Fighting for rights of domestic workers

June 16, 2011, was a landmark day for domestic workers the world over. The Convention C 189 was passed, giving domestic workers the world over increased hope of legislative and social justice. Eighteen countries have ratified the Convention so far, but the Indian government has remained non-committal.

Domestic workers in India have had to fight long and hard for basic rights. Stree Jagriti Samithi is a women’s organization that works for the rights of women who are domestic helpers. It addresses problems faced by these women be it in terms of wages or allegations of stealing or other aspects.

Parijatha joins RJ Manjula in this episode to talk about the problems domestic workers face. She also shares the story of Bhargavi, a domestic worker.

Geetha Menon from Stree Jagrithi Samithi talks about the problems faced by domestic workers. The group has been championing the cause of rights for domestic workers in Bengaluru and Balgaum for 30 years now.

No laws currently exist that standardise wages for the various chores that the domestic workers are expected to do in the houses they work in. This has led to many of the domestic workers being exploited. Listen in to know more.

Stree Jagrithi Sanghatan also works with domestic workers who are either part time or are migrants. Many of the migrants especially are subject to abuse and violence in various forms as they are far away from home and do not know who is to be contacted in the city they work in.

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