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Who we are:

We are a group of four engineering students from the University of Washington working in
collaboration with a local environmental NGO. For the past two months, we have been learning
about Bengaluru’s relationship with its water resources. Our team has taken a particular interest
in the city’s groundwater supply. We are reaching out to engaged citizens to gather feedback on
our project.

Background and problem

Groundwater monitoring is essential in understanding the availability of underground aquifers. In
the city of Bengaluru, only around half of the city serviced by Cauvery water through BWSSB’s
distributed system while the remainder of the population relies on borewell and tankers for their
potable and non-potable uses. There is a notable gap in public data concerning borewell depth
and water quality. This results in a cloudy understanding of the health and availability of the
underground aquifers in the city. At present, borewell data monitored by the government is
inaccessible for citizens, NGOs, and other community groups.

The goal

The goal of our project is to provide borewell owners with information regarding the quantity and
quality of water. We hope to empower these owners with information that could influence their
consumption habits and water use and ultimately fill the void of publicly accessible groundwater
A crucial step in designing our solution is understanding the general needs of borewell owners.
We have four simple questions:
1) Would knowing borewell depth be useful and would it influence your decision making or
withdrawal practices?
2) Would knowing water quality parameters of the raw water be useful?
3) Would this information be something you would pay a small fee for?
4) Optional: if you are interested in further conversation, may we have your contact info?

Please comment or fill out our survey:

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