Police to issue passes to essential services staff, delivery personnel, media

movement passes

City Police Commissioner Bhaskar Rao. Credit: Rao's Facebook page

The Bengaluru City Police (BCP) has introduced a pass system to regulate the movement of people during the 21-day lockdown that began at midnight on Monday.

According to the BCP memo, passes would be issued at the offices of the jurisdictional Deputy Commissioners of Police (Law & Order) and would be made available 24/7 on the submission of a standard application form. Staff at DCP offices would be working in three shifts to issue these passes, the memo said.

The memo, signed by city police commissioner Bhaskar Rao, said that two types of passes would be issued – one for persons and the other for vehicles.

Who are eligible for passes?

Staff of medical establishments – hospitals, clinics, dispensaries, nursing homes, laboratories, ambulance services etc – would be given passes. So would IT and IT-enabled Services (ITeS) employees working for essential services, and power generation, transmission and distribution employees.

Passes would be issued to private security guards; petrol, gas station and retail LPG employees; employees of banks, ATMs, insurance companies; delivery agents of food aggregator services (Swiggy, Zomato etc), online pharmaceutical companies (1 mg, Netmeds etc) and ecommerce platforms (Amazon, Flipkart etc), the memo said.

Staff of ration and grocery shops, dairies, meat and fish stalls and those working in animal fodder stores would also get passes. Print and electronic media persons would also require passes, the police commissioner’s memo said.

Staff of capital and debt market services, employees of cold storage and warehousing services, staff working for manufacturing units of essential commodities, staff engaged in the transportation of essential goods, and staff of hotels and lodges that are accommodating tourists stranded due to Covid-19 and earmarked for quarantine facilities, would also get passes, the memo said.

Passes not required for some categories

Passes would not be issued for government vehicles with ‘G’ registration plates, goods vehicles, and employees of the High Court. All government and High Court employees were directed to carry their department-issued ID cards.

Addendum (Updated on April 1, 2020)

Police Commissioner answers readers’ questions on movement passes

Following the publication of City Police Commissioner Bhaskar Rao’s memo by us on March 25 – about movement passes to certain categories of people and businesses – readers came up with many queries. Most of them wanted to know how and if they can avail a movement pass.

As there were more questions than could be answered individually, we grouped them based on overlaps, and sought answers from the Police Commissioner for a dozen of them. Excerpts from a telephonic interview by Manoj Sharma.

Qn:“Sir, we supply raw meat and we are facing trouble serving the customers as there is no proper transportation of the stock and supply. I hereby request the police to issue me a pass.” – Mohammed Rafi.

Bhaskar Rao: “Supplying raw meat is allowed. Food falls under essential service and you are allowed to transport it. Go ahead.”

Qn: “I am from Bengaluru and stuck in Secunderabad due to the lockdown. I am a heart patient and my 85-year-old father, wife and 9-year-old son are alone. I have to go back.” – Mohammed Salahuddin.

Bhaskar Rao: “Please stay wherever you are. You’re not allowed to travel until the lockdown orders are lifted.”

Qn: “I am a lorry owner and we transport food items such as wheat, rice, etc. We are facing a serious problem with the police. I request the Bangalore commissioner of police to issue a pass.” – Mohammed Rabbani A.

Bhaskar Rao: “You are absolutely safe. You can transport in your vehicle as far as you are carrying food items. But kindly put stickers on your vehicle, carry your identity cards and kindly wear uniforms assigned for lorry drivers. Most importantly, maintain social distance.”

Qn: “Let me know if tissue manufacturing comes under essential goods. We need to supply to hospitals. We have received enquires from hospitals.” – Pramod.

Bhaskar Rao: “Kindly contact officials from health department (to check) whether you come under essential services or not. If your commodity comes under essential services, you can get the pass.”

Qn: “I need take my wife to Mysuru as she’s carrying (in her last stage of pregnancy); it is for care by our parents during this crucial time. Please let me know how and where I can get a pass. Suggest what is the best possible way to travel from Bengaluru to Mysuru.”  – Harish Gajendra.

Bhaskar Rao: “No, you cannot travel anywhere. Please hold till lockdown orders are lifted. Kindly contact police officials in case of any emergency.”

