Find Nature in a public park…

One doesn’t have to visit distant forests or wildlife sanctuaries in order to find the beauties of Nature… a visit to the local park will do just as well. Here’s what I did on a recent morning visit to Lalbagh.

First of all, I soaked in the morning sun, and the freshness of the air.

I then walked along the lake, and I found these Black-crowned Night Herons, looking, hopefully, for a fish breakfast.

There were so many flowers still blooming, even though Bengaluru has been at its hottest. Here are the Gulmohar blooms, setting the park afire.

Here are Copper Shield Bearers with their lovely yellow blooms.

This is the huge Bauhinia vine near the Glass House.

Bauhinia vine at the Glass House. Pic: Deepa Mohan

Tree trunks themselves are works of art!

Even common trees like the Tamarind had beautiful flowers!

Unusually, I found a cone on the huge Araucaria tree, which is about 100 years old!

The birdwatchers were out with the joggers, the walkers and the yoga enthusiasts.

And the birds, of course, were everywhere!

Jungle Myna

Coppersmith Barbet

A Rose-ringed Parakeet dispersing Spathodea (African Tulip) seeds while feeding on them

Southern Coucal

Spotted Owlets preening each other

Some bird of prey had dropped this large scorpion on the path!

I enjoyed the morning sunshine through the green leaves.

So, if you’re feeling tired, or in need of some soul-pick-up, just walk around in the nearest park, looking and listening, and you’ll come away with your mind and heart refreshed!

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