Buses are back, some demands met

After two days of drama, late on Friday night, the employees on strike and state government worked out a compromise. But the fact that the list of demands included basic facilities like access to food, water and shelter, apart from salary hikes says a lot about the system.


Tribunal approves of BMTF

CAT said that the charges against Sharma were trumped up and also instructed government to assist BMTF in its work. It also directed the task force to issue weekly statements on its investigations to public.


Life in a Darshini

Most of us walk quickly into the Bangalore eateries that are called “Darshini”, order our food, and take it with hardly a glance at the person who is serving it. But that person often has a keen sense of observation, and may know you very well!


Panel to discuss SMS power vs Media

The exodus has resulted in a closer look at the power of people-to-people communications technologies like SMS, as well as social media such as Facebook. Be at this panel discussion at St Joseph’s college on Friday Sep 14th to see the face-off between media power and SMS power.