Qn: “I’m a vegetable vendor. I bring vegetables from the market and sell to customers. I need a pass. Would they provide us (the pass) as I won’t have a shop license, but have all my documents like Aadhar and PAN card.”  –Abhilash.

Bhaskar Rao: “You can get it from the APMC yard or wherever, as farmers are allowed to bring vegetables from villages and sell it to the vendors. Let the customers walk into your shop and buy vegetables as per their need.

Qn: “How to apply for e-passes for insurance sector as it is listed as essential service.” –Kiran Gaikwad.

Bhaskar Rao: “No. You are not allowed to travel and you will not be issued a pass.”

Qn: “I want to give one month extra pay to our workers as they are very poor. This situation was very sudden. So, I want this pass only for one day. It is a request because they don’t have food to eat.” –Khushal

Bhaskar Rao: “No. You can’t get a pass. Make an online payment and let your workers withdraw money at ATMs.”

Qn: “Our son studying in Manipal (near Udupi) is staying in the college hostel. The college declared a holiday only on 23rd March at 3 pm. Can you please give permission to pick him from hostel and bring him home.” –Divya MG.

Bhaskar Rao: “Yes you are allowed to bring your son home only after the lockdown is lifted. Let your son stay at his hostel till then.”

Qn: “I am from Davangere working in a diagnostic company in Bengaluru. Yesterday I did my health check-up and found my hemoglobin percentage is seriously high at 22.1. I consulted my doctor via phone and he insisted that I go back home as I am at higher stroke and cardiac risk. As I am alone and my family is in Davangere, I need to go back home and get the treatment. Kindly permit me to reach my home town.” – Raghavendra M R.

Bhaskar Rao: “Please stay wherever you are. You don’t have to travel to your hometown. No need to panic. In case of any emergency or health issues, call the police for help. They will ensure that you get medical help.”

Qn: “Sir, I need to get my 50-day-old child vaccinated. Can you pls issue…or let me know how to get it.” – Sharath.

Bhaskar Rao: “You can travel and no need to panic. You will not face any problems to consult doctors. Kindly carry the necessary medical certificates to get your child within city limits.”

[Update: Bengaluru City Police has released a detailed FAQ to respond to citizens’ questions about movement passes. Read the FAQ here].

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    • Sir.. Now I am in jigini but my mother stucked in my relative home at rajajinagar she is an asthma and tv patient she forget her medicine here so I requesting u if u issue the pass I will go and give her medicine and come back to jigini I requesting u at least give me 4hour pass

    • Sir iam form Ambur my wife mother home in krpuram this time is wife delivery time she is government hospital please give me pass urgently

    • Sir I own a electric motor repair shop in Bengaluru, as I am getting many complaints from rice mills, atta mills regarding machine failures, can I get a pass to visit the factory to solve the problems

  1. Sir,I’m from a animal husbandry farming as we supply raw meat to the youth of Karnataka and we are facing allot of trouble while serving the customers and there is no proper transportation of the stock and supply. I hereby request the deputy commissioner of Karnataka to issue me the following pass to serve the city -Thanking you

  2. The online websites or portals to submit forms/application for obtaining vehicle/personal passes to essentials services are not available/opening. Please let us know the link and guidelines please. We are badly in need of these passes. Mob.9590343444 (eMail-infomiraclebusinessservices@gmail.com)

    • Hi sir
      My wife taking medical treatment at Pune, we need to travel Pune by 12th for her 3rd checkup. Please provide essential pass for ambulance

      • Hi. I have a newly built house in suryanagar 2 nd phase by Candapura. The construction workers have left to their home town and there is no one by the house. It is a deserted area and I want to look for a security there and ask him to look after as there have been a lot of robberies lately
        Would request you to give me a travel pass so can go there once in a week like used to before the lockdown. Please, will be of great help.

  3. Hi,
    I need to go my native, since there is no transport services because of COVID-19, could you suggest when I can be facilitated for the same..

    • Iam from Bangalore struck in secendrabad due to lock down Iam heart patient and my 85 yrs old father, wife and 9 yr son are alone I have to go back please let me know

  4. Hi,

    I want to travel to my place coorg from Bangalore. Please help me whether i should take pass or I can go without pass. Mom s alone in coorg and she is heart patient.

