Documenting the trees in Bannerghatta

Pic: WCG

Avenue trees have provided unconditional shade and shelter, not only to fauna and avi-fauna, but also to human beings from time immemorial. We have depended on these old pillars of nature who’ve existed for centuries. Today we might not feel the need for them, because we have air-conditioned environments inside cities; but they continue to give so much to the living world around.

To ensure that we are reminded of the presence and importance of trees, the Wildlife Conservation Group (WCG), a local group interested in conservation, is organising a Tree Documentation event on March 8th and 9th 2014. The purpose of the event is to document the trees of Bannerghatta Road, across the stretch from Bannerghatta to Anekal.
The event aims to make a record of the population and species of avenue trees in Bannerghatta, an area under-looked by passing traffic and pollution. The trees need to be documented so that people ensure that their presence cannot be forgotten.
In case you wish to be a part of the tree documenting event, read on. 
Date: March 8th and 9th 2014

Venue: Assembly at Bannerghatta Circle

Time: 8 am to 12 noon


Why we are documenting:

 – Its good to know our trees – they are our lifeline

 – Documentation will help to spread the love and value of trees to younger generations

 – Documentation will certainly help to preserve the existing trees


How do we document:

 – GPS coordinates with species name and detail 

 – Photographs

 – Birds and insect diversity

 – Short film on trees (in the planning stage)


Who can participate:

 – Students

 – Photographers

 – Tree Lovers

 – Environment enthusiasts & conservationists

 – Taxonomy experts 

 – Birders 


Materials to carry along with you:

 – Hat and water bottle 

 – Meter tape 

 – Books on avenue trees

 – Bird books

 – Binoculars 

 – Camera


Registration is free. For more details, contact any of the numbers listed below. 

 – Subbu Badal : +91 9742786628 

 – Shankara Kp :+91 7760517769

 – Ashwatha Kn: +91 9740919832

 – Mail

 – Facebook group:

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