Dear Mayor, Thanisandra Main Road needs your urgent attention!

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Respectful Mayor, Deputy Mayor and Officials,

I am Meena, a resident of 6th Cross, Manjunatha Layout, Thanisandra Main road near Elements Mall, Ramaiah North City. I would like to bring to your urgent attention that this area is becoming inhabitable, day after day. The area is plagued with many issues like the ones below:

  1. The area has open drains (gutters) and the individual sanitary connections are not connected to main underground drain (UGD) system. These drains overflow during the rains. With the heavy rains in the last two days, the drains have been overflowing. They have also become a breeding ground for mosquitoes; this has led to many children and adults falling ill frequently. Once in two months, the BBMP sanitary workers come to clear the drains and leave the garbage left over after clearing the drains, beside it. The waste collector does not come to collect this waste and this eventually clogs the drains again.
  2. The road has not been asphalted for many years. It is a mud road and is in a pathetic condition; one cannot step out of the house once the rains set in. 
  3. I got the BWSSB water leaks plugged last Saturday after I contacted T Venkataraju, Engineer in Chief, BWSSB. There are many leak points in the area. We receive Kaveri water two days a week, but the water keeps overflowing from morning to evening. Residents do not know where to register complaints.
  4. The Thanisandra main road is plagued by parking on the footpaths on either side. The hoteliers etc. use the footpath as a parking slot for their customers. The footpaths are also not in good condition.
When Citizen Matters called the Thanisandra corporator, Lalitha, her phone was picked up by a gentleman who claimed to be her assistant. When we asked to speak to the corporator directly, he stated that she was unable to attend the call at that time and we were to call later. Even when we did call again, we were given the same message. However, the gentleman did confirm that the corporator was aware of the state of 6th cross, Majunatha Layout. 
  1. Thanisandra Main road is in a pathetic condition after the BWSSB recently dug the road for Greater Bangalore UGD, SRR Project and the rains have made them even more pathetic. Now, whose responsibility is it to the restore the road?
  2. When I called Thanisandra corporator Ms. Lalitha, to appraise her about the issues, the call was received by her husband. He asked me to share the issues with him. Even after insisting that I wanted to talk to the corporator, as she was the elected representative, he did not hand over the phone to her.

Given this background, the residents of this area request you to visit the area and witness how people stay here. 

We also request the Mayor to instruct all the concerned departments to take immediate action for the improvement of the area, so that people can live a dignified life. 

We, the residents, want to know how much budget was allocated to this area last year, how much was spent and what works were carried out. We also want to know the allocated budget for the present year.

Hoping for a positive response from all of you.


Addendum: The Commissioner of police, Bengaluru city responded to Meena stating that the petition has been forwarded for necessary action, within an hour of receiving her mail. 

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  1. Two times I have called to Ms.Lalitha regarding the pathetic condition of thanisandra road but every time her husband picked up the calls, three times called to bbmp officer Mr.Dharam Singh Nayak(9480683364) but every one have the same answer “will see it” and nothing happened till now. I hope this time people so some sincerity towards their work and responsibility.

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