Feeding 1.6 million children every day

A look at the operations that power Akshaya Patra and the story of the corporate honcho who came to head it

In this episode of Active Bangalore, RJ Beula talks to Sridhar Venkat, CEO of Akshaya Patra Foundation, while RJ Padma Priya interacts with some of the children who enjoy the mid-day meals provided by the Foundation daily.

Sridhar talks about what made him give up a cushy corporate job and work full time for the Akshaya Patra foundation. He explains how Akshayapatra was started and how it has came to be recognized as the world’s largest food giving programme. It feeds 1.6 million children in 12 states of the country, delivering meals on-time, every time. Sridhar’s message to all: Whatever you are, wherever you are, make sure that you bring a positive change in the life of others… dream big, be sincere, God will support you.

Listen in to know more from Sridhar and from the children themselves.

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