Do your duty before blaming the government

We all dream of a clean city where there is no garbage on the road, where one does not hear vehicle horns constantly, where civic amenities are available when you need them. But is it really happening in our city? Who is responsible for this? Who should take the blame for it? I am sure many will jump and blame the government. I agree with the fact that partial blame lies with the governing bodies but what about us? Have we every questioned ourselves? Have we, in true sense of the word, been doing what requires out of us a responsible citizen? Here is a checklist to find out if indeed you and I are indeed responsible citizens. If your answer to any one them is yes then you know what to do 🙂

– You buy a chocolate, candy or gum and then want to eat it right way (in the middle of the road). This is natural. But what do you do with the wrapper? If you throw it on the road or into a heap of garbage then take the blame for dirtying the city as well. Every wrapper increases the pile like every drop in the ocean. If you cannot find a bin, the least you could do is keep it in your bag and throw it after you reach your home/office. Simple?

– You are approaching a signal and you see green. And you know very well that by the time you reach the point the colour will change to amber. If you speed up even further in a hurry to go across then think if this is indeed wise? If you are driving a big vehicle and by the time you reach the middle of junction the other signal turns green then you will be the reason for a major traffic jam and even accidents!

– The traffic police have introduced a signal for pedestrians too. I am sure you would have noticed it across the city. But many times the walking signal is ignored by motorists. They jump the signal (when it is still red for them) and do not respect the waiting pedestrians. What is the hurry? A minute here and there will not alter your life but it may change for the person crossing the road!

– Footpaths are for people walking on the road. If you are driving your vehicle on it, then think twice. If the traffic jam is annoying you so much that you are resorting to this technique then please start a bit earlier to ease your schedule. Endangering the life of a pedestrian is not what you want.

– What about honking? There is huge traffc waiting for the signal to turn green and you are somewhere behind the line. But the moment the signal turns green you start honking not even giving the person in front of you to react. Is it fair? Wait for three seconds and the vehicle before you will definitely move.

– Crossing the road while using the mobile phone. Is this sensible? Your loved ones at home do not want you to get hurt this way. If you are on a call (with no handsfree) then you can ask person(s) on the other side to wait until you cross the road. I am very sure that they will agree to wait. Remember this if you must talk on the phone while driving.

– How many times have you seen a child suddenly cross a street and you managed to stop your car at the nick of the moment to make sure the child is not hurt? And end with a thudding heartbeat? Why are children left alone on busy roads that way? I wish that children are not allowed to wander around but are cared for till they come of age.

There are many more points to add to the above. The idea is that true citizenship must start at your level and then go higher. First let us all pledge to be responsible citizens. Then fifty percent of common problems will be solved automatically. Think.

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