    • Sir my name is Hameed Hussain as I am from Bangalore as my wife and children’s are stuck in Chintamani and my younger child not feeling well I want to get my family back to Bangalore pls I request to give me a pass so that I can get my family back thank u

  5. I am a lorry owner and we transport food items such as atta,wheat, rice , etc and we are facing a serious problem by police . I request the banglote commissoner of police to issue a pass .

    • BB 110 a east shalimar bagh delhi 110088. My departmentstore plss issue for travel pass

  6. In my apartment delivery till door has been stopped. Would this not make us go out to collect the things?? Is there any rule by government to stop delivery guys at gate??

  7. Let me know, tissue manufacturing products will comes under essential goods ?

    We need to supply hospitals? We have received the the enquires from Hospitals .

    Can we get pass

    • Respected sir
      IAM transporter please give me vehicle pass vehicle no KA 04 MM 7029

      • i own lassi shop so my question is am i eligible to open for deliveries only and if yes how do i go about it … thanks

  8. Hello sir,

    I need take my wife to mysore as she carrying her last stage of her pregnancy to take care of her health by our parents during this crucial time. Please let me know how and where do I get pass for the same and I’m staying in devinagar, bangalore. Suggest me what would best possible way to travel from bangalore to mysore.

    • Sir, I am a accounts officer of Hospital, I need to go to hospital for making some hospital emergency payment against supply of consumables , medicines and salary payment has to be made. Can you suggest me what has to be done. I have my hospital I D card.

  9. How to curb the menace of rowdy elements bike jacking and wheeling with modified silencers driving in rash and negligent way harmful to others and senior citizens
    These people have to be fined heavily, jailed for causing risk to others lives and causing sound and air pollution
    Provision be made to upload Whatsapp on police no’s to create awareness and punish the guilty
    All cars and two wheelers to be parked inside their respective premises and not on road,people have taken for granted the road in front and sorrounding their house is their right
    Please help and bring in a law to curb parking on roads haphazardly

  10. I’m a vegetable vendor I shud bring a vegetables from market and sell to the customers whom ever needed I shud also needed the pass would dey provide us because i wont hav licience for the shop but I hav all my documents like adhar and pan .

  11. I am stuck in Bangalore with my family and wanted to travel to my hometown Davangere which is 4 hours away from Bangalore within Karnataka. How can i get permission to travel to my home from Bangalore? Please provide details and help.

  12. Hi
    How to apply for E passes for insurance sector as its listed as essiential service.

  13. I am working with DHL logistics PVt ltd. We are authorized custom broker have to work in customs area for import and export in order to complete customs formalities which is one of the essential services.

    • Want to give one month extra payment to our workers as they are very poor . This situation was very sudden so want this pass only for one day.Its a request because they don’t have food to eat also. Thank you

    • I have a Rice milling plant at moradabad utter Pradesh. I lived in TDI city Kundli. We have essenal unit

  14. Respected Sir
    Our son studying in Manipal (near Udupi) is staying in Manipal college hostel and college declared holiday only on 23rd March at 3pm. Can you please give permission we want to pick him from hostel and bring home. Kindly do needful.
    Jayanth and Divya
    Mobile: 9449994478

    • Hi iam facing very serious problem that ihave a mutton shop that i cant able to tranfer my iteam from my shop by police so i want pass to travel my iteam without facing any problem

  15. I would like to bring my fmly as they are in Bangalore and I’m m in Gujarat so I need a pass to travel and bring them back

    • I am a senior citizen. I went to the DCP office in Whitefield, stood there in queue for three hours in the hot sun and came empty handed. The staff says you can apply online, but they do not know the link or the website. But it may be announced. Kindly help if online procedure has started. Thanks and regards

  16. I am working in nationalize bank Majestic Bangalore Branch and I am staying at MS Palya
    Vidyaranyapura Post 560097, Please How I can get Essential Duty Pass, 1.My Area Comes Which DCP Office means from where to get pass..Concered DCP Office Address. 2.Whether I will get Blank Pass/or I have to Download from which web site.

  17. Respected sir

    Kindly ensure passes issued to healthy personal of respective Services along with guidelines of revised delivery process in accordance with present scenario such as handing over to security area, sanitised packing methods etc. Kindly not be mechanical while issuing passes and should be issued certified personal of respective firms who proves that they have followed due diligence while recommending passes. I have 100% confidence that your high office will be following more and more guidelines still wrote a bit.

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