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Bengaluru this week

November 13th 2014


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City news that mattters

And before our Bengaluru This Week roundup, here’s the curation of latest city news.

  • BDA had called for a public hearing today at Yavanika, prior to the preparation of master plan for Bengaluru. However, the meeting has been postponed. Meanwhile, Environment Support Group points out that it is unconstitutional for the BDA to plan Bengaluru.
  • Bangalore gets new guidance value which will come into effect from today, November 13th.
  • Government submitted the ward committee rules recently to High Court, which actually took away all powers of the ward committee members and wrested the power in the hands of the corporators.
  • After Infosys threatened to pull out from the tech park near Devanahalli, citing apathy on the part of the state government as the reason, the government has set a three-month deadline to solve the infrastructure problems.
  • Government has published revised new appointments for 140 KAS officials. 28 candidates will lose their candidature.

This week’s highlight: New fee guidelines for private schools

» The State Education Department has proposed new fee guidelines for private schools. While the rationalisation can benefit parents, several private schools are opposed to it. Citizens Matters explores the reasons for the confusion.

» #AskMohsin: In light of the new fee guidelines, Citizen Matters in association with the Bangalore Schools Facebook community, is organising a Google Hangout at 3 pm today, with the Commissioner for Public Instruction, Mohammed Mohsin. Representatives from parents and school management are also taking part.   

Water matters

» BWSSB increases water and sanitary tariff after nine years. Read: BWSSB new tariff.

» If you are a BWSSB consumer, do you pay more or less than other residents who depend on other sources of water? Read: Should you be grateful for BWSSB’s water rates?

Living in the city

» Vaidya analyses how Kannada spellings tend to find their own meanings in a non-Kannadiga world! Read: Of Brahmin Lizards, Oorus and Petes.

» As the deadline for the closure of Mandur looms nearer, BBMP is gearing up to get the city’s waste handled professionally. Here is the list of vendors empanelled by BBMP for bulk waste management.

» Imagine you return from a trip only to find that all the contents of your freezer have gone bad and that BESCOM is to blame. Deepa Mohan recounts her experience, and appreciates the prompt response on the part of the BESCOM MD.

» Citing lack of demand, BMTC has cancelled some late-night Vayu Vajra services from the airport. Is it fair considering that citizens will have no choice but to opt for a cab? Read: Lack of buses at BIAL causes inconvenience to air passengers.



» We have a new photo essay column, Intense-city, where photographer Vivek Muthuramalingam will be showcasing photographs that capture the cityscape and explore the myriad perspectives of urban life in Bengaluru.

» Chitra Srikrishna, our music expert, explores how ragas, both carnatic and hindustani, figure in world music from different parts of the globe. Read: Music Beyond Borders.

» While sexual abuse of girls is constantly spoken about, that of boys, hardly ever is. Deepa Mohan reviews the play, The Tricky Part, which is the story of a young boy’s relationship with a much older man.  

The heroes among us

» The Bangalore Schools’ Parents Association wants the government to involve parents and make them a part of the implementation panel on child safety rules. Read: Bengaluru parents come together to fight for child safety.

» Here’s are lovely little anecdote from Divya Sreedharan’s blog—Connected Lives, one that’s reminiscent of O.Henry’s short story, The Gift of the Magi. Read: Little acts of kindness.

» The Allasandra Lake in Yelahanka has been restored to its former glory and has received a new lease of life, along with a new brood of ducks. Certainly a proud moment for all the citizens who took initiative to restore the lake.

Events this weekend

» Geographer and Conservationist, Tarsh Thekaekara, will be addressing a talk on the topic, The Geography of Wildlife Conservation at Army Public School today at 4 pm.

» Cricket fans, make your way to Bangalore International Centre for a panel discussion on the books, Mid-Wicket Tales and Pitch It! on November 14th.

» Bangalore Little Theatre will be performing Our Iceberg is Melting, a musical on climate change on November 14th, 21st and 28th. Book your tickets for the play and help support AMC, for whom the shows act as a fundraiser.

» DJ Oof will be performing at Big Pitcher on November 14th. His set, Cinemix features remixes from original French movie soundtracks and has been presented at the Cannes, Montreux and Burning Man Festivals.

» Visit a heritage home in Basavanagudi to learn more about sustainable heritage and eco-friendly architecture, and watch a puppet show at the first of Unhurried mini-events on November 15th.

» Urban Solace as part of its Children’s Day Celebrations, has a very special 3 part feature on November 16th featuring a book reading, a monologue performance and a photo exhibition.


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