Five things that are wrong with managing roads in Bengaluru

A city which was known for its gardens is now just a city of dust.  I have a few issues to raise and want to know the thoughts around it from my fellow Bengalurians. I’m also looking for the platforms where such isuues could be raised.

1. Road Tax: Karnataka is a state which charges high road tax for any vehicle compared to another states. However, in past six years, I have not seen proper maintenance of roads in Bangalore, specifically south Bangalore. Where is this money going, is there any account?

2. No demarcation of stop lines or zebra crossings: The government does not have enough money to do a specific demarcation of roads and zebra crossing.  This is one of the reason, people are half way through before signal becomes red. There is no place to walk for people because vehicles are stopped or dragged to the zebra crossing. So they start putting their life at risk and cross the road, even when the signal is green.  These lines are now non-existent in Bangalore.

3. No consistency in the signals: Some of the signals have orange and become red. Some of the signals will blink 3 times green and then stop.  Some blink 12 times. How a commuter will know what is what?

4. Potholes: I heard our Chief Minister said all roads would be repaired after Monsoon, did he refer to the monsoon 2015? I have seen that restlessness among people while driving is increasing. My questions is, if you get in to trouble like car damage or an accident due to road not done properly or signals not being managed properly, I think people should sue the city (BBMP) as other countries do. Because, the citizens are suffering as the authorities are not doing what they are supposed to do.

5. Recruitment: There are not enough personnel recruited to serve the growing needs. The money should be in surplus. Where are the accounts?

I am terribly disappointed by the fact that people are paying taxes and it evaporates. Now most of the people are opting for migration. I would not blame them. People are forced to violate laws in India. When every day is a fight here, who will like to stay here?

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  1. Point 6 –
    The speed breakers are ill designed – there is no specifications for the height, slope, curve, width and location where it needs to be installed etc

  2. B.Ranganathan :- During peek hours/traffic jam two wheeler users use foot path without any hesitation more than the pedestrians. I have not seen this any where else.

  3. 1-Majority of footpath are uneven & damaged. Added to this , they are encroached upon by shopkeepers, hawkers and builders to dump debris!
    2-Unscientific road humps with no painting on them.
    3-Absence of proper marking for vehicle parking, haphazard parking, both side parking adds to traffic snarls.
    4-Bus stops just opposite each other on both side of the road and space encroaching by autos.
    5-Full road encroachment by two wheelers at railway crossings on both side without giving way for traffic from opposite side.

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