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Tomorrow – September 5th, is Teachers’ Day. Many schools in the city have asked the children to watch the Prime Minister’s speech and write a report. The State and Central governments however have clarified that watching the speech is not compulsory. If your child has a writeup, we invite you to share it with us, so we can share it on Citizen Matters!

Here is our Bengaluru This Week roundup. But first, our curation of latest city news for you.

  • High Court has asked the government to take criminal action against schools which have not implemented those safety guidelines that did not have any monetary implication.

  • Bangaloreans are stressed out about the chaotic traffic situation. However, a coordinated effort by traffic police and airport officials helped transport a live heart from Bangalore to Chennai. Can the city have similar planning and coordination in dealing with daily traffic?

  • BBMP is clearing encroachment of footpaths on a war-footing. Malleswaram 8th cross, that usually buzzes with activity, wore an empty look on Wednesday, as all the hawkers were evicted.

  • High Court pulled up corporators who are not interested in Solid Waste Management. It also asked the BBMP to frame rules for construction debris removal, and corporate bodies like CREDAI to assist BBMP in disposing of the debris. The HC also unveiled a grand dream: “There will be no landfill sites in the City anymore. There will be only processing centres and in future, waste will not move out of the respective wards.”

  • Lokayukta has published a list of MLAs who did not file their asset declaration affidavits for 2013-14. JDS leader H D Kumaraswamy, NICE Managing Director and MLA from Bidar South Ashok Kheny, Mahalakshmi Layout MLA Gopalaiah (JDS), C V Raman Nagar MLA S Raghu (BJP) and ex-film actress, MLC Jayamala Ramachandra feature on the list.

  • Mayor B S Satyanarayana’s term ends. City is expecting a new mayor and new standing committee members, while political parties are busy with negotiations and lobbying. The elections will be held tomorrow.

  • Karnataka-based Supreme Court justice H L Dattu to be the Chief Justice of India.

  • Railways minister and MP Sadananda Gowda’s son Kartik Gowda has been accused of rape by a woman, while a seer, Raghaveshwara Bharathi, has been accused of rape by a famous singer who is his long-time accomplice. Both the women have known these men for quite sometime, and the rapes pre-date to many months before. Complaints and counter-complaints are being filed. 

This week’s highlight: Should you be worried about Ebola?

Ebola infographic issued by World Health Organisation.

World-over, folks are petrified by the mention of Ebola, even more so, after the World Health Organisation declared an outbreak. So what really is Ebola? Should the citizens of Bangalore be worried? What safety measures are in place at KIAL to deal with Ebola cases? Read: Information on Ebola

Property Matters

>> Having a B Khata does not always mean that your property will be legalised under Akrama Sakrama in the future! Read: B khata isn’t an assurance of regularisation.

>> If a builder is starting a project of more than 20,000 sqm built-up area, he needs to get an environmental clearance. Why is this required? Read:Environmental Clearance: What’s that, why do builders need it?

Water woes

>> Written agreements don’t count here – only personal relationships do. If you want water at a reasonable cost, make sure you never ever take a ‘panga’ with your water vendor!

>> How much does your apartment pay for a tanker of water? Help us map the water rates across Bangalore. Read: How much are you paying for your tanker water?

School safety

>> August 31st was the deadline for schools to install CCTVs and put other safety measures in place, as per the guidelines issued by the Police Department. So what have schools been doing?   

Public transport

>> How do you commute to work? Consider commuting by bus at least once a month. Read: Hop on to public transport this Bus Day!

>> Waiting to get away from Bengaluru to Kerala this Onam season? KSRTC has made arrangements for additional buses to Kerala for Onam.

In the name of Ganesha

>> Kiran Keswani ventures out to the streets on Gowri-Ganesh and documents an entire street of large Ganesha idols through a series of photographs. Read: Ganesha idols are part of street life in Bengaluru.

>> Across the city, several citizens worked to ensure that lakes did not have to be subject to the immersion of POP idols. What has come of this? Read: After Ganesha goes…

Food for thought

>> What do you do when you see a cop collecting hafta? Do you question him or do you shake your head in disgust,  and carry on with your life? Read: You did not pay for your chaat!

>> In India, parents restrict children by imposing rules. what might be the outcome of this? Could this be the reason for their rejection of civic sense when they grow up?

>> Media has the mandate to give information, but many times business interests dominate. Ashwin Mahesh wonders if separating the two, will restore each to its place.

Lake Diaries

>> While Spot-billed Ducks are a common site, at most lakes in Bangalore, they breed in a very few places. The 29-acre Dorai Kere in Uttarahalli is now home to a brood of eight spot-billed duck chicks.  

Events this weekend

>> Watch Apocalypse – la première guerre mondiale, a series of five documentaries on World War 1 at Alliance Francaise on September 4th.

>> Catch the screening of Hungry for Change, a documentary that exposes the ugly secrets of the food industry and its deceptive strategies designed to keep people coming back for more on September 5th.

>> Celebrate harmony through art at the Bengaluru International Arts Festivalwith a multitude of vocal concerts and art shows across September 5th, 6th and 7th.

>> Take a walk through Basavanagudi and visit several beautiful heritage homes that still stand due to the owner’s loving care and pride on September 6th.

>> Listen to the works of classical greats such as Mozart, Mahler and Rachmaninov at Musici de Bangalore on September 6th.

>> Attend the book launch of Off The Record, veteran journalist Ajith Pillai’s compilation of stories that never made it to print on September 8th.

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