video was screened when Bengaluru International Airport was renamed as Kempegowda International Airport, and was made by Maya Chandra for the Department of Information, Karnataka Government.

It is said that Kempegowda built four watch towers, at Lalbagh, Gavipura, Mekhri Circle and Ulsoor respectively, to mark the boundaries of the city. Today however, the city has extended much beyond the four towers. 

Source: Maya Films


If you had a chance to fly over Bengaluru, this is perhaps what the city and her people would look like. Shot using time lapse and tilt shift, this video captures how Bengalureans go about their business on any given day.

Source: 1st December Fims

A tribute to Bengaluru in song

Bengaluru is known for its love for music – both classical and new-age. If you have had the opportunity to watch a group of musicians jam, you know it’s only a matter of time before someone comes up with an impromptu number about the city.

Here’s a Kannada song that was produced by Suvarna News and Kannada Prabha at the time of the 2015 BBMP Elections, which appeals to the youth to take care of their city.

Source: Suvarna News

Sh!t Bangaloreans say!

There is an old joke about how a Bangalorean gives directions. If the directions to a place close by are sought out, a straightforward “Straight hogi” typically suffices. If the place is a fair distance away, the Bangalorean has a more elaborate response – “Straaaaaaaiiigght hogi.

To end our list of must-watch videos for Bangaloreans, here are two that capture the spirit of the people who live here: Sh!t Bangaloreans say!

Source: Sh!t Bangaloreans Say

Source: Sh!t Bangaloreans Say

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