Each person can become a spark that can empower and educate people


Shajan has worked with companies like MRF, J K Tyre & Industries, Aptech, Quess Corp Limited, and TeamLease. He was, in fact, the youngest State Head for JK Tyre at the age of 29. He also was the one who launched the first MBA Programme in Media and Entertainment with Subhash Ghai’s Whistling Woods International Institute.

Shajan has travelled across India, meeting various people. Somewhere along the way he realised that ‘the money in the bank, the car you drive and the house you live in don’t account for anything. It is about how many people you manage that can impact.’ According to him, ‘Transfomation, society and bringing a smile on somebody’s face is the very essence of life.’

Shajan has, among other things, helped raise money to help the victims of acid attacks, organised an open street festival for autistic kids, and a walkathon in support of ‘Say No to Tobacco’.

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