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October 10th 2014


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Last week, as you know, was a mix of good and bad. As soon as Dasara season was over, rains pounded the city, leading to waterlog. Two children, aged 8 and 12 respectively, became victims. A house collapsed and two died.

Some of these tragedies are surely avoidable. If you see any open footpath slabs or unsafe construction spots, do post it on bangalore.citizenmatters.in/data-tools.

A caution for the week ahead: Expect more rains, with cyclonic storm, Hudhud, expected to hit Andhra and Orissa by Sunday!

The Prime Minister of India has launched Clean India Campaign. Do email us at edit@citizenmatters.in with the photos and write ups of sustainable clean up initiatives you undertake, we will publish it in a blog.

City news that matters

  • Bangalore will get two more district commissioners, in order to speed up clearing of encroachments.
  • Chief Minister has announced officially that waste will be disposed of in Mavallipura, which was closed due to improper handling, a few years ago. The village has not been able to recover from the old problem, and now have to deal with the dumping again.
  • Trial runs have started on Peenya- Jalahalli stretch of Bangalore Metro. Reach 3B of Metro will start operating in January 2015.
  • The central committee supposed to hold consultations to review environmental laws in India walked out of the meeting hosted in Vikas Soudha. There had been other consultations held in the city prior to this session, in which the public were left unhappy.
  • It is official – different parts of Bangalore get different amount of rains, and possibly have different weather too. The weather stations set up by Pavan Srinath and his team show that there was 113mm rain in Hebbal on 8th October, while Jayanagar got only 44mm rains!
  • Lalbagh will host a nursery mela on October 10, 11 and 12 — this weekend.

Guide of the week

Pic courtesy: newroads.ca

If you can share your car commute, you can save some money and reduce your tension! But how do you find the right co-traveler? What apps or websites are there to help – compare features and find the right option? Getting started with carpooling.

In the news

» The first Red Bull Flugtag event in India held at Sankey Tank premises in Malleshwaram left lake lovers in despair. Read: Red Bull’s flight competition leaves Sankey lake premises garbage-ridden

» However the waste management firm employed for the Redbull Flugtag event clarified that the garbage was cleaned up the next day. Read: Sankey Tank cleanup post Flugtag

» The lake premises are clean, alright. But what is the long-term impact of such events on the lake and biodiversity around it? Harini Nagendra asks some hard questions about recreational activities being held in lakes. Read: What is wrong with Redbull Flugtag event?

On track, finally

» The pipes that carry storm water near Anand Rao Circle have collapsed, which causes serious flood that can even drown a bus. BBMP seems to have woken up finally. Read: BBMP aims to fix Anand Rao Circle underpass in 4 months

» How about a weather forecast for different areas in Bangalore? How can the city prepare better for the water need in 2050? Experts have various proposals. Weather station to water treatment: Many solutions for Bangalore’s problems

» If you are a victim of recent rains and floods in Bangalore, you might be eligible for some compensation. Seriously! BBMP Councillors spoke on flood victims’ behalf! Read: Councillors demand compensation for Bangalore’s flood victims


» Many problems that are causing traffic jams on Airport Road are solvable, says Ramesh Sreekantan, and questions the need for an elevated highway. Read: Here’s an alternative to Chalukya Circle elevated highway

» In response to an earlier article, the Whitefield apartment clarifies that the soil depth could not support large trees. Seepage and structural safety influenced the decision, says the Management Committee. Read: Prestige Shantiniketan management clarifies decision on trees

» Muralidhar Rao  proposes Delhi model of power distribution, with a public-private partnership, for Bangalore. Read: Let’s change the game of power supply in Bangalore!

Interesting stories on blogs

» We have a new blog by Biome Trust! Read the amazing first story on the blog:  Water found at 9 feet below ground level on Sarjapura Road!

» Deepa Mohan shares a guide on how to stop cutting a tree, circulated by Hasiru Usiru group members. Read: What to do if you see a tree being cut.

» Ashwin Mahesh feels that it is the best time to work for the India you want to see, because it is you who makes the government.

» Read the blog by Arathi Yajaman, exclusively on lakes: NSS volunteers learn about lake conservation

» Check out our events section for upcoming events in the city! Click here.



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